What is intuitive guidance… and how to connect with it?

what is intuitive guidance

Intuitive guidance is what I like to call inner wisdom.

Our intuition guides us on different levels. There are many ways to connect with intuition and tap into it for personal growth.

Let’s jump in.

How can intuitive guidance help?

It helps us guide our lives with:

  • Direction and decision making.
  • Information about what’s going on emotionally, physically, and spiritually.
  • What your soul craves and what your true desires are.
  • How to take care of yourself at any given time.
  • What to focus on, and what needs to go.

It’s all about tuning into what we see around us, and what we feel.

And don’t be afraid. It’s not about tipping your life upside down and starting again… rather it’s about refining things so life works better for you.

How intuitive guidance shows up in our lives

It can be a knowing that comes from within that doesn’t have words but it feels right or makes sense.

It’s about what will help us grow and what will not.

Sometimes we ignore our intuition completely.

We push it down or over-rule it with distractions and destructive behaviour. These things avoid the discomfort of facing what we need to change.

What may seem like what we want in the moment (or what society has taught us is what makes us happy) may actually be detrimental…

Here I’m talking about things like an unbalanced striving for pleasure, success, money etc…

Or over-indulgence and instant gratification.

These things can push us off track from what will truly make us happier and healthier in the long run.

For example if you are feeling stuck in your career, relationship, or life direction.

Imagine for a second that your intuition guides you towards ideas of travel, connecting with friends or a new business idea.

You may however dissuade yourself for some reason or another. Maybe it’s out of fear, doubt, or because of past failures.

What happens here?

We ignore what we need the most, even when it comes from within ourselves. We choose to ignore what our own souls are telling us.

How to trust your intuition for guidance and healing

The answer lies within. It’s about learning to connect with your intuition. A good first step is taking time for self-reflection.

And to be clear, this can require patience, practice, and intentionality.

For some of us, we have ignored it throughout our lives. So give yourself permission to take time for yourself and deeply connect with your intuition.

How to connect with your intuition: 5 excellent methods

1. Writing

One excellent way to connect with your intuition is through writing. Writing helps to explore what’s going on in life.

When you start writing, you’ll probably reveal things that you weren’t aware of. It’s about following thought trains and seeing where your mind takes you.

One of the most powerful ways to do this is to write a journal. In it, you can write about whats going on… now… the past year… the past 5 or 10 years.

Write about:

  • What happened.
  • How you felt.
  • How you reacted.
  • Any lessons that can be learned for next time.
  • Beautiful moments.
  • Any goals, joys, or frustrations…

Don’t underestimate the power of writing a journal. It can be enormously cathartic, and revealing about what your intuition is telling you.

Even writing a simple record of what you did today is powerful ritual… especially when you look back in the future.

Alternatively, you might like to try writing a story, creative writing, music, or poetry.

2. Meditation or mindfulness practices

Meditation and mindfulness practices are great ways to connect with your intuition.

In meditation, we learn to focus our attention on the present moment or be an observer of our thoughts. This is be helpful in learning to listen to your intuition without judgement.

Similarly with other mindfulness practices, we observe what’s going on internally and externally. For example, you might learn to acknowledge when you’re reacting out of a certain emotion… fear, anger, jealousy…

Or you might go down the Eckhart Tolle path and tune into all the colors and beauty around you and let that nourish you.

These practices are powerful in allowing yourself space to listen to your intuition.

3. Exercise

When we exercise, our body releases endorphins. These are hormones that have pain-relieving and euphoric qualities.

When you do aerobic exercise, it can make you feel like a brand new person. In fact, scientists found that aerobic exercise actually leads to new neuron-generation in the brain.

But the most powerful thing about exercise is that it works as a mental reset.

Have you ever been mid-workout and had a flash of brilliance? That’s intuition working right there.

So, go for a run, a walk, or a zumba class to clear out the mental clutter and make space for intuition to be heard.

4. Get out into nature

Nature can be a powerful place to connect with our intuition. When we’re in nature, we’re surrounded by the elements and can step away from day to day life.

Simply tuning into the sounds of nature can be extremely soothing.

So get out of the house. Visit your local beach, river or forest… or book in a weekend camping trip.

5. Yoga

Yoga can be a full blown mind-body panacea.

First, you focus on the present moment. It’s an opportunity to let go of whatever is going on in the world.

We pay attention to what our bodies are telling us… and release tension in individual muscles.

We also pay attention to the thoughts that come up and how they make us feel. For example, what happens when you notice yourself judging what someone in class is doing or criticising yourself? You recognise that judgement for what it is, and move forward.

In this way, yoga can be a powerful holistic practice to connect with our inner world… It empowers us to use intuition for positive growth.

Final word on intuitive guidance

These are just a few methods to tap into your intuition. Cultivate it, and it will grow stronger and speak to you more.

Set aside time to nourish your self (even if it’s 5 minutes).

Trust yourself, and if something doesn’t feel right, ask yourself why.

Just like a seed that becomes a beautiful tree, intuition must be nourished and tended to. If you nourish it, the rewards are exponential.

Follow your intuition and be well.

With love, George.