Do You Exhibit Any Of The Psychic Abilities From This List?

For those curious about the paranormal we have compiled a brief list of psychic abilities.

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For time immemorial, we are fed the belief that humans are born with no more than 5 senses, all physical, and there is nothing else besides that.

But the more spiritually aware individuals know that we have psychic powers which stretch beyond the material world. The spiritual world is hustling & bustling all around us constantly, just outside the limits of our perception.

For an example of how to conceive this, imagine you are in a math classroom. The teacher is using a document camera to project the assignment on to a wall-screen. Then the teacher overlays on top of the assignment a transparent paper which shows the correct answers and all the steps to solve the equations.

In this example the physical world is the assignment and the spiritual world is the transparent overlay. The difference is that in reality the spiritual overlay is always present and it is our choice, based on how we attune ourselves, to perceive it or not.

Psychic abilities are the apparatus that connect us to the spiritual world and relay information from the source of creation.

To better understand the idea, imagine a person who possesses active psychic gifts, whether realizing so or not: when entering a new relationship, they will intuitively sense/know if the relationship represents a true twin flame love. But for the person with no psychic inclinations, the new relationship will not give any hint of whether it will differ from the previous ones.

Babies have a stellar connection to the spirit realm when born but slowly subsides by the time they reach adulthood. A parent’s mission is to be caring and loving in the child’s upbringing, supporting any intuitive inclinations.

Here is a list of psychic abilities, also known as clairs that we will look in-depth into today:

  • Clairvoyance;
  • Aura reading;
  • Clairaudience;
  • Clairsentience;
  • Psychometry;
  • Clairgustience;
  • Claircognizance;
  • Channeling;

1. Clairvoyance.

Long known only in East cultures but now more popular than ever in the West is the subject of the third eye. The 3rd eye is a direct psychic expression of our psychic senses, and most notable of our clairvoyant abilities.

If you wish to research and delve into the subject, you should definitely make yourself aware of the possible threats that come with deliberately opening it and proceed with caution, as people in the West are generally not set-up to have a pleasant experience, in contrast with the East’s culture which traditionally emphasizes sufficient level of disciplined preparation for such a powerful occult practice.

Now, to understand the meaning of clairvoyance and what the ability actually entails we have to look at the word itself.  The word clairvoyance derives from French; “clair” meaning clear and “voyonse” meaning sight, thus clairvoyant means the ability to see clearly.

What this means is the one who is a clairvoyant is able to see things that are not visible to the physical eyes. A clairvoyant is able to perceive for example the spirits of deceased ones, orbs of light, fairies, angels and all kind of beings located within the dimensions of the spiritual realm.

An active clairvoyant ability presents the opportunity to experience the day to day life with not only much deeper insight but also with more color. As a result of it being developed, one’s lenses expand and are able to take in more light from the color spectrum.

Not only that but the greyness of the everyday life is something that evades the clairvoyant.

1.1. Aura Reading.

Although we will not list all sub-types of clairvoyance here, one of the abilities that should definitely be mentioned is aura reading.

Aura reading is an extension of clairvoyance and as such it is widely related to it. Imagine it like this – walking around in nature, you look towards the sky and your eyes turn to see the beautiful scenery of the tree canopy. Then you notice a faint, colorful glow appearing around the edges of the trees.

If you are on a spiritual path and you want to train your clairvoyant abilities, this is a good place to start. Spend a little time every day relaxing outside meditating in nature and become familiar with the local trees. At some point their auras will become clear to you!

Your psychic ability is not limited only to the tree’s auras but can extend to every living, conscious being.

2. Clairaudience.

Second in our list of psychic abilities is clairaudience.

Clairaudience is the psychic gift of grasping sounds on a multidimensional level. Through it, you expand the spectrum of perceivable sounds beyond the physical senses.

The information drawn with clairaudience can range from short words that last a few seconds like the answers “yes” or “no” to longer and more detailed, up to a couple of minutes. If your clairvoyant ability is developed, you can even hold whole conversations with your spirit guides, angels, or beings of all sort to receive the exact information you need.

What is worth noting about clairaudience is the fact that you can hear the sounds from other dimensions with your ears, or within your mind with the help of the third eye similar to clairvoyance.

Also, songs are a common way through which spirit guides make contact and convey messages vital for the spiritual growth of a person. This can be a common experience for someone that tunes in the Source Energy and frequently experiences synchronicity.

