What is a Clairvoyant?

The topics we’ll discuss today are:

  • what is a clairvoyant medium or clairvoyant psychic;
  • 5 clairvoyant signs pointing you have highly developed intuitive inclinations
  • how your clairvoyant abilities can help someone;
  • how to become a clairvoyant psychic;
  • overcoming the biggest challenge to give clairvoyant readings;
  • additional advice on how to develop your clairvoyant abilities;

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Even if you are remotely in touch with the metaphysical field and spirituality might not be a strong core of your interests, you probably must have heard the term ‘clairvoyant’ or ‘clairvoyance’ mentioned a thousand times about almost everything that happens behind the curtains of the physical world.

One of the major confusion is that being a clairvoyant you will see spirits constantly crossing the walls of your home. That’s just not how it is in most of the cases. Of course, you’ll get to access the field of awareness where otherworldly beings reside however this is mostly done through a special apparatus in our brain called the pineal gland or also known as the third eye.

To disperse confusion, we will say that a clairvoyant medium, a clairvoyant psychic and a clairvoyant empath are terms used interchangeably about the same thing.

What Is a Clairvoyant Medium?

Clairvoyant is someone who possesses the intuitive sense of ‘clear seeing’.

When one goes on the path of becoming clairvoyant, this is inextricably linked with the act of awakening the eye of spirit. The eye of spirit is also called the third eye or the brow chakra.

With the help of inner sight, the clairvoyant can do the so-called clairvoyant readings which resemble seeing, given the allowance, into the energy field of a person, and not just pictures but actively see the past, present, and future. With clairvoyance, the idea of time simply changes, you drop it off, and realize that time doesn’t exist and it is a made up thing.

The clairvoyant abilities are part of the diverse clairs group which includes psychic senses such as clairaudience, clairsentience, clairtangency, clairgustance, and clairempathy. For each one of those, we’ll dedicate a special post in the future.

Everybody possesses clairvoyant powers to a certain degree and use them without knowing. If you happen to express any artistic inclinations, it means you have a strong link with your pool of psychic abilities and draw inspiration from.

To awaken your clairvoyance and to make it robust, you need to go inward, not outward. You need to take a journey inside you and meet your soul.

When the clairvoyant accesses that field of the metaphysical, of the third eye they’re in their intuition, it’s also their imagination its pretty much the same space people don’t recognize that but that’s what it is.

5 Clairvoyant Signs Pointing Your Intuitive Inclinations Are Highly Developed.

1. You experience third eye headaches at times. When your psychic set of tools wants to come out, the tension and pain around that area of the third eye hints you are awakening to a greater paradigm of your inner world.

2. You receive random insight about a person when you are around them. It’s not rare when you hang out in the company of a friend your sensitivity to pick up information about them. The clairvoyant abilities enable you to sense a message someone’s soul wants to send badly. In most of the cases, this is something that is essential for them at that given moment of time and their soul will strongly give off that message without having the need to do a clairvoyant reading.

3. You are really good at comprehending and playing with metaphors. Most people are not able to understand when someone uses a metaphor. A clairvoyant inner world operates in symbols and metaphors when communicating with others as this is an intrinsic part of their psyche.

4. Lucid dreaming almost every night. It’s quite commonly seen for a clairvoyant to remember dreams as we remember our daylight experiences. When entering the world of dreams at night, because of the naturally developed mind’s eye, the clairvoyant dreams are saturated with images and specifically symbols – as that is the way their subconscious prefers to talk with them.

5. When you close your eyes you see a lot of lights, colors & shapes.  One of the signs of being clairvoyant is being more responsive to the underlying energies which are around us all the time. Although this mainly happens when you close your eyes, you can casually sight orbs passing through the walls or around little babies.

How Your Clairvoyant Abilities Can Help Someone?

When you go to a clairvoyant reading, usually the procedure is to lay down on a massage table, without taking any clothes off, and sharing what’s on your soul with your clairvoyant. You share what is bothering you, things like migraines, or someone doesn’t like you and you got to carry that energy imprint, or you don’t feel yourself, you don’t feel your senses for some time.

After listening to you, the clairvoyant medium will then lightly touch your body and scan it with their hands from head to toe. They will visually see through their mind’s eye the energy centers in your body or also called wheels of light or chakras, and tell you at which points the light moves in your body and at which it has stopped.

The clairvoyant will then use the targeted, psychic, healing energy of their hands to touch for a brief period of time those parts in which energy is stuck and release it. In most cases, this is enough to release any stagnant energy so it can start circulating throughout your body again.

