Top 5 Mediums on TV Shows About the Paranormal

This article will feature some of the successful mediums on TV shows out there.

Life in the shoes of a medium can be extremely tiresome, having to constantly deal with spirits of ones who crossed over. Mediums are usually drawn to use their precious gifts in service of both humanity and the spirits, hoping they can help spirits successfully convey messages to their close loved ones.

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An important distinction to note is the significant difference between a psychic and a medium.

The first one uses clairvoyance to see future events unfold ahead of time. This can be accomplished by contact with higher dimensional beings, though more often than not, psychic precognitive ability comes from tapping into a person’s Library of the Akashic Records in order to tell them major events predestined in their life.

A medium, on the other hand, possesses the extraordinary ability to communicate with people whom have died in order to pass direct messages back into this world. Without mediums spirits are only able to communicate with people in very subtle and indirect ways which humans often doubt or overlook entirely as mere coincidence. In this way mediums act as a direct bridge for information from the spirit realm to the human realm.

Top 5 Mediums on TV Shows About the Paranormal

Theresa Caputo – “Long Island Medium”

Theresa Caputo falls squarely in the second category of gifted people. Born in 1966, her Brow chakra (third eye) unlocked at a very early age and she began to encounter spirits and viscerally feel their presence.

Growing up in an environment of peers who stigmatized paranormal realities, Theresa instinctively suppressed her mediumship abilities. Not until her late 20’s when her anxiety finally boiled over to a degree she couldn’t stand anymore, did she decide to attend spiritual awareness classes, thus becoming aware of the fact that she is gifted and embracing it.

Once she identified it, her development as an empath who is able to sense the souls of the ones who have crossed over developed rapidly. Her gift focuses on obtaining information about the circumstances surrounding how the person passed from this world into the afterlife and what the message they want to convey to those still alive.

As a medium, Theresa became experientially convinced that every person has an eternal, internal connection with their loved ones. She proclaims that people need only to be aware of the signs and symbols that surround them, assuring people that they are not lunatics for feeling that their deceased loved ones are still present with them. Theresa teaches that the physical side of life is only half of the grand scheme of things, and that their dear ones still hold onto them and support them.

She appears as a medium on a TV show in the TLC series “Long Island Medium” where she helps people to connect with someone they miss whom has crossed over. Amongst the famous personalities who have been part of the “Long Island Medium” are Billy Gardell, Rosie O’Donnell and Jim O’Heir. To this day, the show has made 10 seasons and more than 130 episodes.

Allison DuBois – “Medium”

Sometimes a person is not only a psychic or only a medium but both.

This is the case with Allison DuBois, who at the age of six had the figure of her dead great grandfather visit her, smilling, telling her to calm her mother and assure her that he is still with her; that it is unnecessary to suffer from his loss anymore.

In her teenage years, Allison experienced an interesting event where she received help from the spirit world. A clairaudient voice instructed her to change the place of her bed. She obeyed the order and does exactly what she is told, moving her bed from the south wall to the east wall. Only after a couple of hours after that a truck comes barreling through her bedroom wall, demolishing the same spot where her bed previously was before being instructed to move it!

Allison is a mother of three gorgeous children with an open and warm heart. Sophia and Aurora who display medium abilities and Fallon who can look at objects the way no one has before.

She is part of the TV show “Medium”, where she helps detectives unravel criminal cases by being able to tap into the criminals heads to hear their thoughts, as well as look through their eyes, providing invaluable information to the police officers.

Ian Lawman – “Living with the Dead”

Next on the list of mediums on TV shows is Ian Lawman.

Told at an early age that the visuals and auditory manifestations he experienced are merely the fabrication of a creative imagination and would eventually subside. He later proved them wrong!

One day the realization of being blessed with something truly otherworldly came when his close friend Paul passed away. During the late hours of the night when Paul died, Paul visited his dear friend Ian and to show him respect for their amity he declared, “I will now help and show you the way”, which seemed quite strange at the time and did not make any sense to Ian. However, from then on, Ian felt that the ability to plainly see and hear the invisible world of the dead became a immutable part of his personality. This led him to a prominent mediumship career of channeling spirits.

In 2008, he appeared in the TV series “Living with the Dead”, together with another medium Johnnie Fioeri, where they would together visit homes which exhibited poltergeist activity that affected the well-being of the habitants. The final result was not every time banishing the spirits who were haunting the place, but rather making it possible for living and the spirits to coexist peacefully.

Lisa Williams – “Lisa Williams: Life Among The Dead”

Another big personality in our list of prominent mediums on TV shows is Lisa Williams.

Lisa’s gift opened up at the age of four when she began to see dead people passing through the walls. When her parents learned about the visions of their daughter, they attempted to lock her in a mental institution. Luckily, her grandmother spoke up for her, admitting she too has been a medium all her life.

People describe Lisa as a humble, positive and authentic person which flourishes her career, since this is the image of how a medium needs to act. She is fond of strangers and is not afraid of the way others approach her in public.

Lisa a certified reiki practitioner, specializing in gemstone treatment and she also does live audience readings.

In 2006, she hosted the TV series “Lisa Williams: Life Among The Dead” with the help of a friend made through her work – Merv Griffin. The TV show chronicles her visiting locations with reported ghost sightings and trying to make contact with the dead. Her work ignited the faith of many viewers that even if someone dear to us departs from the physical world, they are always around the corner ready to subtly guide our direction.

Chip Coffey – “Paranormal State”

The man who we could not miss without featuring on this top 5 list of mediums on TV shows.

Unlike many other families of psychic and medium children, Chip Coffey had the fortune to be raised in a family where the afterlife, the paranormal, the spiritual, and the supernatural were not disregard as superstitious.

Chip’s first memories of exhibiting psychic vision are times of being precognizantly aware that someone was going to visit their home or the moment the telephone was about to ring and who was on the other line.

One of his passions is Ouija or spirit boards and he supports the belief that there is a general, excessive fear of Ouija boards. Moreover, experiences with a spirit board depend on one’s state of consciousness. If you are in negative state of mind and you anticipate that something bad is going to occur, then it probably will. But if you are calm, confident, and positive person who accepts the paranormal you will probably be alright.

He believes that his work is devoted to bring a level of comforting healing by delivering messages from deceased loved ones or messages from spirit guides about how people can consciously live their lives.

As a medium his first appearance on the big screen was in the TV show “Paranormal State” which ran from 2007 to 2011. What separates “Paranormal State” from other paranormal shows in the genre was the fact that the viewers got to see the raw footage of the investigation. And a lot of the time these investigations are characterized by trying to remove demonic infestations by some sort of exorcism using a priest.

In 2008 Chip started an additional parallel medium show called “Psychic Kids” which featured children with supernatural inclinations. The mission of the show was to aid the children into integrating their spiritual gifts instead of burying them down, encouraging them also to get in contact with other kids who had something in common.

So, there you have it – 5 mediums on TV shows that have come to embrace their gifts and help humanity to come together by closing the gap between the physical and spiritual world.

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