Dangers of Opening Your Third Eye

We strive to enlighten the darkness by diving deep in the unknown. We go in unprepared, not knowing what we are going to embrace only because our torch of curiosity leads us ahead.

Lately, many people started showing how we can awaken and find our true purpose in life. They talk about the third eye as a way of opening your eyes and finding who you really are and what you are here for.

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But are there any dangers of opening your third eye?

However, this experience is connected with a lot of ambiguity. Something isn’t told and is of vital importance when you choose to open your third eye.

You probably read about last week rewards of awakening your third eye article and think it’s worth trying.

But there is one section that misses our sight and no one is talking about.

The dark side of this experience can slip you in a chain of unfortunate events if you are not completely aware of the risks.

That’s why I say knowing is awareness.

Before you open your third eye you have to prepare yourself for the unknown.

Is it dangerous to open your third eye? 

Opening your third eye comes with a price.

We all agree that something fascinates us about this whole third eye opening.

But have you asked yourself what exactly happens when you open it?

The third eye is a gateway to spirituality, to opening the spiritual realm.

Opening your third eye, you begin to see things, you begin to experience things, and you begin to feel things around you. There are entities around you but when you have awakened your third eye you have a connection and can see them.

These are entities in the fourth dimension that we cannot see presently in the third dimension. But once the pineal gland is awakened your consciousness surpasses the barriers of the physical realm and goes beyond it.

Religious people call these entities ‘demons’ just because they scare them or they want people to be scared.

Are these entities harmful?

What you really encounter in the spiritual realm are not entities.

What you see are the many and different aspects of yourself. Some of them will look positive and happy while others might look scary and can frighten you but know that what you see are aspects and emotions of yourself that you have neglected and buried deep in yourself.

These entities are always with us wherever we go, wherever we are. We cannot see them, but we can feel them.

And opening your third eye is a chance to hear that lost part of your personality that has long waited for your attention. Are you having day-to-day itches not knowing what it could be? These are the things we neglect and leave behind thinking they will go by without our intervention.

Solving those issues you have will help you raise your vibration and enrich your life with better experiences. Thus, your intuition develops and you are able to pick up what is true and what is false.

It takes responsibility and acquiring knowledge to awaken your third eye.

How can we lessen the dangers?

On my path, I learned that ignorance makes us suffer because it is a lack of awareness. When one is not ready to face the unknown there will be personal consequences.

And the right way to proceed with stimulating your third eye is by getting the proper education, by reading information. Knowing everything you need on the subject and having the feeling of being ready is when you should attempt to open your third eye.

So, on the question I got from a reader: “Is it bad to open your third eye?”, my answer is resounding no.

There are many books that go deep in the topic and can help you distract the fog. You can try reading Metu Neter by Ra Un Nefer Amen.

My advice to you all keen on opening your third eye is to take this serious and enlighten yourself as much as possible before jumping into it. Because being prepared to face the unknown like a warrior before a battle, chances are the situation to go in your favor.

Click here to get your free meditation audio + mini course. Relax deeply, gain balance, and flourish!

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80 thoughts on “Dangers of Opening Your Third Eye”

  1. I’ve always been psychic. I’ve had prophetic visions and dreams, can feel energy from people, places & things and in just the past 6 months have become able to focus and see visions of what’s going on in someone’s life – if I know their loved one or if they allow it. The visions are sometimes specific and sometimes symbolic not meaning much to me, but when I explain them to the person, they know exactly what I’m talking about. I just started specifically meditating with my hands in clasped “prayer position” with my thumbs in the center of my forehead because I had just been praying (I’m also Christian). I know about chakras, but wasn’t purposefully focusing on my “Third Eye,” but WHOA!!!! I immediately fell into an almost trance like state like I was floating and could see who I wanted to see so clearly and the vision came with no effort. I pray for protection all the time because honey, demons are real and one tried to take my body many years ago. But, I agree with you, most of the entities hanging around are spirits, not demons. This one, however; was banished from my house and I am sure would like to return…better safe than sorry. Ever since last night when this happened I feel HUGE HIGHLY SENSITIVE state of awareness of EVERYTHING around me… but it’s always kind of that way for me anyway. I will keep praying for protection and picturing that white ball of protecting light around me. New Horizons await…

  2. To me, opening the third eye happened after becoming blind and turning to reiki as a therapy. There were so many coincidences that happened that time that made me believe that this did not happen by chance, even though I was completely unaware of what it meant and so on. Sure, I agree. There are many dangers that you can face when your third eye opens. I am lucid nearly half the time during the dreaming process because of the third eye. This makes me feel as if 24 hours awake.
    And the entities you are talking about…Dear God!!! The monsters I’ve seen lurking out there. However, the third eye is slowly but surely turning into what I am by nature. And when this happens, I feel the third eye connected and communicating with my heart and all the wonders there.
    I appreciate your article. Thank you.

    1. I dream very lucidly too. They are so vivid, crazy, and I can control things in them. I remember them for days, months, sometimes forever. At times, I feel exhausted when I wake up..

