How to Close Your Third Eye

A person can easily be fooled by only seeing what benefits come with the conscious intent to unleash the power of the divine eye and tend to overlook or immediately dismiss any threats coming with it.

For the worst case scenario to come true, an open (and in most cases unaware to the extent of how much it spreads) gap needs to exist in the etheric body of a person with the spiritual dimension.

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From personal experience, the robbing, terrifying, negative experience occurs predominantly to  Westerners compared to people coming from the origin of this practice – the East.

That isn’t to say that one who is from the West, shouldn’t indulge in practices of the East and should be scared – it means that more studying, awareness and preparation is needed because of the differences in the way each of the cultures are brought up.

Because from an early age, the oriental philosophy plants into the inner world of the toddler a sense of deep spirituality and wisdom that life shouldn’t be taken for granted, setting in this way a foundation for a rich spiritual connection with the universe. Whereas, the culture of the advanced countries instills the complete opposite perspective – a materialistic outlook for life, of careless exploiting of Nature, and leaving little room or no room at all for looking at our spiritual selves.

As a consequence, the connection with spirit is neglected and uncultivated, making it easier for malicious entities to find holes in your etheric body and gain control over your psyche when you’re drawn into negativity which you need to protect yourself from.

The negatively charged beings only wait for an opportunity to catch unbalanced and ungrounded wandering souls. That’s why you need to banish them for good and now you’ll learn how to gain that power and bring your life to normal.

How to Close Your Third Eye?

Here are five ways through which you can achieve your goal:

1. Visualization: Ceasing the Inflow of Indigo Energy
2. Visualization: Grounding into the Energy Field of Earth
3. Allow to Be Helped by the Divine
4. Forfeit Participation In Any Spiritual Practices
5. Cut Electronics from Your Life

Stepping Words for Carrying Out a Proper Visualization Session.

The creative power of the mind is an efficient and straightforward way to quickly shut down an overactive third eye chakra relying only on you.

If you’re a person who’s brought up with the gift of “clear seeing”, it’s easier to create and move pictures in your mind.

During the day, our usual mind work runs in Beta brain frequency, hindering any attempts to access the subconscious mind. But when the brain moves into the slower and deeper Alpha or Theta state of the mind, which commonly occurs while we are asleep, the guard of the conscious mind is taken down and you’re given the opportunity to enter your subconscious field and empower your reality by planting desired images of the way you want things to be.

Note, the above knowledge isn’t limited only to today’s lesson but it’s also a powerful way to attracting what you most want in life which we’ll talk about sometimes else.

In certain periods of the day, the conscious mind can be catch with its pants down, increasing the effect of the visualization. These times in which you have a strong contact with your subconscious mind are early in the morning – the brief period of time in which you’re leaving your dream state and slowly coming back to your senses. The second opportunity to have a direct contact with your subconscious mind is the short period of time prior to falling asleep when the resistance of your conscious mind is dropped.

1. Visualization: Ceasing the Inflow of Indigo Energy.

Visualizations as we pointed out are a powerful way to learn how to shut down your third eye.

a. Remain with your eyes closed. This will keep your attention from wandering throughout the room, thus creating unneeded chatter in your mind. Having your eyes closed will enable you to concentrate much easier in the process of using your imagination.

b. Begin by attempting to picture a small object in your head. It could be an object that you’re drawn to and carries a particular meaning for you (cup, pen etc). Do this for about 5 minutes so that your forces can warm up and the whole process can become more intuitive to you.

c. After you’re done with warming your mind, you are prepared. Start by slowly unfolding the mental picture, by first trying to create an image of where you are sitting at the present moment, whether you’re in a lotus position or laying in the bed.

Then visualize a real third eye located in-between your eyes and slightly above them on your forehead that is wide open and that purple, indigo light is pouring into it from the Universe.

Afterwards, vividly visualize how it closes closing and with that you starting to feel refreshed as the last glimmers of light disappear.

Be persistent in your efforts, create this picture many times, play with it, and know that any feelings of relief or happiness that you evoke, will manifest in the real world too.

2. Visualization: Grounding into the Energy Field of Mother Earth.

The second visualization about how to close your third eye you can try to see if it suits you is directly connected with grounding. Grounding is an essential element of reclaiming yourself.

Take off your shoes and socks and sit on a chair or if you find it more comfortable, you can lay on the ground.

Picture roots starting to come out slowly of your feet or your whole body (if you’ve layed down) that go deeper and deeper into the Earth soil up to the core. As you do this, create a feeling you’re your awareness is starting to come back to your senses and how you’re more grounded into the present moment.

If you do this bare foot outdoors in nature, the feeling might come by itself.

3. Allow to Be Helped by the Divine.

The divine is always around us.

When we wish more than anything to deactivate our pineal gland and end the turmoil, our faith is put to a great test. Naturally, one would ask why we don’t receive help from the higher powers when we most need it, if our guardian angels are close to us.

The answer is the existence of our free which is thought about in the Divine Order. Your spirit guides respect your ability to make decisions by yourself that can put you in the hands of negative forces or fruitful outcomes. In fact, it’s our free will in the first place that leads us in the current situation. It’s through our free will that we go through the spectrum of all feelings and experiences in life whether they are negative and positive and that allow our soul to learn and evolve in spiritual aspect.

However, that doesn’t mean that we’re left entirely alone to cope in our earthly life. The guardian angels are ready to respond on the minute if we call them, to lift our rate of vibration and take us miraculously out of the dangerous situation we might be in.

So, instead of questioning your faith if God exists, try establishing a contact with your guardian angels to banish all the entities attached to your energy field, to close your third eye. Praying is a form of sending messages to the divine realm. If you’re pray comes truly from your heart, the faster will be the answer of your spirit guides.

4. Forfeit Participation In Any Spiritual Practices.

Due to the nature of meditation and certain yoga practices, our third eye chakra is inclined to activate unconsciously.

To close it, it’s better to withdraw for a certain period of time from doing meditation or yoga until you feel more rooted into Earth’s magnetic field.

5. Limit Your Exposure to Electronic Devices.

Our constant involvement with smartphones and computers tend to open up the channels of the Ajna chakra. We suck in all kind of information through and essentially wonder why so many people feel drained and lack energy.

To end this, know that each of these ways of disconnecting from the negative influence of malicious spirits can be done in combination with each other. For instance, praying together with conscious visualization is an excellent mean to facilitate the journey to coming back to your senses.

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