The Best & Fastest Way To Open Your Third Eye

What is the best and fastest way to open your third eye? You’re about to find out.

The third eye serves our intuition and can act as a spiritual guidance.

This subject causes wonderment to those seeking mystical experiences. But we need to know how to prepare.

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The Best & Fastest Way To Easily Open Your Third Eye In 15 Minutes.

We live a world where without intuition we would be pretty much without a sense of purpose. Because once you seize your innate power, life starts to flow.

We’ve received dozens of emails asking a simple question: What is the quickest way to open the third eye?

The answer is visualization. Visualization greatly facilitates the whole process. It usually takes no more than 15 minutes of visualizing to activate your psychic senses if you’re in an overall good mood.

Here’s a visualization you can try.

We’ll use the energy of the heart. The heart is the center of your gut feeling, intuition. And it’s closely connected to your guidance, to the spiritual gifts clairvoyance & clairsentience.

For the goal of your visualization, we will also use a structure in your brain called the pineal gland. The pineal gland is an alias of the third eye.

how to quickly open your third eye

It’s your inner eye, the eye that sees everything. The pineal gland is responsible for many processes in your body that guarantee your well-being. Your intuition center.

How to Perform a Quick Visualization to Activate Your Third Eye?

First, get in a comfortable position.

Have your spine straight.

Keep your feet on the ground and take a few breaths and relax.

You can begin by placing your attention on the pineal gland. Imagine it as a tiny pinecone. Even better – imagine it as a full-size eye inside your head.

We’ll call it pineal gland, so that’s easier to let your body know where you are directing your attention.

What we will do is imagine there is a door that’s in the center of your chest which opens up for a bright, beautiful, divine light. The light enters through the heart chakra and travels up your spine where it meets with the pineal gland, your inner eye.

Third Eye Adventures.

And from there, your inner eye directs that light through your forehead out in the universe.

Let the eternal light become external.

Don’t force it as you don’t want to ruin your efforts.

Do this pattern a couple of times. Feel that sensation of life traveling through the sectors of your body.

You should stop when your body signs it has enough.

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How to Keep Your Third Eye Open?

If you wish to keep your third eye open for the most part of your time, visualization needs to become part of your routine. You need to practice this same hour, same place every day. 

If you put your whole heart into it, the effect will be much greater.

The heart helps you to heal yourself. And when you see the world through your inner vision you activate your heart energy, you see the world as a happy place and perceive others as divine beings. Everything is interconnected – knowing that it’s a really blissful way of living.

Keep your third eye open as much as possible, engage your heart chakra. Connect your heart with your mind.

That’s the best & safest way to easily open your third eye in 15 minutes. We hope this post will be helpful to many of you seeking to broaden your horizons. If you have any questions, we would be happy to answer them.

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43 thoughts on “The Best & Fastest Way To Open Your Third Eye”

  1. When i meditate for several minutes I see a kind of semi-transparent floater that looks like a wheel or circle with a symmetrical flower in the middle. It is more clear and defined depending on the intensity of my focus while meditating and lingers for several minutes after the meditation. What is this?

  2. Hello,

    When I was in sixth grade I was fascinated by spell casting and wished to cast. During my research I came to know that spell casting needs your third eye to be opened. Before opening I researched everything but I only saw the good stuff.

    Then I tried opening mine. Initially, I experienced a headache and my forehead hurt but after some days everything was okay. However, I saw that negative energies can harm you if you are not protected. And I wasn’t protected at all. I was not even ready for all the experiences that were about to come.

    I have a phobia of darkness and after I did it, I was very scared for no reason. Now it feels like there is some energy with me which is sometimes bad and sometimes good. Sometimes when I get scared because of some entity, it comes in my mind that it can’t do anything but I feel that I need protection because it’s too strong.

    I was also getting scared when there’s a full moon. Now it’s alright and I can easily enjoy watching full moon but currently I feel there’s energy around me, that is following me always. Sometimes I feel like something is going to happen to me but after a while the memory fades away but then it actually happens to me and it feels like I’ve already experienced this thing.

    I feel like something wants to communicate with me but I get scared and cant proceed… All the things I’m going through are very scary and frightening. Please help me. Thank you.

    1. Hello Ravish,

      I’m sorry to hear about your negative experience.

      I think you should ground yourself because when you’ve done it you weren’t prepared for it. So, take your time and find activities that promote your well-being and help you recover from those lower states of consciousness. It will take some time but you’ll make it. I’ll soon write an article on how to prepare oneself before opening the third eye and let you know when it comes out!

      Wish you all the best,

    2. You should know that it’s not always a lower God (or entities) that are trying to communicate with you. It’s possible that a God is trying to guide you. I’m not talking about jesus here. I’m talking about real Gods that were once human.

      My grandmother possesses this talent from her past reincarnations and now she’s able to communicate with one and help people. However, there is also a chance that it’s not a God. Anyway, just watch out and be careful and don’t make unnecessary deals or contracts because it can give u bad karma while your good karma decrease.

      1. i just thought of a question angeline, is their a way to break the cycle of the reincarnation, is my third eye supposed to be opened too or is sit just something that i have free will to choose into, just wondering.

  3. If you see the future or events that are about to happen and always correctly guess the outcome of an event, is my third eye acting as a precursor or it’s something else?

    1. Hello Kate,

      One of the functions of the third eye is unlocking a number of psychic abilities depending on your spiritual growth, in your case that is being able to see the future.

      Love and light,


  4. How do you know that your third eye is open after doing this? I felt a strange sensation on my forehead.

    1. Hi magali,

      Feeling some kind of a sensation on your forehead is a symptom that you’ve attempted to open your third eye.

  5. We need to prepare before opening the third eye to avoid the risks…But how do I prepare?…Are there things to consider as preparation before awekening my third eye?

    1. Hi Biba,

      It’s essential to be in the right energy vibration before you do it. You can read this post, where we mention the things you need to do and keep in mind to avoid the possible dangers. We’ll soon write a special detailed post about that, so stay tuned!

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