7 Empath Protection Tools To Help Avoid Being Overrun By The Emotions Of Others

Wondering how to protect yourself as an empath? You will be revealed the answer.

Empaths get bombarded with emotions. It is extremely challenging for an empath to be in a group of people and for that reason naturally prefer the company of few but close people around them.

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However, that’s not what you want. You need to meet other people in order to flourish your mind & life.

Because of your spiritual gift to pick others emotions and your empathy to naturally reach out to them, you will attract needy, negative & whiny people, in other words, energy vampires, besides the genuine, touching & caring people around us.

That’s why you need to shield your energies.

But what is an energy vampire and how to differentiate energy vampires from real and genuine people?

An energy vampire is somebody that is constantly coming to you with a problem, you give them a solution. Sometimes they fix it but sometimes they don’t and will cling to you until you are depleted of energy.

At the beginning of my journey, where I just realized that I’m empathic, I found The Empath’s Survival Guide by Judith Orloff. I felt I needed protection because of all the overwhelming emotions and the impact they had on me. It was in a time of real struggle where I felt I needed help from the outside and that’s totally normal thing to feel. The book – The Empath’s Survival Guide helped me immensely to deal with being an empath.

When you want to rise in your spiritual journey and you are surrounded by people who carry negative emotions, you will always feel you are not experiencing enlightenment, you are not getting there.

The hardest period in life for an empath is puberty. When an empath hits puberty, the ability to pick up the emotions of everybody else sharpens.

It literally becomes unbearable for most empaths to function in the everyday life.

How To Protect Yourself As An Empath?

Here are 7 tools & techniques to ground yourself as an empath and maintain a healthy level of energy throughout the entire day. This can help you even if you are only a Highly Sensitive person.

1. Create An Imaginary Bubble Of Light Around You.

This method emphasizes on the Crown Chakra and the Ajna Chakra.

Imagine a gold funnel (you can make it up to your taste) on top of your head. With the help of your Crown Chakra, you are slowly starting to pull the small white particles of cosmic energy around you inside your body.

The white light feels warm, sympathetic, and appreciative as it travels through your body. Once it goes outside of you, allow it unfold in a bubble that encircles you from head to toe.

If the white light is not to your taste, you can play around with other things and find what resonates with you the most.

If you are an earthy person, you might like to be surrounded by a water bubble, or it can be tree leaves, or tree roots coming up and surrounding you. And if your sign is fire, you can surround yourself with fire if you feel comfortable.

And what it does is it acts as a buffer between your energy and the energy of others.

Happy people can enter into your bubble while negative people cannot penetrate it. When an energy vampire realizes that it cannot enter your Bubble Of Light, it won’t even have the courage to look you in the eyes. They are just going to put their eyes down and walk away.

Sometimes, the biggest energy vampires are located within your family.

By simply giving people distance is going to really help you but if you have to hang out with them especially around the holidays create the mental Bubble Of Light image around you.

With time, when you spend more and time working with that protective bubble you will be able to actually increase the density of the bubble.

The Bubble Of Light is one of the basic but nonetheless highly effective empath protection tools.

2. Make Use Of The Volume Knob.

There is an internal volume knob inside all of us and for an empath you can adjust the extent these emotions can affect you.

When you are overloaded with sensory perceptions, you want to mindfully turn that volume down.

You can turn it down to a level where you feel you grounded and emotions cannot shut you down to the outer world.

And whenever you feel the need to reach out to a genuine person, you can mentally increase the volume back to be able to pick up what you need to understand from this person.

We all have this internal volume knob that we can use.

No matter what area of specialization you have, when your everyday job involves being around others, you interact with them, with their state of mind, level of consciousness, problems & energy. And when your job starts to take a toll on you, you can use the knob to reduce the bad vibes you get exposed to.

On the contrary, when you are around souls that uplift your mood and consciousness, turn up the volume knob. Allow yourself to receive that positive energy.

And the more you work with this knob, the easier it becomes.

3. Surround Yourself With Black Stones.

The third thing that you can do for empathic protection is to put a black rock in your pocket or a necklace.

Black rocks help you ground yourself down because they are heavy, dense and have their own energetic vibration and signature. That way you’re not over empathizing with everybody and feel drained all the time.

Black stones such as Black Tourmaline, Black Onyx, Black Obsidian are especially good for psychic protection.

If you need more psychic protection, stones like Fluorite & Amethyst create a shield in that boundary between your mind and the person you are around.

4. Sustain A Healthy Mind, Body & Spirit.

When your mind is populated with negative thoughts you need to work to bring your positive outlook on life back.

You want to prevent yourself from being stuck in a low vibrational level as it weakens your aura and you are more prone to absorb negativity much easier because of the existent gaps in your aura.

So if you are creating an aura of happiness, love & pure energy you are going to strengthen your aura.

Another way to reinforce your aura is to detoxify your body with lemons, purify accumulation of toxins in your pineal gland, replacing processed food with organically grown one, practice mindful eating, walking as much as you need every day.

5. Absorb The Groundedness Of Herbs.

Certain herbs count as ideal empathic protection tools.

Particularly, Rhodiola and Holy Basil are powerful herbs that help connect you to Earth and make you feel protected and confident.

You take a dropper full of either Rhodiola or Holy Basil in a small glass of water

The herbs are really beneficial in coping with states of feeling powerless and groggy.

6. Take Salt Baths Whenever You Feel Like it.

Salt baths act are an excellent way to replenish your energy centers.

The best time to take a salt bath is right before bed. This is going to help you recharge your batteries during the night and wake up fresh in the morning.

Usually if you skip doing a salt bath before you go to bed and at the time your energy is disturbed, you will not have a good night sleep and as a result, you will wake up feeling sleepy and drained instead of fresh and energized.

A good variant would be if you do not have a bathtub in your home or you do not like the idea of preparing a bathtub for this reason is to use a basin in which you can only soak your feet. The effect will be the same.

And if the ocean is near you, you can go for a walk barefoot and let the waves caress your feet.

7. Purify Your Aura With Sage.

Sage is second to none when it comes to empathic protection.

Sage purifies the space, purifies the aura, purifies the mind, body, and spirit.

When you are about to leave your home or when you invite friends over, smudge yourself with sage to clean your energy of any bad vibes.

It is also good to smudge yourself once again with sage when you come home as to get rid of any unwanted vibration that could affect your emotional state.

Smudge yourself from head to toe for a maximum effect.

Anyway, if you are looking for more and deeper insights on how to protect yourself as an empath, I highly recommend the book The Empath’s Survival Guide by Judith Orloff. The book will enlighten you on what your journey as an empath will be, why you have such heightened perceptions and also discover that Einstein, as well as other notable people, were empaths too.

Tell us in what way this information helped you or what you find not in right place and needs to be changed?