Free 7 Minute Inner Peace Guided Meditation Track

This special 7 minute guided meditation will help you quickly release tension and balance your energies.

  • Safely nurture your third eye.
  • Cultivate greater intuition.
  • Restore balance.
  • Release stress and relax deeply.

This meditation only takes 7 minutes, so it's easy to fit into your day!

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From The Author

Hi, I'm Greg Thurston. Creator of this Seven Minute Mindfulness meditation track.

I started exploring meditation and mindfulness practices initially to deal with a physical injury that was taking over my life.

Over 15 years I experienced transformation after transformation - not only regarding my physical pain, but with my stress levels, sleep quality, brain performance, spirituality, and my overall well being and enjoyment of life.

This guided mindfulness meditation was designed by me and developed by the professionals I work with.

It's purpose is to help you quickly release the tension from your muscles and the thoughts from your mind. To help you let go of the external world and connect to your inner peace. Enjoy!

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