Claircognizance – The Art of Clear Knowing

Claircognizance is a special intuitive sense and pretty much well-kept secret in a way. And you’ll just see why.

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The other name this psychic faculty often goes by is “clear knowing”. Claircognizance is expressed as receiving a sudden, acute awareness of something with no prior contact with it. The insight makes you feel so absolutely positive that the information you received is true that you don’t need the information to be backed up by any evidence.

It’s another clair sense in the spectrum of extrasensory gifts.

So far, in our in-depth written series about the human’s intuitive side, we covered the beauty of psychic feeling along with particular advice on how to flourish it, the divinity of clear hearing and what are its symptoms and of course, the blessing of psychic sight.

Remember we told earlier that there is a certain secret around claircognizance? Well, what’s truly astonishing about this regular ability is that a big part of us actually have it and deal with it on a daily basis. The public image of psychic sensitiveness is connected with receiving four-dimensional visualizations or hearing spirits from the metaphysical realm, however, one rarely stops for a second and pays attention to the spiritual wisdom that comes directly in the form of thoughts.

A definitive sign you could be a claircognizant is frequently experiencing occurrences of déjà vu.

You probably know that each psychic faculty corresponds to a respective chakra center in the body. For instance, the sacral chakra is where the clairsentient gift resides, the brow chakra or third eye (also referred as the pineal gland) is the center for clairvoyant visions, and the throat chakra is the place of clairaudience. The extrasensory perception called ‘clear knowing’ lies in the seventh chakra in the human body – the crown chakra.

3 Ways to Discern the Origin of Your Thoughts.

What can be considered as a distinctive feature of claircognizance is the fact that it comes as regularly seeming thoughts. This is one of the biggest challenges when you wish to claim your claircognizant gift – the capacity to discern the source of your thought’s origin.

In a simple way, your own thoughts are your own ego. They are the ones you usually place your focus on and are a source of fear. They hinder your progress and prevent you from taking action. Whenever you enter thinking mode you make it hard for yourself to distinguish which thoughts are yours and which are as a result of your claircognizant abilities.

Have you ever had a conversation with someone where they are trying to tell you something happened with them but you can’t understand what they are trying to convey, there’s something on their soul but they cannot say it? But in a brief moment of time when your mind distances from the conversation and the space in your mind expands, you get an instant, affirming thought as someone put it from outside in your brain that this person discovered their twin flame love. Everything clears for you and you finally understand them and share their language.

1. Be aware of how you react emotionally to your thoughts. One of the ways to discern the thoughts from your mind and the spirit dimension is observing your emotional response to what crosses your mind. Being conscious of how all of a sudden you react to your thoughts, enables you to then identify where it comes from and not chain yourself in emotions and blurry your vision.

Claircognizance is something that is able to push you, to motivate you, to give you wings to do something based on a thought that resonated deeply in your soul that dismisses every other thought coming from your ego.

2. The thoughts feel as if they come from a distance. Messages in the form of thoughts, coming from the spirit realm feel like they’re further away. They are more muted than normal thoughts and because of that sometimes you cannot notice them or just think they are probably your own thoughts. When you get used to your claircognizance gift, you’ll acquire the skill to differentiate if a certain thought comes from your own mind or alien source.

3. Thoughts overlap. Having a conversation, writing something you constantly receive a flow of information. The spirit world is constantly feeding you with information when doing something that sometimes it can be confusing when an external thought comes in while you’re in the middle of a sentence.

5 Tips to Push Your Claircognizance Development into an Upward Direction.

Claircognizance represents a way you can maintain a connection with your higher self, with your spirits guides or essentially with your guardian angels. But what efforts can you put to make that ability grow? For your relief, there are mind paradigms, techniques, and exercises that flourish the connection between body, mind & spirit.

1. Identity your claircognizant side. This is an essential first step to undertake in beginning your claircognizant journey. We’re accustomed to the idea of hearing spirits or seeing angels and other four-dimensional beings that we miss the opportunity to recognize a pristine and untapped connection with the world of spirit through forces that we normally take for granted.

That’s why you need to set an intention, to make it your goal to validate the existence of this ability and incorporate it as a part of your conscious mind.

2. Harness the power of meditation. The next thing that will really sparkle your claircognizance development is meditation. Attempting to discipline the monkey part of the mind allows you to tap into your claircognizant ability and strengthen it. This is attributed to the fact that during this quiet time of observing the empty space between the thoughts with the help of your pineal gland (your inner vision), your crown chakra opens in the spiritual realm and projects a light beam to the divine source of consciousness.

And if you have never meditated before, you’ll be surprised to see that in a state of deep meditation, how crystal clear messages beyond the physical world can be transmitted to you. It could be that your spirit guides are sending you advice or you’re directly connected to the wisdom of the Universe.

3. Practice spirit writing. Psychography (spirit writing) is a great method to boost your claircognizance progress up to the sky.

What this exercise consists of is finding a chair to sit on, a pen and blank paper or you can do it on your laptop if you feel comfortable. You then try to pose a question that concerns you in this point of time. It could be whether you’re walking the life path you’re meant to be or if you’ve sideways from the Universe directions, it could be something that worries you and fail to bring peace of your soul. Form the question in your mind, write it down and start spirit writing.

You want to put the monkey mind aside for the time being and solely observe how beautifully moves your hand, without distracting your attention to what comes out on the paper or on the screen. Don’t worry if the written doesn’t make any sense to you at first glance, your job is to let go of the conscious mind to form conclusions and to allow the answer in your unconscious mind to come out.

When you’re done, take the paper and read it. The sentences might still be grammatically incorrect but that is not of prime importance here. Scan the writing to find the coded message that your soul wants to hear. You’ll realize which the message is when it resonates with your inner being.

4. Call your spirit guides for guidance. An enigma for many people is the question why don’t we receive guidance in the dark periods of our life? Where are our guardian angels when we lost our job or we failed?

The reason for this lies in a creation of the Universe grand scheme of things – human’s free will. Through our free will, we’ll inevitably collide with darkness and light. And through these painful experiences, we can get to know the lower levels of consciousness and evolve in the spiritual world.

This doesn’t necessarily mean our spirit guides or other divine beings are not close to us. Your guardian angels honor your free will and because of that they only observe you from sideways. But they will never decline your request for guidance when you call them.

Knowing this little wisdom of praying, you not only can spring your claircognizance development but aid yourself with the guidance of the metaphysical dimension whenever you need it on your journey in this earthbound form.

5. Place crystals on your crown chakra. There are crystals which placed on top of your head or near the top of your head present an opportunity to unlock conscious access to that part of your mind, corresponding to ‘clear knowing’.

There are crystals that possess properties which match the nature of your claircognizant abilities or in other words gemstones that vibrate on the same frequency with your psychic sensitivity, and influence positively the well-being of your crown chakra.

The three crystals that can help you cultivate your claircognizance and utilize its celestial potential are Amethyst, Herkimer Diamond, and Clear Quartz.

These five things alone can leap off your claircognizance development and allow you to make the connection with the divine realm.

Share with us your experience with this ability and your ways to expand your claircognizant abilities.