How to Raise Your Vibration in Some Intuitive Steps

How to increase your vibration.
When we’re stuck in cycle of suffering, it’s sure that we’re actually stuck in a low vibration. On the other hand, low vibration contributes to staying in a state of suffering.

But what measures can you take to increase your vibration and escape? Here are some suggestions.

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Raising Your Vibration

Get back to nature, plant your feet in the ground, feel mother earth – that’s a good way to increase your vibration.

Many of us, we’re living inside a box. Whether it’s a room or an office, the energy within these spaces is stagnant because the chi isn’t circulating.

How to raise your vibrational levelHowever, once you’re in nature you have that fresh chi.

And that’s why so many people they do yoga which is another way to incrase your vibration. Because the moment your body is constantly moving you’re increasing your oxygen count within your body.

All of the poses and positions in yoga are nothing more than reflections of what’s going on in the cosmos.

We have to become flexible, we have to become lighter and all of these whether it’s yoga, whether it’s running, everything you do that is moving the body is raising your vibration automatically because you’re improving the circulation within the body.

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Nature – The Secret Gem.

How to Raise Your Vibration?How to raise your vibration levels? Simply – nature has all the answers.

Once you’re in nature, you don’t have to have books around you, you don’t have to be the smartest person in the world. Because nature is infinite wisdom. And once you align yourself with nature you take on her wisdom, you take her purity.

Raising your vibrational frequency is also a state of mind which is the most important thing.

You have to ask yourself: What matters the most? Is it working and doing what everyone else been doing or is it creating my own world or is it exploring? Because life is a daring adventure and for those that can dream beautiful things happen when your dreams manifest.

Foods That Raise Your Vibration.

A question to determine whether the food you eat is going to raise your vibration is: How close to nature is what I am eating?

The closer to nature the food you pick for your body the better. If you pick refined, with additivies, preservatives and all sorts of unnatural and chemistry components in one product the higher the chances you will stay stuck in a lower vibration.

But if you pick natural, organic foods like: almonds, bananas, coconut, milk (not from the supermarket or Greek yogurt (wtf?!)), peaches, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots and etc and etc. All these contain natural antioxidants that nourish your body.

Songs That Raise Your Vibration.

Which songs raise your vibration? The one that you feel like listening to. Simple as that.

Can there be songs that put down your vibration? Of course, yes.

But are there specific type of songs that actually heighten your frequency?

For myself, I’ve found that classical music tends to put me into a state of relaxation where the mind quietly talks and creativity sparkles from everywhere.

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Are You Hindering Your Vibration?

So many of us we feel naked if we’re not doing something, we feel we’re not being productive.

However, that’s what gotten us into this big mess on planet Earth because people are doing things, but they’re not doing what their soul is calling them to do.

When you step into being, you active your power, you become more creative because you’re actually able to listen to your body, soul. You’re tapping in the present moment and this helps tremendously gaining the power over your life.

how to raise your frequency vibrationYou don’t have to focus on the doom and gloom on the planet. Because many of us, we’ve become addicted to chaos, however once you let go of that heavy energy you become lighter.

And you have to ask yourself: Are you focusing on what you want or are you focusing on what you fear?

To speed up your vibration we have to make use of our mental faculties – the power of imagination, the power of visualization.

We shouldn’t take our imagination for granted. There is a special use of it and it’s up to you to see its hidden potential.

Visualizing yourself doing what you love most, being in your full authenticity, visualizing the mission you inherently have on this planet you’re bound to raise your frequency vibration.

Make use of this magnificent tool – your imagination and soon you will able to feel how change arises in your life.

You will flourish and grow once you find what your mission is. Don’t be fooled by the masses doing what they seemingly enjoy but deep down knowing life is more than wearing masks and faking your reality. Be conscious and live the life you’ve always dreamed of.
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