How to Access Your Subconscious Mind and Align with the Desires of Your Soul?

You probably know a thing or two about how to access your subconscious mind.

But being able to put theory into practice is a whole other job.

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You see, entering the temple of the unknown, every person will be overtaken by the feeling of making great discoveries.

But the whole process of unlocking the door to your subconscious mind isn’t easy when one has no preparation in advance.

Today we’ll talk about a proven method to enter the deeper layers of our mind.

This method has a lot of positive fame and dates back to ancient times. You probably know it too. That’s right. We’re talking about:


Meditation is an opportunity to find something beautiful that can calm you. And the good news is that the more you practice it, the deeper you’ll know yourself.

All this means that the currents of life will be something that won’t be able so easily to affect your inner peace.

What Are the Effects of Meditation on Your Body? 

A body doing meditation can benefit immensely from it.

In the beginning, you will notice that when you meditate, troubles and the sense of guilt completely disappear.

One of the advantages of entering the subconscious mind through meditation lies in the fact that you cannot hold the sense of guilt and anger in yourself. 

If it, however, surfaces you will leave the state of meditation immediately.

As time passes by, these feelings will become strangers for you until one day they’ll vanish entirely. All this means that these mental processes that harm your body will be neutralized.

The purpose of our body is to be healthy.

That’s the way it’s programmed. It has its own inborn mechanism of self-healing. These mechanisms stop working when we cannot understand and command our psychics.
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How to Access Your Subconscious Mind with the Help of Meditation? 

The moment you open eyes in the morning if you wish you can go to the bath or stay in your bed.

Start by closing your eyes, look up, behind the eyelids under an angle of 20 degrees. For unknown reasons, this position of the eyes ensures you enter the subconscious mind safely.

Set your clock alarm to ring after 15 minutes in case you fall asleep.

Afterward, start slowly, with intervals of two seconds to count from 50 to 1.

If you keep your focus on the counting you will feel the experience of accessing the subconscious mind for the first time consciously.

Many people who haven’t done this before, will feel amazement. However, some of you might feel nothing for the first time.

This is explained for the reason that this experience is familiar to us as we enter it unconsciously.

When we wake up from sleeping we are for a short period in Alpha level and often we are in this state while doing our morning activities.

If you don’t happen to experience anything while practicing meditation for the first time then you were in Alpha earlier without being aware of that. Just stay relaxed, don’t let questions fill your mind and scatter freely, and continue doing the exercise without paying attention.
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How Much Time is Needed to Go in the Deeper Levels of the Subconscious Mind?

If you focus is really sharp when doing meditation you can definitely reach Alpha.

Although to master it and enter the deeper levels of your subconsciousness, you will need several weeks of meditating.

A good routine is to countdown from 50 to 1 for 10 consecutive days (mornings). The next 10 consecutive days from 25 to 1, the third cycle of 10 days from 10 to 1, and the last cycle should be from 5 seconds to 1.

How to Exit the Subconsciousness?

You now learned how to access your subconscious mind.

But now it’s time to be taught how to leave the Alpha level.

It should be used every time you wish to end meditative level of your mind.

Acquiring this new knowledge you’ll possess greater psychic power. The random chance for you to leave Alpha level will be substantially decreased.

This method is being used in Control of the mind.

What you perform here is that you tell your mind the following every single time you wish to leave. “I will slowly come out, by counting from 5 to 1 and feeling wide-awake and better from before. One – two – prepare to open eyes, three – open your eyes, four – five – I am opening eyes, wide-awake and feeling better than before.”

Where Does the Success of This Technique Lie?

The success of this technique can be accounted for the fact you grow two beneficial habits: one – for accessing the level, the other one – for leaving it. If you change them, you will be required to learn them the same way you learned the previous. This will result in unnecessary effort.

How to Gain Access Whenever You Want?

After you have learned the pattern to enter the preconscious in the morning by counting down from 5 to 1, you can practice it no matter what time of the day is – all you need to dedicate 15 minutes of your time.

However, during the day you be entering your meditative level from your Beta level, not from the easier Alpha, that’s why you will need some additional preparation.

Sit neatly on a comfortable chair. Keep your head straight and relax slowly each part of your body until you feel how the tension leaves.

Pick a spot that is 45 degrees above the eyes level. It could be somewhere on the wall.

Gaze in until your eyelids get tired and allow them to close. Count from 50 to 1. Apply the same procedure as in the morning. Perform it for successive series of 25 to 1 and 5 to 1 and each cycle lasting exactly 10 days.

After you have learned it, you are not restrained to practice meditation in the morning. Create the habit to meditate at least twice a day up to three times with each session having a duration of 15 minutes.

What Happens When You Know How to Access Your Subconscious Mind? 

Here’s the interesting part.

Reaching Alpha level is accompanied by the technique called visualization.

Visualization is like a friend of our subconsciousness, they go hand-in-hand and are excellent partners.

Visualization enables your dream reality to come alive.

The great power of your imagination cannot be measured. We would commit a crime if we’re using it in our favor.

With visualization many of a person’s problems are left in the past. Visualization enables you to transform your wishes into reality.

How to Use the Creative Power of Visualization?

When you visualize you want the whole picture to be as vivid as possible.

Imagine it as it’s happing right here, right now. Feel the emotions that correspond to the given situation. Give attention to the smallest details.

Make the images unfold the way you want.

Have in mind that before you become proficient in it, thoughts will try to interrupt your work but do not give a chance to anger to take the control of the situation. 

But treat them gently by slowly chasing them away while keeping the focus on the image you’ve created.

The key here is to practice this technique regularly and the result won’t come late.

You will be amazed by the hidden powers of our imagination. Millions all over the world practice meditation and visualization and have proved that this inexplicable power works.

Stop waiting and empower the strength hidden you. Admittance the subconscious mind and live the life you imagine.

It’s a Long But Quite Rewarding Path. 

To sum up, the benefits one gets from knowing how to access your subconscious mind & practicing meditation can be quite profound.

>When you reach the deeper levels of your subconsciousness the whole experience will be a lot more exciting.

As you practice it, you’ll soon accept it as a normal thing.

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