Planting Seeds Of Thankfulness To Nurture Trees Of Gratitude

Planting seeds of thankfulness.
Written by Georgi Karalov
Many of us spend our lives striving to improve most aspects of our being.

We increase our productivity, get organized, set (and break) boundaries, and we run around in circles constantly thinking, “what am I doing wrong? There must to be a better, more effective way to achieve my dreams and ambitions!”

planting-seeds-of-thankfulness-2Here’s the thing; attracting abundance is not as complex as you think. It’s simple in concept and proven in practice; to put it simply, it is a law of our existence and universe.

It is the power and influence of our own thoughts, and it directly effects everything you do. It’s mind bending physics, but science has shown us that our thoughts directly affect our reality..

Here’s the thing, the object or situation we focus on most is the object or situation which will manifest the most, whether negative or positive.

Like gravity or the rising sun – it’s a law of the universe; an indisputable fact based on sowing and reaping. The seed of thought you plant by means of word and deed will manifest in your circumstances as your harvest.

If the thoughts we think habitually are negative, energy sucking thoughts of despair, then we will act in accordance with these thoughts.

“What you have thought is what you have become”

On the other hand, if we are positive, compassionate thinkers who maintain a strong focus on the positive situations and traits we observe, then our words and behavior will be consistent with those thoughts.

If you live a life filled with gratitude and appreciation, then you occupy your mind with optimism and you attract unlimited abundance.

What we are talking about here is building a solid foundation on which to build a perpetual attitude which encompasses gratefulness, patience, and a positive perspective toward all of life’s trials and tribulations.

Cultivating An Attitude Of Gratitude

The Mirriam-Webster Dictionary defines gratitude as the following; “The state of being grateful; thankfulness.”

If you are in this “state” of being, you are thinking about, vocalizing, and demonstrating your thanks in every aspect of your life, which means you are perpetually practicing an attitude of gratitude. When you make this attitude and perspective a part of your daily life, you open the gateway for abundance and your life fills with joy and happiness.

With this in mind, let’s look at a few ways you can start cultivating an unbreakable attitude of gratitude.

#1  Start a Gratitude Journal

Gratitude journal.Keeping a gratitude journal is a way to remind yourself of all things and people you are grateful for, and the things in your life that you enjoy.

The things you write down don’t have to be extraordinary experiences that happen in your life. They should be every day events which make you happy – even trivial little things that often go unnoticed.

Try it for 30 days. Be specific about what you are thankful for, and watch how your thoughts develop over time.

#2  Write Out a Gratitude List

Another cool tip is to make a list of 100 things you are thankful for.

This may seem a bit steep but I’m willing to bet that you will be surprised at what you have to be grateful for once you contemplate life’s many blessings.

The items on your list can be anything from running water to shoelaces to owning a rock your father gave you before he passed away. They can involve the air you breathe, an old photo you cherish, or your your loving family – the sky is the limit!

#3  Always Pass Gratitude Along

Sharing what you are thankful for isn’t just for Thanksgiving.

Make it a habit to talk about what you are grateful for all year long.

This can include sending a note of encouragement to someone via e-mail or Facebook or sending a poem or a picture with a positive quote along with your message.

The more you reach out to others expressing your gratitude toward them, including their friendship, the more you open up the gateway to abundance.

#4  Actively Retrain Your Brain

Your brain receives more than 11 million bits of information per second.

Actively retrain your brain.However, the brain can only process about 40 pieces per second.

Practice scanning for the positive while screening out the negative. If you keep working on this, you can turn your brain into a positive machine, even if you’re grouchy by nature – so keep looking at things with thankful eyes and always look for the “silver lining in the cloud.”

#5  Gratitude Should Be Perpetual

Always, in all things be grateful. Not just today, tomorrow, next week or next year, but every breath you take should be with thankfulness.

If you want to be thankful and cultivate an attitude of gratitude, then surround yourself with people with that characteristic. Some people just bubble over with enthusiasm and gratitude for life, and you would be surprised at how the attitude of others can rub off on you.

#6  Remember The Bad Times

Often it’s helpful to recall the not-so-good times in your life.

This can help you contrast the good with the bad and feel thankful for what you have. It can also be helpful to remember what you have that others do not.

No one’s life is perfect, but there are people in the world whose lives are much worse, so ask yourself these 3 questions:


What have I received from __?


What have I given to __?


What troubles and difficulty have I caused?


Think about how you feel when you remember and you will find wisdom and strength to carry on.

Gratitude as a Weapon of Manipulation

I want you to bare this in mind; you cannot simply choose to be grateful if your desired outcome is to RECEIVE.

Nurture trees of gratitude.This is not true, heartfelt thankfulness; this is gratitude of convenience, and this method of attack is not only pointless, it can become a habit and damaging to your personal integrity and character.

You must truly begin to change your thoughts and perspective in a sincere and dedicated fashion.

You can, indeed, effectively change your thinking from that of a victim to a victor, recognizing all you have and the potential you have to become what you want, and giving thanks in abundance for those things as they stand TODAY.

You can change your life by thinking thankful thoughts, so go ahead and cultivate an attitude of gratitude that will bring you joy, happiness and unlimited abundance.

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