5 Tips To Be A Parent Psychic Children Would Want To Have

Are you a parent of psychic children?

Your parenting style and attitude towards your child’s spiritual gifts is of vital importance. The way you respond to your highly gifted children will greatly determine how confident they are in themselves and how well they develop their talents.

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Depending on your attitude, psychic kids will either grow up with latent spiritual gifts or the complete opposite – as a developed extrasensory being.

In general children are more sensitive to extrasensory perceptions because they naturally have a strong link with their hearts as well as minds yet to be shaped by social conditioning.

And as a collective, we are rapidly progressing in this direction. Individually we are slowly beginning to open our consciousness to long-forgotten cosmic wisdom. This process is laying the foundation for higher vibratory souls, very pure souls, to come incarnate now.

If you suspect your child or children have psychic abilities, you are probably correct! These pure souls are naturally tuned into subtle dimensions which the rest of us can only reach with a large energy investment.

As little as one century ago, society did not understand highly intuitive inclinations at all, and therefore considered those people as problematic or even dangerous. Nowadays the old paradigm is slowly being replaced and people everywhere are altering their beliefs about the paranormal.

This process of cultural acceptance has been accelerating since the new wave of high-vibration indigo, crystal, & rainbow children have entered our world.

So here we are today, fostering a more vibrant future by providing you with 5 basic tips on how to be a great parent to children who see beyond this world.

1. Love Them. Do Not Deny Their Experiences Just Because They Do Not Match Your Own Reality.

If your kid tends to wake up during the night because of paranormal occurrences like visits from ghosts or extraterrestrials, comfort them without discrediting their experience. Just because your child perceives a reality that you are not seeing, it doesn’t mean it’s “all in their imagination” as the traditional reply goes.

Even if it is fantastical, telling them so does not change how real and immediate the experience is for them. It only discourages them from confiding in you as time goes on.

Therefore the most dangerous thing you can do as a parent is to deny or downplay what they have seen.

Instead just listen to them. Ask them gently, unobstructed by your own perspective, about who they see in their room. For example: How do the entities appear? How do they behave? Are they communicating with your child? Is your child disturbed?

If you are new to this, do not stress out! Keep your composure and do not let fear creep into your mind. Because when fear conquers your conscious mind your child will immediately sense it. They will be frightened as well, not only because they easily absorb emotions, but also because children look up to their parents and mirror their reactions.

The best defense against fear is to educate yourself. There are many great resources as books, videos, articles & forums on the Internet about the subject of clairvoyance and extrasensory abilities or how to recognize if your child is empath apart from psychic. Being informed is the most vital step on your journey to becoming the kind of parent every psychic kid needs to flourish.

Encourage the thought that it is normal to be different! That it is acceptable to go off the beaten path and pave their own unique way to be in the world instead of neglecting their gifts for the convenience of society.

What will happen if you suppress your psychic children and deny a fundamental part of their nature? They will grow up not trusting their sixth sense, their other-worldly senses which shape the way they interact in everyday life.

A psychic kid whom distrusts their supernatural reality will have crippled self-confidence and look outside themself for validation.

And remember that if you allow yourself to be swept away by fear, or if you shame or discourage your sensitive kids when they talk about their fantastical experiences, they will simultaneously shut themselves to you and the outside world. Their ability to pick up things with the third eye will not disappear but they will cease to be so open as before and will feel bad.

And as they grow older, that indigo, crystal, or rainbow child will rebel against you and will develop feelings of resentment towards you. Because they will know that the way they perceive the world is a gift not a problem – the problem was being made to second-guess their psychic nature.

Even if that is already the case, do not despair! As from any misfortune; from any mistake we can rise up stronger than before. And such a disastrous scenario provides a great opportunity for both of you to become more in tune with who you truly are deep down inside.

2. Encourage Them To Explore Their Inner Knowing By Playing Games and By Being a Great Listener.

A marvelous way to foster your kid’s paranormal abilities is to simply give them your ear. Create an environment where your psychic children will feel loved and able to share everything with you. Often their visions are non-threatening, just a bit odd, and they probably won’t be aware of the fact that they are the only ones who see it in the room.

Whenever they feel like sharing something of a psychic nature ask for more information. Display genuine interest in what their transcendental experience is about and share one of your own metaphysical stories if it makes sense.