  3. I had a third eye awakening doing Surat Shabda Yoga under Suma Ching Hai. It was a good experience but it attracted a lot of negative energies. At some point I got attacked and I went insane with all sorts of depression and anxiety.

    I find third eye awakening can lead a person toward insanity. I heard it is a very dangerous thing to do. They say the safest chakra is the navel. So I try to focus on it but years of focusing on the third eye has created an automatic pressure right where my third eye is.

    All in all I wish I never got my third eye awakened. It was the wrong thing to do. I discourage anyone from opening their third eye. I seriously look forward to an article on how to close the third eye.

    1. Hi

      Yes, you are completely right.

      If you are not prepared and take it step by step, it can be a very unpleasant experience. MY son was … advanced into meditation, chakra opening, but he lead himself caught into curiosity and unpatience.

      He focused on third eye and with a litle “help”, he did it. Now he regrets it. It’s hard, I am his mother and it breaks my heart seeing him how he suffer.

      His third eye continuous pressure and palpitation like a drum in the midle of his forehead, his everyday’s “deja-vous”, having the feeling that he lived “this” life over and over and he is in a quantum loop not being able to break free.

      Needless to say, it was breaking him appart. His thoughts manifesting and so many things which he couldn’t even describe it… He came at 2:00 AM in the morning crying, trying to talk to him and tell him that everything is OK but holding my tears….

      Now he quit his job second time because he can’t do the same things over and over again. He feels trapped and he needs a change.

      Please, everyone, think twice at the consequences before you decide to open you third eye. If not for yourself but for those around you. Can you make sure they will be safe? Can you make sure they will understand what is happenning to you? Are you willing to loose them if they won’t understand you? Can you make sure they won’t suffer seeing how much you’ve changed?

      Do it slowly and with patience. This way will be beneficial for everybody.

      I love you all, have a safe journey to enlightment 🙂

  4. Hi
    I´m very scared to open my third eye.
    I have always been a very intuitive person, and I have had scary experiences.
    I had contact to a dead little girl 2 years ago.
    I became pregnant of her, but for some reason, she decided to leave (I had a miscarriage).
    I also had some experience as a kid, but not as vivid (like hearing the window in my house being opened though I was alone, having premonitory dreams).
    In my first pregnancy,(my 5 years old daughter) I experienced seeing an entity, that was trying to come near me (I saw a red aura floating outside of my window), I had the instinct of protecting my unborn child (as if the entity wanted to take my daughter´s place or something).
    I also felt and saw dead people, I never got the “proof” it was real, but that´s what I saw.
    I always have been fascinated about mystical world, but I have the fear and feeling my talent is always (or mostly) about dead people and it frightens me.
    My mom didn´t take care of me, and I saw terrible movies in a verry young age (I saw “it” from stephen king at only 7 years old). It took me years untill I wasn´t frightened in the dark or while being alone in a public restroom (from all the crap horror movies I had seen) and I consciently and unconsciently block my abilities out of fear of what I could see.
    I already tend to be more scared when I´m alone, I fear that if I see things, I won´t even be able to keep my sanity when I´m alone…

    1. Hi,

      In your very first sentence you stated ” I am very scared”.

      Before you open your third eye you should be scared of nothing. Be at peace with yourself and with everything. Believe that everything is God and is Love. Nothing can harm you and you must love yourself.

      Fear is the tool of blockages and the barrier to enlightening. Even if you will open your third eye, do you want to be “trapped” in a level of unknown and fear?

      Would you fly an airplane without training and without conquering your fear? Would you just step into it and go into unknown, what will happen will happen.

      Find your true self, open your chakras and balance your energy. That’s my advice.

      I didn’t open my third eye for the same reason.

      I am on my journey finding myself. I am a very positive and happy person but I always put others first and leave myself “neglected”.

      Even after I awaken I still thought that my purpose is just to help and was was frustrated because they didn’t wanted to be help and I was crying not knowing what to do anymore, praying for them not for me.

      Than, slowly, but surely 🙂 I came to realise that what I was doing was wrong.

      I am so content now, happy, and every moment counts toward my happiness, everything I do I feel that is blessed. I realised that my purpose here on Earth is to experience. As much as I can – everything. I start going every week to experience something. I start improving my swimming skills as I was afraid of deap water, taking swimming lessons. I want to do everything possible what includes water: scuba diving, coasteering and gorge walking, and other water sports, than flying experience, parachute jumping, budgee jumping.

      This is my soul healing and I am 100% sure that my healing will heal those arround me. I already see in their eyes the curiosity and desire to do it themselves. I don’t have to tell them, they will choose themselves.


  5. Hi.

    I have been doing a lot of research on the third eye. I have read a lot of posts and view a lot of videos. Most say it is a terrible thing to do. But there are others who say it’s amazing and beautiful. But after all this research I think I have a good understanding about this and I want to try to open my own.

    And people are saying it is best opened by meditation. But they don’t give very clear instructions. Do I visualize something while meditating or something else? I just want to know the right way to open it so I know I’m doing this safely and right. So I was wondering if you knew a good way to open it.

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