The Definitive Guide to Chakra Balancing to Heal, Cleanse and Align the 7 Chakras

The goal of this article is to educate you about chakra balancing, healing, cleansing and alignment.

There are 7 primary chakras located in the human body, distributed along a vertical column which runs through the center of the body.

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People often focus on the metaphysical qualities of chakras, but it’s worth remembering that these 7 chakras are nothing else but endocrine glands.

The endocrine glands provide us with subtle feelings through which we can know the future. Nowadays, we call these hints instinct & intuition, depending on if they come from the base chakras or the higher ones.

Like other bodily systems, the chakra system needs routine care & maintenance to function optimally.

One must do the work of consciously taking care of their chakras, so that they properly channel subtle energy through which they can rise to meet their full potential.

Chakra Balancing: How to Heal, Cleanse and Align Your Chakras?

For a multitude reasons such as overeating or undereating, negative patterns of thinking, not sleeping or resting enough, and many others, any one of the body’s 7 chakras can be knocked out of balance.

This is a vicious cycle because once 1 is out of balance the whole system must compensate, bringing others out of balance as well, which further exacerbates bad habits and repeats the cycle.

The bad news is that once a certain amount of damage is done, some of the chakras can’t be brought back to their initial, pristine condition. That’s no problem though, flaws are what make us human after all. We’re here to learn and it’s better to make mistakes and learn how to do things right than to avoid experiencing life.

Fortunately the situation isn’t hopeless. The further decline of these chakras can be stopped and a new balance can be achieved by doing work with some of the below mentioned chakra healing crystals for each particular chakra.

Root Chakra.

The root chakra symbolizes physicality and your physical body.

This chakra is a reflection of feeling safety as a human being, having your primal physical needs met – food, water, and shelter. Also moving houses too often, especially as a child, can cause root dysfunction.

It’s located at the very tip of your torso near the genitals and is known as one of the base chakras. The base chakras (the root, sacral, and solar plexus chakras) deal with our connection with the outside world.

Physical security struggles are the main indication that you need chakra cleansing work to remove blockages causing your root chakra to be under-energized. For example succumbing to stress, feeling generally low vibratory, not feeling rooted, supported, and secure without any imminent danger.

If the root chakra is over-energized you would feel full of rage, pissed off & pugnacious. In other words, having a chip on your shoulder. You would be full of energy but stuck in a negative mindset.

What characterizes this chakra is the fact that once it is rooted it stays grounded most of the time and is not easily knocked out of balance.

And because it is the most basic chakra in the human body, it can most easily be balanced.

For this purpose, some greatly beneficial chakra balancing exercises and activities are moving rhythmically to music, cardio exercise such as jogging, hitting the gym, or just generally anything that really gets you fully in your body.

Overall spending more time outside rather than in, walking barefoot or lying on the grass so that the magnetism of the Earth extracts the negativity from you has a vast healing effect on the root chakra.

Smoky quartz point is a chakra healing crystal that can help the root chakra filter out negativity and harmonize you with earth. The way you work with this crystal is that you keep it facing down near your root chakra while visualizing negative energy pouring out of you, until the last drop is gone. Alternatively, you could turn it around and point it facing towards you to bring more grounding earth energy into your body.

Other ideal choices for root chakra are the earthy stone Red Jasper or Fire Agate.

Sacral Chakra.

The sacral chakra can be found about 5 cm (2″) below the belly button. It’s the source of pleasure and is associated with sexuality. It also regulates the flow of emotions and creative ideas in the person

Indications that the sacral chakra is out of balance and needs healing inclide feeling a lack of creativity, being emotionally unstable, not feeling connected with others as effortlessly as before, missing excitement & enthusiasism about human relationships, lack of spontaneity.

By and large the most distinctive sign that the sacral chakra is under-energized is avoiding meeting other people.

When the sacral chakra is over-energized one might display wild mood swings, like feeling super high highs and super low lows, and/or rapidly changing moods. And when the sacral chakra is balanced & clean one feels smoothness in your emotion spectrum but otherwise people’s emotions are unstable, rising and falling unpredictably.

A marvelous chakra balancing technique for the sacral chakra is to encourage creativity by experimenting with cooking, drawing mandalas (there are special books for that), solving puzzles, and anything that relies on creativity.

Another way to bring this chakra into alignment is to raise your emotional awareness and exerting a discipline on your emotional reactions.

Every one of us is unique and that includes the way we express ourselves. Discover outlets for conveying your imaginative side, whatever feels natural to you whether that be keeping a diary, fashion, visiting museums & art galleries, joining hobby groups, et cetera.

Certain chakra healing stones like the Peach Moonstone, Peach Aventurine, Leopardskin Jasper can all have a beneficial effect on the sacral chakra.

Peach Moonstone is an intuitive, emotional, and nurturing stone that provides patience and support.

Peach Aventurine (also known as the Whisper Stone) is able to silence the negative voice(s) we hear and help us return to a balanced emotional state.

And Leopardskin Jasper strengthens the connection with the deeper part of oneself in a gentle & nurturing way.

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Solar Plexus.

