How to Control Your Subconscious Mind in 9 Fantastic Ways

Knowing how to control your subconscious mind is of key importance.

The subconscious mind handles the way we experience every moment in life. Our actions in every sphere of life are determined by what our subconsciousness decides to enter.

Although we have little knowledge available from this vague and unknown area of our brain, if we exploit it correctly we can create the reality we want.

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Because gaining the power to determine the achievement of your goals is crucial for our development.

And who doesn’t want to run his life the way he wants?

With the following 9 techniques, applying subconscious mind control will be a pleasant and beneficial activity.

How to Control Your Subconscious Mind?

1. Write.

Great power is stored within writing.

Grab an empty list, a pencil, sit down and begin writing. Put the timer with a countdown of 10 minutes. Write everything that pops up in your mind no matter how useless, strange or funny it can be.

In the beginning, it’s hard to focus but with constant practice you will find it easy to express yourself.

Everything you write is meaningful.

Try to rationalize it by digging deep in your subconscious mind. This can lead to unsuspected discoveries.

2. Meditation.

Meditation offers you the unique chance to get to know yourself better.

Apart from the healthy benefits that come with its regular practice, meditation develops your abilities – your focus becomes stronger while vulnerability towards distractions decreases.

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3. Read Specialized Literature.

The more you open yourself to new knowledge the more aware you become.

When you read about the powers of the human mind, you will feel an air of excitement for what secrets are hidden in it.

Great authors you can start with, in this category, are John Kehoe, Joseph Murphy and etc.

4. Encourage Yourself.

People criticize themselves whenever they fail or make a simple mistake.

This disastrous tendency affects our self-confidence and well-being. It is like slapping yourself every time you go wrong. You are stumbling your progress.

Develop trust in your abilities by talking positively even if you accidently step awry. This will lead to improvement – a stronger will and objectives will seem much easier to accomplish.

You might want to check out the Thought Elevators system. Thought Elevators shows you the secret key to success with a technique called “Brain Elevation”, backed up by neuroscience research from the Stanford University. Through a series of videos and audios, Thought Elevators uplifts your mind and thoughts to effortlessly attract your goals in life.

5. Visualization.

Our magnificent imagination has provided us with a powerful tool for success. Visualization is the process of living our sacred moment of glory. This moment can be the desired preferment, the dreamed home or a successful business.

Have you heard of Nevile Goddard? He is a person who knew the power of imagination. According to him, we have a powerful gift that if we use wise we can basically achieve everything in life.

From his experience, the best time to visualize your dream goal is the moment you are falling asleep in your bed. The whole process is about 10-15 minutes and lasts right before you enter the state of dreaming.

Below you can watch a video and get a detailed picture of what Nevile Goddard is trying to tell us about the power of imagination.

6. Record Your Dreams.

Every dream carries a message about your life. Our subconscious mind sends us encrypted messages involving a certain aspect of our life.

Often after we have dreamed we are left with blurry images and a sense of what happened in our dreams.

With the following method, you will be able to remember every second of your dream as it is happening now.

Next time you go to bed put a paper and a pencil on the commode next to you.

This will prepare your subconscious for your intentions are serious and that you wish to extract information. Instructing your brain for your intentions to dream and remember your dreams is essential.

You can approach the subconscious by telling repeatedly “Tonight I will dream and I will remember my dream clearly.” Use whatever affirmation you want to program your mind for the following night on condition it’s instructing the subconscious.

Dedicate 5 minutes for this method.

After you wake up, a clear image will stay in your head showing how lucid was your dream. Write it down and try to figure out the message behind it.

7. Listen to Your Intuition.

The intuition or also called sixth-sense is the voice of our subconsciousness.

The more advanced your intuition is the stronger your premonition will be.

It is a well-known fact women’s intuition is stronger than man.

Listening to what your subconscious is whispering can be a good check you are on the right path. The voice you hear is impeccable and can help you in every situation.

Train your intuition, improve it and listen to the advices. You will be in a complete charge of your subconscious mind.

8. Affirmations.

Thoughts play a big role in our anticipation for the world. They create our future reality and it is our own responsibility to choose the appropriate thoughts that will serve us well in shaping the realm we want.

Affirmations are subjective thoughts – thoughts that contain emotion and are used often. They can enter our subconscious mind and affect consciously our patterns.

For example, you have an upcoming exam, date or anything that can make you nervous, now you are given the ultimate chance to develop the situation in your favor. Start by repeating on a daily basis: “I am a calm person.”

Put your emotions into it and be persistent. Every time you practice affirmation the energy accumulated will grow stronger.

9. Activate the Guard at the Control Tower for Trespassers.

Knowing how to control your subconscious mind, you’ll realize thoughts can be a powerful force if used cleverly. This technique about controlling the subconscious mind is expressed in forbidding the negative thoughts to wander freely.

One negative thought will lead to another and another until you realize you have stuffed with negative emotions.

What you can do is counter those negative thoughts. Whenever a “bad” thought appears try to evade it or fight it.

Fighting “bad” thoughts can be fun. This way of handling them means to counter attack them with positive ones. Besides removing the negative effect you till a healthy culture that will pay out in the future.

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