The Gift Of Being An Intuitive Empath Healer

We are going to start a conversation about the intuitive empath healer – the gift of being an empath and how that aids you to claim the role of a soul healer.

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As every minute passes by, more and more people are awakening to the idea that deep down inside some of us, they are in their essence empaths.

If you are unsure if you are an empath, we compiled a list of 38 unique traits of the emapth. See here.

And that those same people, possess the exceptional, natural capacity to feel and grasp the emotional world of others around, to touch the soul of others.

The unique opportunity to tune into others heart space, into their emotional world, present us with insights and answer to their struggles and a way to guide them on their path of personal progress and spiritual ascension.

But first, let us look into the prime importance of the shadow worker.

You probably by know what lightworkers are and how their mission is to increase the Light on Earth. A great deal of our Light is contained in our shadow self and that shadow self is simply light repressed.

The Role Of Our Shadow Teachers In Life.

Ask yourself:

Do you feel deterred by obstacles in your life? Do you feel teetering when you want to be a better version of yourself?

Those exact same moments when you feel deterred by obstacles and when you feel teetering to march forward, obscure the wonderful opportunity to hear your soul’s cry and that you are a beloved child of the Universe.

There are shadow teachers in the life of every one of us. Shadow teachers usually cause us pain and suffering and they are the people towards we feel resentment. However, they are the reason for who we are today, by shaping us very early in life, and they are the ones that propelled us on a quest to discover the Truth, to become magnificent empath healers.

More often than not, our shadow teachers are people from our family. It is the people that we look up to, the people that feel intuitively drawn to.

When you rewind the memory lane of your life, what are you going to remember from those experiences with them? You are not going to pay much attention to the hurt they have done to you but the blessing of calling us to our Light.

It is interesting how having to accept your shadow teachers in life and having no alternative choice, you succeed to cultivate all the noble traits love, compassion, mercy, acceptance because you were shown none.

And this is how your path in life is formed.

Everything goes well, until at a certain stage in life, where we realize that the bitterness of being unfairly treated has given the fruit of a desire to not be like them. And that same bitterness is an unstable basis to advance, to be guided by the Divine Light. We need to go back to that source and we have to integrate those shadow aspects, the parts that we once rejected.

Shadow teachers are aspects of our personality that we reject and bury deep inside us. However, our goal is to bring those aspects into the open and accept the pain of being hurt and allow being healed so to encompass more Light within your light body. To be able to achieve higher states of consciousness we need to allow the absolute Truth to be uncovered and turn into empath healers.

If you would really like to think about that one person you’ve got the biggest rancor against, go ahead and image them in your mind. Your mind is your shelter, the place where you can feel safe. Coat yourself in love to gather the strength so the person you despise to come forward.

Look at that person and think about that one trait that you truly feel you want to hold them responsible for the most and that there’s the most bitterness around. It could be that they were exceptionally cruel to you in the past, that they neglected you, that they depleted you of any energy or they made you depressed.

Once you reveal that part, disconnect yourself from it.

The importance to do such kind of shadow work and integrate your own aspects that you despise is that as long as you keep those aspects hidden in the shadows, you will unconsciously project them onto others and will not be able to achieve enduring peace within you.

And because you were indefensible to the acts of your shadow teachers, you will keep your hurt hidden so well from plain sight to the ordinary people until a similar event comes out in your life and reminds you of the pain. Then you will not have the power to stop your shadow to come out and hurt those that triggered it every time, the same way you got hurt.

Realize that the person that you want to feel your pain, the person that did hurt you in the past, there is no need to return them the same pain back. You will not achieve anything in this way. It will not bring you the peace you seek.

Although the temptation to seek vengeance might be high, demanding vengeance will never bring you the long-lasting peace your soul craves for. It would rather fuel a never-ending cycle of hurting others and being hurt by those close to you instead of creating real, abundant relationships based on mutual trust and love for each other.

To heal your emotional wounds, to integrate that shadow aspect, do not seek the act of vengeance but rather climb to its opposite part as every shadow aspect has its sublime counter aspect.

How To Follow Your Calling As An Emotional Empath Healer.

Being an empath is more than simply being apprehensive of the emotions of somebody else within their own body.

We are also capable of experiencing the emotional pain of other people as our own, without our physical body. And sometimes we will not be able to tell which emotional pain are we sensing – is it ours or someone else?

Before turning into emotional healers, empaths are basically exposed to the suffering of humankind.

As children, grown-ups tend to lie us, to distrust your intuition of how do they feel on the inside. You have probably had a moment when you asked your mother if she is alright because you picked up a note of her pain inside your soul and she responded to you assuring you that she is fine and that you should not worry about it, thus making you unsure about how does she feel.

A little-known detail is that wounds are passed from generation to generation. It all comes down to experiencing the hurt of others and nurturing them. If we can help them heal and introduce love and sympathy into their life, once they take the initiative our souls will rest too.

Unless you choose to face yourself and change from being powerless to an empowered empath, you will continuously manifest those souls with the same emotional wounds as you.

The work of healing others, which in essence is about healing yourself, can many times continue for years. In the meantime, you are going to acquire the knowledge, the wisdom of how to successfully heal the soul but you will regularly project people, complete strangers you meet, clients you work with, depending on your field of work, children, old people, everyone that reflects your own shadow aspects and your own wounds.

Mirror work is the most sympathetic, caring and understanding way for the intuitive empath healer to heal others and essentially yourself because, in order to know what requires to be healed within yourself, you cannot start.

Healing is simply a natural way for the soul to recover from deep emotional wounds. To successfully remove the accumulated layers around your soul intended to protect you from additional pain, you need to surrender and trust the whole process.

As you bring those shadow aspect into the light and allow them to be integrated, you will notice the magical way of people changing towards you.

Being an empath turns you into an intuitive healer because you are totally devoted to the Truth and suffering of others and despite them verbally denying it, you can feel it and your presence actually brings those wounds to the surface.

As for last words of this reading, be kind to yourself as a carrier of the Truth as you are a divine being and a carrier of great Light capable of helping people heal their inner child. Overcome your own darkness to step into the shoes of the emotional empath healer.

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