Extraterrestrials Give Us A 50-Year Deadline To Save Humankind

Extraterrestrials give us a 50-year deadline.

Etraterrestrials give us a 50 year deadline to preserve mankind.

But first, have you heard of the most famous brazilian Chico Xavier? Did you know that we’re currently on probation? That this probation is given to us by extraterrestrials? And the outcome of it will determine human fate?

Be ready to be blown away.
First of all,

Who is Chico Xavier?

Chico Xavier or also known as Francisco Cândido Xavier was an extraordinary, world-wide medium, born in  Pedro Leopoldo, Brazil, on April 2, 1910.

Chico Xavier was a man with a compassionate heart and soul, a great philosopher and a popularizer of spiritual doctrine. As a result of his medium psychic abilities and goodness, he attracted people of all denominations and even those that didn’t belong to any religion.

He had a strong precognition of future events. Often, he would receive extraterrestrial messages. Messages that were out of the boundaries of this planet. His abilities to process and synthesize such messages, led to a number of prophecies that came true.

But what will make Chico remembered in our history is something concerning our existence as a human civilization.

The Deadline

July 20 1969, is a historical chapter in our progress. On this date, Neil Armstrong was the first man to step onto the Moon and make his renowned line: “That’s one small step for man, but one giant leap for mankind.”

According to Chico, on the occasion of the arrival of a man on the Moon on July 1969, a meeting took place between the heavenly forces in our Solar System, to certify the moral progress of the earthly society.

The angelic forces of our Solar System were concerned about the harmful impact of mankind on the planetary balance.

Taking into consideration that the most powerful nations on Earth have armed to an unprecedented degree, the nuclear question was raised, together with the issue of weapons of mass destruction.

And from that moment, it was decided after protracted debates, according to Chico, a period of 50 years will be given, since July 20 1969, so that this additional period shall expire on July 20 2019.

If we don’t go into a self-destructive war in the next 50 years, then we can expect phenomenal achievements of human science, starting from the Moon.

On July 1969, a 50-year deadline commenced.

The Two Paths

Chico talked about the two opportunities we have as a humankind and this deadline. He called this deadline “the final hour”, which is the last chance for humanity to progress with peace. We will have two paths to choose from. The path of good – a path of mutual respect among nations. A path which shouldn’t include any nuclear wars.

If we manage to live in this way until “the final hour”, we will be ready to enter a new era of our existence. Astounding consequences will affect all spheres of our lives.

We will enter faster in a process of planetary regeneration and recovery from July 2019. If and only if nations support one other and not get draw in a war of extermination, which will have a devastating consequences on everyone.

If humankind choses the worst option – to start a nuclear war, the one who will put an end to it will be Earth itself, exhausted by human excesses, of human exploitation of natural resources and the punishment of nature. The Earth itself will respond with devastating earthquakes and volcanoes, leading to unimaginable effects, especially for the northern hemisphere of the planet. Which in this case will become uninhabitable.

If we have learned our lesson, there shouldn’t be any next World War. Of course, local conflicts will continue to exist and cover the whole planet, but a global involvement of the whole world in one conflict will surely be an unbearable and unacceptable disaster.

An event that will mark the beginning of a new era in humankind history. Time will come when we’ll trace our roots and find our role in the Universe. 

If you want to learn more interesting and encouraging information about what will happen after we pass the 50-year probation period, watch the whole 1-hour movie.

Encourage your friends, family to watch it. Share this with others because the more aware we become the higher the chance we will survive and as a human race.

The video contains english subtitles.

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