If you get the impression that you hear a certain song many times in a short period of time, say 1 or 2 weeks, or just feel that this song carries a message essential for your growth, study carefully the words behind it and try to find what part of you resonates with it and can aid you in learning your next karmic lesson.

3. Clairsentience.

Third place in our list of psychic abilities takes clairsentience, the most experienced clair amongst all humans.

Clairsentience is the intuitive ability to sense energy fluctuations that you encounter in your day to day life, similar to an empath but to a lower degree.

A clairsentient is someone who is able to feel on an energetic level the difference between their energetic body, the energy of the location they are at, and the energy of the people they encounter. For some clairsentients, energy depictures as a vast palette of colors same as the colors of a rainbow after a short refreshing morning rain.

If you wish to understand energy, think about the energy of a person, place, or possession as emitting a different & unique vibration. No person, place, or object is alike. As an example of what does energy feel like, imagine entering someone’s home and the moment you cross the doorstep, you get influx of calmness, a sense of safety and relaxation.

Vice versa, suppose you go to a place where a lot of people gather, like a theater or a stadium. Initially, you are in a cheerful mood and you feel happy to be there. But a while later there is a rapid change in your mood from feeling cheerful to feeling irritability. Then again, after a short period of time your mood changes quickly to feeling sad and after a couple of minutes it reverts back to your initial state of feeling cheerful and joyful as when you first went there.

What is actually happening in this case is you letting yourself be affected by the energy frequency of the crowd of people gathered at same place as you in that given moment.

It is typical for your energy field to get mixed with others energies if you have low auric defenses.

When you have a high level of self-awareness and you are grounded by Earth’s field, you are able to catch that short pivotal moment between input and reaction where it is possible to discern if the energy attempting to influence you belongs to you or is alien.

In your lifetime, you have probably experienced an event where you just met someone new and was puzzled by the strange feeling that you are somehow already close with this person. A feeling like you know them from somewhere, from a past life. This is because you immediately recognize their intrinsic energy signature; the energy of their soul which hardly changes throughout incarnations.

A good takeaway from this psychic ability is the fact that clearing your energy field is a must for your well-being.

3.1. Psychometry.

Psychometry is a psychic gift in a subcategory of clairsentience.

Psychometry is the extrasensory ability to read the energy emitted within an object by exerting a physical touch with the object.

This is a commonly seen ability in the arsenal of every psychic medium out there, whom usually request you bring them an object of a deceased person so they can tell you what message does the spirit want to convey to you from the afterlife.

4. Clairgustance.

Clairgustance, also known by the name “psychic tasting”, is the intuitive skill of having a very strong & intense taste in your mouth that gives you the ability to know things outside yourself.

In the East cultures, clairgustance, along with clairalience (clear air), are preferred by surgeons specialized in performing intuitive healing, in contrast with the West where these gifts are not so commonly found.

5. Claircognizence.

Last but not least in our list of psychic abilities is the clair claircognizence.

Claircognizence is the psychic gift of receiving a clear, strong knowing. Claircognizence can best be described as having a conversation with someone and starting to receive information before them.

Quite often a claircognizant will know the answer someone will give before it even shows up in that person’s head. Claircognizence usually gives a person an immediate knowing if the person they are talking with is honest or is inauthentic.

5.1. Channeling.

Channeling is the extrasensory ability of becoming a stream of information from the spiritual realm down to the physical. Sources which can be connected to vary from the spirit of a deceased person, your spirit guides, your guardian angels, and all type of other beings inhabiting the spiritual dimension. (Not all of them are benevolent, so be careful!)

For someone who wishes to indulge into the ancient and divine practice of channeling, it is vital to clear your energy field from the clammor of vibrations accumulated in your day to day life before the session.

Another recommended practice is to strengthen your other psychic abilities as this can further ease the process and make channeling more appealing. For instance, developing your clairsentience skill will enable you to pick up the origin of the energies coming up to you, and clairvoyance will bless you with the sacred gift of seeing the spiritual beings talking to you.

Final Note: This List of Psychic Abilities Does Not Plead for Completeness but It Is a Good Introduction to Understanding  the Psychic World.

In essence, do not dismiss the psychic side of humans. Give psychic abilities the chance to spring and make your life filled with meaning for you and those that come into contact with you.

Share in the comments below what types of intuitive abilities do you exhibit and how they affect your lifestyle.

Tell us in what way this information helped you or what you find not in right place and needs to be changed?