Clairaudient: The Amazing Things You Don’t Know About This Gift!

The clairaudient abilities are considered as one of the hardest challenges to master for everyone that has a grain of them.

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In our last post about the clairvoyant (which you can find here), we mentioned that clairvoyance matches the third eye chakra and is responsible for receiving visual images, while the psychic hearing ability corresponds to the throat chakra.

It’s commonly portrayed that a person who hears voices suffers from schizophrenia. And how many of us can easily write off clairaudience as schizophrenia just because it doesn’t fit in the public idea?

Throughout the ages, people from every society have been skeptical and reserved to any psychic inclinations and have gone to great extents such as witch-hunt.

However, there is a complete opposite of this later in our society. The people that go on a journey inwards to know the Truth, or those which claim God visited them in their dreams or the ones that say they met an angel in their near-death experience (NDE) and many other mystical experiences. These people in many cases hold a contrary perspective to science and accepted public opinion about psychic abilities.

When we are born, we are in balance with ourselves, we have no blockages or stagnant energy in any of the seven chakras in our body and we can freely express our innate clair senses. But from the growing pressure from outside, from social stigma, we lose belief in the magical world as our conscious mind suppresses any psychic sensitivity.

Everyone is born with a distinct pair of strengths and you are not the exact same as someone else. One might be more clairvoyant than other, another can be more clairaudient, third can be more clairtangent & and so forth.

We all have that small grain of psychic inclinations given to us at birth by God. And stunningly, we are not the only beings on this planet, carrying consciousness that can tap into the spirit world.

Animals possess psychic abilities too. In fact, their psychic senses are sometimes stronger than certain people. There are thousands upon thousands cases when a cat has saved the master’s life by warning them about something that is about to happen.

What is a Clairaudient?

It’s undisputed that a clairaudient is someone who can establish a connection with the invisible world. One that can hear the voices of spirits, guardian angels or spirit guides.

And if you happen to exhibit any signs of psychic hearing or intuitively know that this is your most powerful psychic gift you need to embrace it and strengthen it.

The messages from the spirit realm usually don’t come in loud voices but are conveyed in the form of thoughts. This is the more frequent way communication is carried out. And it’s not uncommon for a clairaudient to receive information in your dreams.

As a clairaudient, the messages transmitted to you not always carry the divine, spiritual meaning we give them in our imagination but can be quite simple experiences. You can be on your way to the store and you’re almost home and all of a sudden you recall that you forgot to buy some groceries and immediately a calming thought comes through that you still can go back. That very well could be a loved one reminding you or one of your spirit guides reminding you that you need mangos or bananas.

You need to drop the notion of what is a clairaudient if you truly wish to discover the real meaning.  It sounds silly but that’s how the beings from the supernatural realm communicate with us.

How to Develop Your Clairaudient Abilities?

1. One of the ways through which you can do this is by listening to White Noise, Solfeggio Frequencies or Schumann Resonances.

Any of these methods facilitate the transmission of messages from spirits. And in most cases, it’s better than silence because many of us aren’t accustomed to sit in silence and try to hear our consciousness. Running a fan or an air-conditioner, while at home predisposes the atmosphere for any clairaudient sounds or voices to come to you.

2. Set an intention while meditating to receive psychic clairaudient downloads.

When you hear a thought for the first time and realize that it’s your mind isn’t the origin of it, keep composure and do not respond. Letting yourself to answer the thought will bring your mind into the left hemisphere of the brain or in other words your analytical mind, thus losing the intuitive connection inherent for the right part of the brain.

3. Restore your chakras.

As we grow, we clash with sometimes unpleasant experiences that affect our entire self. And not knowing, the chakras or the wheels of light as well call them in our body accumulate blockages that prevent the energy from circulating freely.

Let’s put it this way – has it occurred to you not make any progress in life for a very long time or opportunities slipping you every time because of lack of synchronicity?

When you’re misbalanced, the creative power between the mind and heart is disturbed, and we lose touch with the subtle messages of our intuition, of our heart and are left on the limited 5% capacity of own analytical mind, looking outside of yourself for answers.

Go out more in nature, eat healthily or go for a clairvoyant reading where a clairvoyant will go through all the chakras in your body and unleash any stagnant energy.

4. Talk with your children.

Although our collective consciousness is growing in recent years, it’s still quite sad to see that there are people, especially peers of your children that take a negative example from their parents, to make fun of those kids that are deeply intuitive and connected to the world of spirit.

It’s true that many of us lose our touch with the spirit world mainly because of social conditioning, but there is a part of the children that preserve their psychic powers and are able to tap into the underlying level of magic.

If you’re a parent of a gifted child who can do all kinds of things like pick up others emotional state and affect their mood, it’s essential that you hold conversations with them and normalize the fact they possess extrasensory perception. Alienating from them subconsciously instead of embracing this new lesson will deprive you as a parent to experience one of the most life-changing journeys as a human being – living with a small being that is capable of making you happy if you flourish their confidence in themselves.

How to Make Use of Your Clairaudient Abilities?

Sometimes it can happen to hear something clairaudient accompanied with a picture. It’s not rare for a clairaudient to hear sound with a vision followed. That is a combination of two psychic gifts in action – clairaudience and clairvoyance.

What you can do as someone who can perceive the angelic realm is to convey messages to the Universe, to ask the Universe for a solution about what worries you, to ask for holy guidance. God, the guardian angels or spirit guides on the other side will point you the direction.

The message might not come immediately. It might come after an hour, a week or a month but eventually, you will receive it if you believe and pray. Your own rate of vibration, of being in tune with the order of the Universe dictates the prompt and strength of the message.

What Hinders Your Clairaudient Abilities?

Some things in this world break our connection with spirit sometimes until we leave this world. When the sounds beyond the physical realm fade away we lose touch with our true self and our life empties of meaning.

We’re left not trusting our heart and to rely on one ill-equipped part of our system to function – the left hemisphere that possess with such a small cap of our power that can be compared as the tip of an iceberg.

Here are some things to be watchful of:

1. Being trapped in your egoic mind. Number one reason what closes the door to the metaphysical dimension is letting your ego take over your consciousness. Living as the world spins only around you will not bring it closer to you. In fact, being self-centered isolates someone from Nature.

This is dangerous as it will never bring you real happiness from the joy of living and probably partially or entirely cut the ties with the voices from the other side.

2. Letting the obsolete teaching system tutor you or your children. Teachers and parents in many parts of the world agree that the traditional teaching system is ineffective in teaching children how to cope with the world. That humanity needs a new way of teaching that flourishes thinking, creativity and human virtue such as compassion.

3. Food. The food you pick in the supermarket or the local grocery store either lift your vibration or puts it down. The wrong choice of food worsens the connection with spirit while the food that is in a state as close as possible to the way nature has given birth to it will increase your frequency, repair your DNA and empower you to tap into your heart space again.

We hope that you liked this reading and will make a positive use out of it. You will make us a huge favor for us and yourself if you share this with those that you know.

Tell us in what way this information helped you or what you find not in right place and needs to be changed?