What is Clairsentience? 7 Traits Explained

What is clairsentience?

Clairsentience is the psychic expression of “clear feeling”.

What clairsentience is, it’s your gut feeling or heightened emotional awareness of everything that carries consciousness, not limited only to people but places and items too.

A clairsentient is a person who has come into this world to help humanity heal emotional wounds, and integrate the inner child by awakening others to discover their true self.

With this in mind, a clairsentient empath can read the inner state or energy of a person and discern if their soul craves healing. Although, clairsentients cannot tap into the informational field of what exactly a person has done to be in this current situation in life they can rather sense the energies emitted.

Yet, a clairsentient is often mistaken for an empath. Although clairsentience is close to empathy, an empath is a more specialized gift.  Empathy is the psychic sensitivity of taking on someone else emotional state and experiencing it as yours simply by entering their energy field (staying around them), whereas clairsentience is broader and encompasses not only people’s vibe but places and items too.

A clairsentient retrieves a subtle, invisible vibe from an external source, known as The Akasha Chronicles, via body, emotions, and feelings.

Clairsentient people are known for discovering lost objects by being able to establish a connection with them. People that possess clairsentient abilities can give clairsentient readings by simply touching objects.

Interestingly, this feeling isn’t limited only to the sacral chakra. Sometimes it can spread to your heart chakra and feel it like a living being, like a breathing consciousness that translates you accurate information about that no one could possibly know without telling you. The feeling that confirms the authenticity of knowledge you receive can be best described as clairsentience.

Not only this, but a clairsentient can also feel the possible future possibilities of the world.

Clairsentients are hardly understood by the community most of the time. They can see through energy vampires, narcissists, sociopaths, psychopaths and not judge them because they know that blaming them isn’t what they need, they need love, love to heal that was absent in their lives and brought them to this situation.

The Ability to Take on Akashic Information from an Object.

An extension of clairsentience is the extrasensory ability called psychometry.

Psychometry provides a great opportunity for the clairsentient empath to hone their skill of acquiring accurate information through their feelings.

Psychometry or token-object reading is the mystical sense of obtaining information from an item. Say someone who exhibits psychometry is given a material object that belongs to someone else like a medallion or ring or anything else linked to that person’s life, someone practicing psychometry will instantly pick up certain impressions.

Every material item is imprinted with a unique energy signature from the person that owns it. The sealed information within the energy field of an object is transferred intuitively through the unlocked clairsentient channels of a person.

7 Clairsentient Symptoms Indicating You Have Psychic Feeling.

1. Your energy field is sensitive and you manage to establish bonds on a deeper level. Being a clairsentient empath you’re able to transmute the dark energy of people, to take away their burden so to say and bring them the forgotten joy and happiness of life. You’re like a light for others in the tunnel and that’s why people love you.

2. You feel dizzy, lightheaded or drained. On the other hand, being clairsentient can be a curse. Being tuned into the underlying world, your chakra channels open up and that invites all kind of unfiltered energies to come into you, which sometimes can be an emotional burden for your clairsentient abilities.

This is commonly seen with clairsentients. Clairsentients sense humanity collective emotions on a deeper level and that can be disturbing for them. Although there are periods of happiness in humanity as a whole, in times of war, job cut, natural disasters, clairsentients can pick up the channeled energy by those that are deeply affected and suffer. It causes great stress, anxiety, and feelings of helplessness which can be hard to physically bear. As a result, you shut down your senses to the world and prefer to be secluded.

To save yourself, you can create a bubble of divine light around you that will shield you from the incoming negative vibes and allow only the good vibes to come through your energy field. This tool is a life-savior in a world where we need to work and socialize constantly.

3. Occasionally getting tickles out of nowhere. A physical symptom of clairsentience is the sense of tickling on random parts of your body. What does this tells us is that you accept an influx of invisible energy in your body or that there is probably a metaphysical being close to you trying to take notice of it.

4. You receive telepathic vibes. When another person carries an important message that needs to convey it to you concerning your spiritual growth, your consciousness connects together in an invisible trajectory field to deliver that impulse which will then be translated into words the soul needs to hear in order to evolve.

5. Heart Palpitations. Sudden heart palpitations suggest that your etheric body is transmuting energy that you are not aware of at the moment but might become later.

6. Psychic animals are attracted to you. One of the positive clairsentience traits is that you don’t need to be surprised if pets you don’t know in the streets come to play with you. Dogs, cats and generally all animals are psychic in nature and because of that fact they love people with clairsentient abilities as they can sense when someone is responsive to the surrounding energy vibes.

7. Goosebumps. When the invisible world wants to come in contact with you and translate an essential message for you via your clairsentient faculties, your body can sometimes react not only with tickles but with goosebumps too.

How to Develop Your Clairsentience?

We’ll look into 5 ways you can propel your gift to greater lengths by learning how to be comfortable in your own skin and mitigating the suffering.

1. Plant mindfulness of the source through which you receive energy. Undoubtedly, clairsentience is a beautiful thing to experience, but it can be quite overwhelming at times.

The reason for this is that the volume and the power of the channeled vibe from a person, location or object picked with your clairsentient abilities can be so strong that it can surpass the threshold of your emotional stability, changing your entire emotional mood for a longer period of time than normal.

Create an internal volume knob in your imagination that will allow you to soothe the influence of unbearable, loud energies that drain you and to turn it up when you’re in a company of friends and share joyful moments.

2. Another way to sprout your clairsentience empathy is to build a greater trust in your own intuition. The way you can do this is through meditation and setting an intention. Bringing your attention into the empty space in your mind can allow you to deepen your understanding of your clairsentient powers.

3. Using healing crystals and gemstones. Crystals and gemstones possess intrinsic qualities that make them special and wanted.  There are some that nature has designed with the purpose to support your clairsentient development. Black obsidian, painite or moldavite are some of the crystals that you can include in your arsenal to work with. However, you need to do your own diligence to identify if they match your personality.

4. Chakra clearing. Gain the skill to cleanse yourself of dark energy. Although being attentive to the incoming vibes can be beneficial in managing your state of mind, sometimes negative energy can slip in and affect your mood when you least expect it. That is why you need plan-B in such scenarios.  Saging, taking in more raw foods, along with being in nature to unload can tremendously boost your well-being.

5. Pray to God, your guardian angels or spirit guides for guidance and protection are all great ways to raise your rate of vibration and simultaneously dissolves and releases any dark matter within your energy field. We only need to validate the existence of God to receive light in hard times. God doesn’t want to control us.

A clairsentient is someone really special as their mission is to raise human consciousness as a whole in an upward trend. And remember that clairsentience is an amazing ability that can be more of a blessing than a curse if you succeed to be in tune with it.