The clairvoyant will go this way through all seven chakra wheels in your body and repeat where it needs to and remove any energy blockages created in the seven chakra wheels in your body that prevent your soul from expanding.

How to Become a Clairvoyant Psychic?

Anyone can teach or train their clairvoyant gift because everybody is psychic to some extent.

It all starts with using your innate creative power to visualize, to create images in your mind, and to use your imagination actively. Whether we realize it or not, our imagination works in the background all the time in our day to day conversations with others. We are using our third eye without knowing it.

However, being able to consciously tap and ride with your third eye is the difference maker.  The way you increase your clairvoyant abilities is by picturing an object, say a cactus. In the beginning, you need to learn to hold that image consciously, without driving your attention away for several seconds. Whenever you catch your attention drifting to an important subject, gently bring it back to your active clairvoyant visualization.

As you progress, steadily increase the time you do practice. You’ll soon realize that the depth of your attention has increased and you also pick up small details that you were oblivious to before. You get a sense that a seed of spirituality is starting to grow inside you. When you’re ready for the next step, bring yourself a challenge. Visualize that you hug the cactus and that it does not harm you, you feel like it is a part of you, you feel it is an extension of you.

How to Become a Clairvoyant Psychic: Overcoming Your Biggest Opponent.

Soon after you ready to be making clairvoyant readings, your clairvoyant abilities will be put to a tough test.

Mainly because of social conditioning – the act of having outside elements instilled in your own belief system and generally the way schools flood the mind of children with highly complex terminology from an early age rewires the neurons in the brain and damages the connection with your heart. A child loses the connection between spirit and self, and slowly hands over the dominance to the brain to step forward and to dictate their life.

Things like relying on others to do things instead of you play a role too in neglecting your connecting with your own spirit.

You grow up sensing in the back of your mind that you do not know yourself and feeling that you are a better person inside. You’re in a way nostalgic about a past that has fleet but cannot find the root of it, always looking for answers outside when everything you want is inside. This is the biggest challenge you need to work on – being able to face yourself when you choose to become a clairvoyant medium.

However, we are here to assist you and aid you on your journey. The next following lines can help you tremendously on your path to reclaiming your clairvoyant abilities or powers.

Once you grab a hold of your mind’s eye visualizations, start observing and do nothing else. Keep in mind that if you suffer from anxiety you will try to get control of the situation when there is no need. When you visualize an object, place or person, try to resist the temptation of indulging yourself in it. Simply let your imagination dictate what you need to see and do not interfere. This way you will calm your mind and evoke a feeling of security, managing to enjoy the beauty of being in the present moment.

Being passive in your visualizations is a form of meditation that is fundamental to learning how to become a clairvoyant empath.

As you master it, you will realize your power has grown stronger and you will be to set an intention to receive psychic downloads from your spirit guides, guardian angels or deceased ones.

Don’t think the damaged connection with your heart at this moment as something permanent and worry excessively about it if you are an anxious person. Realize that the human mind is an extraordinary system that is capable of doing unbelievable things. The regular practice of visualization will alter the chemical compounds in your brain and form new connections between the neurons transforming you into the person you always wanted to be and sparkling a new spiritual beginning for you.

Additional Advice on How to Develop Your Clairvoyant Abilities.

In a way, your clairvoyant training does more than providing you with the ability to see things that are not there. It offers you an opportunity to imbue your inner world in a new, fresh way only if you embrace yourself first.

A vital requisite for the successful non-material digestion of learning how to awaken your mind’s eye properly is to be in balance, to be grounded, to be in the present moment and not out of your body.

What can raise your vibration and further facilitate and ease the connection with your gift is replacing fluoridated tap water with spring and mineral. Fluoridated tap water has adverse effects on the organs of the body and specifically the pineal gland which is located in the brain. Fluoride water leads to calcification of the pineal gland or also known as the ‘seat of the soul’ or the third eye, losing the link with your inner world.

Water is not the only thing you need to take care of if you wish to become a clairvoyant psychic or to generally be in tune with your true self. Food is the second thing that lifts your frequency. When raw food gets processed it loses a huge part of its nutrient qualities that nature has blessed it with. That’s why it’s essential that you try to eat food that is in a state as close as possible to the way nature brought it to life. This will boost your psychological well-being, have an indirect influence on being grounded in the energy of Earth and flourish your clairvoyant abilities.

Treat your body with respect and value the food that you intake.

Tell us in what way this information helped you or what you find not in right place and needs to be changed?