11 Interesting Facts About the Subconscious Mind

Interesting Facts About the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious mind stores information that the conscious mind may not immediately process with full understanding.

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Today, we will bring you 11 little-known details about our subconscious mind.

11 Interesting Facts About the Subconscious Mind.

1. The subconscious mind records everything.

No matter if you’re awake or asleep, the tape is running.

In the fascinating book about mind control, The Silva Method, there is a chapter about a mind-blowing story of how receptive our subconsciousness can be.

While in pregnancy, a woman built excellent amity with her gynecologist.

Their relationship enjoyed trust and friendship. And when the time to give birth came, the woman was under anesthetic.

Later on, when the gynecologist visited her in the hospital room, for his surprise the woman was strangely reserved and even hostile towards him. The woman was surprised by her behaviour towards him.

Puzzled about what could be the reason for this unsuspected change in her attitude, they turned to hypnosis.

Under hypnosis, the woman went back to the events, experienced while giving birth. She didn’t have to go back too much to find the reason.

In a state of deep trance, the woman reproduced everything that the doctor and nurses in the room said. The answer was revealed.

While she was in deep unconsciousness, the doctors were cold and insensitive, even expressing irritation of the slow birth. The woman in labor was a subject, not a human, and her feelings weren’t taken into account.

This shows that even asleep or under the effect of anesthetic, we take everything from our surroundings.

2. The subconscious mind is always alert and awake.

When you fall asleep in front of the TV, your subconscious hears every single thing that is being said.

3. The subconscious controls 95 percent of our lives.

4. The subconscious mind is built on habituation.

5. The preconscious mind lives in the present.

There is only NOW.

6. It takes everything literally.

7. The subconsciousness is one million times powerful computer than the conscious mind.

8. It speaks to you in dreams.

9. The subconscious mind has no verbal language.

10. The preconscious mind is not logical; it’s the feeling mind.

It’s the source of love and fear, etc. When you say, “I feel… ” the source of the feeling is the subconscious mind.

11. It can do trillion things at once.

These were our 11 interesting facts about the subconscious mind.

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