How to Read the Akashic Records and Heal Your Soul?

Today, we’ll be talking about how to read the Akashic Records.

We can find the Akashic Records in all sacred scriptures. The Book of Life is the name of the Akashic Records in the Bible.

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But what do the Akashic Records represent actually?

The Akashic Records are an ethereal library that exists in 5th-dimension space time. This ethereal library holds all knowledge from the earth plane.

The Book of Life records the imprints of your actions and thoughts in this lifetime. And the guardians of Akasha keep track of that progression of our soul from the time of this inception to the present.

The thing is, not only humans have Akashic Records, but animals, crystals and locations on Earth too. Everything that carries a form of consciousness has Akashic Records.

Akasha is a Sanskrit word for space, for the all-pervading. The finest form of the manifested matter. In a more conversational sense, Akasha is the finest form of physical matter – the ether.

The Akashic Records represent the memory of nature, printed in the matter itself. They don’t have a specific location, but they are everywhere.

The Akashic Records hold the past, the present and all possible future outcomes.

So, the Akashic Records bring us to the present moment in order to examine the past, to look at the conditions that we have created in the present and then make the right choices so we can move into the future.

The Akashic Records provide us with an opportunity to tune in to find profound wisdom, guidance, and clarity. It helps us to navigate in the sea of life.

How to Read the Akashic Records?

Accessing them first is a vital requisite to learn to read the Akashic Chronics. Unless you’re tapped into the Akasha Chronics, you cannot extract information from them.

Once we connect with the Akashic Records, we can establish a close connection between the guardians of Akasha and yourself.

And once we’re connected to this source of energy, we have the chance to dialogue with the guardians and address the questions that bother us.

The art of questioning is really one of the essential skills out there if one goes on a journey of self-discovery.

Up to this point, our own condition, any pattern of addiction or codependency, emotional, mental, physical or spiritual suffering can be traced by the Akashic Records.

The Chronics of Akasha allow us through the art of questioning to go back to the root cause and see the imprint of all our misfortune.

And instead of choosing to wrap up in our ego, while slowly dying, we have an opportunity to heal and correct ourselves from any deviation.

Family environment, imprints from a past life can all be the cause, in many cases, of our misfortune in this current lifetime.

The Akashic Records, with the art of questioning, provides an opportunity to go back and become aware of it and then clear it.

The burden of our souls is taken down once we clear it. We feel lighter, with a freer consciousness and unimpeded psyche. It’s like a weight that has been tied to us and we’re now letting go of it.

How to Treat the Akashic Records?

Know that there is no judgment up in the Akashic Records.

Reading the Akashic Records is more than just receiving your own personal intuition.

This is going fully in-depth into the creation of the soul, into that beautiful sacred sanctuary of yours and you must treat this with the most up care and love and respect and honor.

You have to be worthy, to use what you see there for the greater good of mankind. You shouldn’t do it for personal gain, or driven by unhealthy curiosity and desire for cheap sensations and popularity.

Because if you’re going to be doing an Akashic Records reading, your soul if you’re ready to come to you is going to start to open up and reveal.

And that can be very vulnerable for some people because a lot of the times particularly in this lifetime we’re cleansing a lot of old wounds from past lives.

This is why we attract certain life experiences, why we have these certain karmic patterns or things that are reoccurring in our life that we’re having a hard time overcoming.

Essentially, when you’re learning to read from the Akashic Records, you’re becoming a medium of cosmic energy. And that can be really draining because you let universal knowledge flow through you.

What More to Know About Reading the Akasha Chronics?

Everyone person on Earth can read their Akashic Records. There is no exclusion to that rule.

For some, this happens naturally and intuitively whenever they need an answer of their current state. Through different means, for those that this doesn’t come naturally, can develop it. 

For instance, psychometry isn’t such an extraordinary ability. Many possess it and it’s one of the easiest that one can, if desired, quite consciously master it.

This is, in fact, a kind of Akasha reading. The touching of an object gives information about everything that has happened around this subject. This is because every action radiates energy that leaves its mark on everything around.

The Akashic Records provide the answer from the highest level of wisdom that we’re ready to receive and integrate.

That means that at any given moment, you’re going to get a slightly different answer every time.

The Records always answer with the highest level of knowledge a person is ready to receive and integrate at that certain point in time. They are divinely designed to not give us more than we’re ready to attain.

Some of you might ask when it is appropriate to learn the Akashic Records? The answer to that is anytime, just that you’re truly seeking a higher perspective.

And although freely reading is a distant dream for us, we can partially touch it through our intuition. We can, of course, resort to clairvoyance, but it doesn’t get information from Akasha, but from certain levels of the astral world, where information is highly distorted and incomplete.

Tell us in what way this information helped you or what do you find not in right place and needs to be changed?

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