The solar plexus is located right below our sternum, exactly where our ribs meet the pit of our stomach.

The solar plexus chakra is a source of personal strength, rationality, trust in oneself, and willpower. When the solar plexus is balanced one feels efficient and inspired to act & make decisions without hesitation.

When aligned the solar plexus chakra becomes the place where all of our creativity is converted into action.

In the case when you feel unmotivated, powerless, lacking faith in your abilities, with little to no consistency in your actions, chakra balancing is needed because the solar plexus under-energized.

The opposite situation occurs when the solar plexus is over-energized – your focus moves entirely onto yourself. You become egocentric, ignoring social graces; unintentionally hurting others because of the lack of consideration of their emotions. Additionally you are likely to become overly enamored with material possessions.

One of the easiest ways to achieve optimum balance of the solar plexus is to get the needed exposure of daily sunlight. Visualize the Sun penetrating through you with its rays and energizing your solar core.

Generally, cooperating with others, measuring your words, telling the truth, and being productive will restore your faith in yourself.

A few chakra healing stones that will aid cleansing the solar plexus are Yellow Fluorite, Pyrite & Citrine.

Yellow Fluorite is an energizing stone that boosts cooperation with other people by holding the ego back from trampling others.

Heart Chakra.

The heart chakra, also known by its Sanskrit name Anahata, represents love & connection with others.

Being the center of the system, the power and energy of this chakra surpasses even that of the crown chakra itself. When the heart chakra is clean and flowing one naturally emanates love & positive vibes.

Many people have their heart chakra frozen by unprocessed heartache and consequently struggle to send love to or receive love from those they adore.

Being extremely sensitive, albeit powerful, the Anahata is regularly misaligned. As opposed to the root chakra it’s also the toughest chakra to get properly balanced.

Some signs the Anahata is under-energized and needs chakra healing include feeling disconnected from people, having a hard time forming a relationships, and/or expressing love, or perhaps even feeling love at all. Another telltale sign that your heart chakra is misaligned is being harshly self-critical and punishing oneself.

It’s not a common sight for the heart chakra to be over-stimulated.

The signs one exhibits in such a scenario include extreme fondness of people, developing dependence/codependence on others, quickly falling in love without truly knowing the other person, generally being too naive.

The Anahata is best cleansed and aligned when a person is surrounded with green, so try to spend more time in nature among the grass, trees, and flowers.

Caring for houseplants helps during winter.

Walking barefoot on the green grass grounds oneself and extracts negative energy accumulated  in the body through electromagnetism. So kick off your shoes sometimes!

Another good way to take care of the heart chakra is to be unselfish, to give to those in need without wishing anything in return. If you don’t know how to start doing that, a good suggestion is buying supplies for someone who lives on the street.

Malachite and Hiddenite are chakra healing stones with the most beneficial effect on the heart chakra.

Throat Chakra.

The throat chakra is the source of our communicative capabilities; the ability to convey our knowledge & feelings, and the ability to understand messages from others including their body language.

On a broader level it represents how harmoniously we are related with the Universe, with our surroundings, with our loved ones, and also to the things we tell ourselves.

When the throat chakra is under-active, you feel unable to speak the truth. Additionally you will filter pretty much everything that comes at you in negative light which will also reflect outwards in your communication.

Excessive activity in the throat chakra causes destructively careless mistakes in speech, body language, and listening to others.

A few chakra healing stones that can replenish the energy of the throat chakra are Blue Sodalite, Blue Calcite, and Blue Topaz.

Blue Calcite is excellent for clearing blockages, improving self-control & composure, and measuring your words carefully.

Third Eye Chakra.

Our sixth chakra is known as the ‘seat of the soul’.

The third eye chakra represents the ability to see the grand scheme of things; the metaphysical interconnectedness of everything. Its primary function is realizing the wisdom of life hidden in plain sight.

When chakra alignment is needed for the third eye chakra, you will feel incapable of comprehending the vast complexity of world around us. You feel no connection to the multitude of living beings surrounding us. You descend into ignorance and become unable to spot your own hypocrisy.

When the third eye chakra is under-energized our consciousness gets stuck in confusion.

Not to mention our curiosity drive to reach a higher plane of consciousness is extinguished.

When the third eye chakra is over-active you are prone to see connections which aren’t really there, eventually filling your head with too many wild conspiracy theories, until others completely dismiss you as eccentric & crazy (probably for good reason).

Stones which positively effect the third eye chakra are Pedialyte, Veracruz Amethyst, Covellite.

Crown Chakra.

This chakra symbolizes our connection with the spirit world. We receive direct spiritual guidance from it. Like an antenna we emanate and receive cosmic vibrations from our crown chakra.

When the crown chakra is under-energized you’re probably not feeling all that spiritual, and will be prone to depression & anxiety.

If it’s over-energized you’ll feel cloudy & surreal and have a hard time getting grounded in your body. It’s not often that the crown chakra gets out of balance.

Ideal chakra healing stones for the crown chakra are Opalite, Rutilated Quartz. These stones help us access our higher self, the angelic realm, and the astral plane.

Share in the comments if you know other ways of balancing and clearing the chakras.

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