Third Eye Activation

Awakening the Third Eye and Embracing a New Life

Awakening the third eye
Written by Georgi Karalov
A wakening the third eye is a topic that interests many because of its mystery.

Last time I talked about the wonderful pineal gland supplement vitamin K2 and how it helps the organism stay healthy and cleanse the pineal gland out of fluoride.

Today, I want to bring out the topic about awakening the third eye. I’ve covered this previously in the following post but I feel there is more to be said and clarified for those of you searching spiritual awakening.

Ancients used to refer to the third eye as the ‘seat of the soul’. The third eye(sixth chakra) is higher intuition and when it is opened you are developing your innate psychic gifts – clairvoyance, clairaudience etc.

Here are 4 tips that will help you awaken your third eye.

Eat raw food.

Our lives are flooded with factory foods which are mainly composed of ingredients that have no connection with nature. Artificial flavours, preservatives and many more are part of the foods we intake.

Raw food is an excellent choice for the pineal gland.Living that way, we congest junk in our bodies and block the natural way our organisms function.

We gradually lower our intuition and enter much lower levels of consciousness typical for primitive animals.

But to reverse that effect we have to change the the way we look at food and how we eat. Instead of buying prepared foods, nature offers us a solution to many of our problems. Vegetables, fruits, nuts are nature’s children that nourish the body and keep it in a perfect balance for thriving .

Avocados, mangoes, bananas  present us a chance to break from the level of consciousness we are currently stuck into because of all factory foods we consume and enter a new, broader perspective of life with a strengthened third eye.

On your way to awakening your third eye, junk food, dairy and meat don’t have part in your diet. Your diet should be composed of foods directly or close to nature so as not to lose our primordial connection with mother nature.


Meditation is when you stop judging how you feel every given second. It’s when you let it be the way it is.

Meditation stimulates the awakening of the third eye.I’ve been meditating for 1 year now and it was until recently that I started doing it on a daily basis.

I’m blown out by the benefits I’m enjoying. Not only I gained higher awareness through observation but you become a calmer and more patient person. Your consciousness expands and therefore, the insights you get increase.

Meditating strengthens the third eye as it gives you a strong access to your intuition. You enter a more natural state where you don’t see the world through the eyes of the ego but through the eyes of an Observer.

Just set an intention to awaken the third eye every time you meditate and you will achieve results soon. Be consistent.

Eliminate fluoride.

Fluoride is maybe nowadays the biggest opponent to humans. Fluoride can be found in the water we drink and in Fluoride calcifies your pineal gland and lowers its funcitionality.the toothpaste we brush our teeth.

Taking it regularly, we as human beings obstruct the proper function of our pineal gland which governs our sleep cycles. Fluoride calcifies the pineal gland a.k.a. our third eye and closes it to the extent we lose connection with our intuition.

What you can do to decalcify the pineal gland is drink alkaline water and brush your teeth with a fluoride-free toothpaste. Fluoride-free toothpaste can be found now in every big supermarket.

Chakra stones.

I’ve blogged about this in the past, uncovering which third eye chakra stones help protect and awaken your third eye.

Stones such as amethyst, blue lace agate and fluorite are an excellent option to stimulate the sixth chakra. These crystals can do miracles for you and your third eye.

Stones help you stay more balanced, focused and opened to the spiritual world, protecting you from negative events and meanwhile, keeping you in peace and harmony.

Vitamin K2.

As previously discussed, vitamin K2 is the missing puzzle in today’s diet due to the unnatural ways of producing food.

The discovery was made by Dr. Weston Price – a dentist who spent years researching the subject.

Awaken the third eye.Dr. Weston Price found that the lack of vitamin K2 leads to skeleton erosion – bones losing their strength and their density. Calcification shows up and affects the whole body – the pineal gland isn’t overlooked and is calcified too. You start to feel like progress in life is elusive.

It’s still vital we supply our bodies with enough vitamin K2 so that we keep a decalcified pineal gland and cherish the connect with our psychic gifts.

And it’s extremely important to recognize that health should be our top priority. By taking care of our third eye, we make sure that the body functions properly too.

Third eye awakening is a unique experience that will help you stay in alignment with your real self, your soul and the vibration of the Universe. But before you proceed, I advise you to read about the possible dangers and my own third eye experience to give you better understanding of what you are dealing with .

Live a conscious, conflict-free life my friends,


  • Hey,

    Thank you very much for your articles. Your articles are really helpful. However I have one question – is it true that once your third eye is opened you can predict your future?

    • Georgi Karalov says:

      Hey Kevin,

      I’m glad you find the articles useful!

      It’s true that opening your third eye with a conscious intent will help you pick up information about something that is about to happen.


      • Hey Georgi,

        Is it O.K. if a young child ties to open their thrid eye? I am just curious about the dangers a child could get.

      • Georgi Karalov says:

        Hey Chris!

        Choosing to open it is a responsible decision. Before you do it, you must have an inner reassurance that your spirit is mature and can handle it. On condition you are grounded and centered, filled with positive energy you can do it. But first you must make sure you cover these results unless you want to have a bad experience.

      • Hey Georgi. I’m 13 and want to open my third eye. You are saying that you have to be positive but I suffer from depression and I’m bitter sometimes. I also get very bad paranoia with paranormal experiences I have had in my life. So got any tips so I don’t have a bad experience and if I should open my eye?

      • Georgi Karalov says:

        Hello Kyndra,

        Thank you for commenting. I can relate, so I can tell you to stay away from opening the third eye until you manage to successfully plant the flowers of happiness in your beautiful mind. Suffering from depression, having paranoia episodes & being in negative mood attracts negative experiences. You’ll most probably encounter negative spirits that will further reinforce the cycle of being stuck in the lower levels of vibration, making it hard to escape.

        Right now, focus on improving your life right now, you don’t want to risk to make it worse.


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