Being intrigued by their experience will foster in your psychic child feelings of acceptance and a sense of normalcy about their extrasensory perceptions.

Another great idea is to play games which arouse creativity and train the psychic faculties.

Pretend that you are real secret agents who use their third eye to find hidden things. Now you probably know that the third eye is stronger in younger kids as they have not yet entered puberty and have not been exposed to the harmful influence of the environment for as long.

This game is about using a technique known as remote viewing to find hidden objects around the house. It is not important that you both get it right every time. What matters is you having fun together and creating a relationship of trust and love while practicing using your psychic senses at the same time.

It is quite normal for your psychic children to find the objects quicker than you.

This is because you, just like every adult, have over time built up layers of resistance to your own natural intuition. Even if you are the type of person who is highly intuitive. Due to social or family control from an early age most people lose touch with their innate spiritual gifts or even do not remember exhibiting any magical abilities at all.

Playing these type of games with your child can help not only your child to unfold their boundless clairvoyant potential but also help you to dissolve the artificial blocks which stop you from knowing who you actually are on a deeper level.

Dream retelling is another great way to advance intuitive children’s transcendental side. Whenever they wake up, talk with them about their dream and listen carefully. Give them your full attention while you chat.

You can even have them write it in their own psychic diary to make it easier to recall dreams later on whenever they need to access intuitive information. Dream diaries also make dream interpretation easier because you can see repeating themes & patterns emerge as time passes.

3. Try Homeschooling Instead Of Imprisoning Them In A Traditional School System.

Kids who possess extrasensory perception faculties tend to suffer from anxiety or panic attacks.

Traditional school systems are run with a ‘one size fits all’ system. The purpose is to provide a basic literacy in subjects necessary to function in the working world and teach obedience to authority. The curious spirit is gradually ground out of children in favor of adherence to rules and curriculum.

That is why going to a traditional school would be mentally torturous for psychic children. Feeling trapped in that archaic box-like structure is extremely stressful.

It is quite often the case that psychicly-gifted children will struggle in a traditional type of school. Gifted children are typically highly intelligent yet still they struggle in regular schools. This is because the traditional school system does not care to nurture children’s spirits, something necessary to bring out the best from gifted children. And not only that, they will likely become a target of bullying by their peers because they can’t help but act a little bit different.

What you want is your child to be raised freely, not imposed upon by any confining rules of social reality so that their innate spiritual gifts can flourish and raise the vibration of Earth.

Therefore, a good alternative for your psychic children would be homeschooling or schools encompassing Waldorf education. Of course there are more alternatives than that; generally schools that support flexible educational systems are an excellent choice for highly gifted children.

4. Being Prescribed Medication Will Only Make Your Psychic Children Believe They Have a Problem That Needs To Be Treated.

Star seed children are generally not understood because of the extreme anxiety they can experience within the dysfunctional traditional school system. This anxiety manifests in all sorts of unique behaviors and coping mechanisms. Their behavior is disruptive to the limiting system and for that reason many are labelled as having a behavioural ‘disorder’ such as ADD, ADHD, or autism.

The worse thing a parent can do is to give into the advice from psychiatrists to put them on medication.

Taking psych-medication numbs crystal, indigo, or rainbow children’s telepathic nature. Medication shuts the door to that space of their heart that is connected with the Source energy. Instead they are left with a feeling of emptiness and grayness in their daily life, a bottomless hole in their heart which nothing can fill better than having an unbounded mind.

Normalize the idea that seeing the world through a different lens does not mean that they are bad or wrong, it only implies that they are different. And it is OKAY to be different.

Interesting fact: The area of the brain of children known as the endocrine gland is prestine and uncrystallized until they enter puberty where a large percentage of the children will have their functions of the endocrine gland diminished and essentially lose the ability to actively use their imagination, or in other words, lower their abilities. But through certain methods, the process can be reversed.

5. Providing Them Psychic Protection Is One Of The Best Nurture Tips For Psychic Children.

Due to their sensitiveness highly intuitive children absorb the energy around them like a sponge.

When you enter a crowded place together where the energy can get quite intense or negative, your child can’t help but be effected.

Therefore it’s a good idea to practice psychic shielding exercises with them. They can perform these practices by themself, and you can help bolster them in crowded or chaotic environments.

Visualize a bubble of light surrounding them, protecting them from influence of ambient psychic energy that can interfere with your child’s mood.

A bubble of light, created by you, can help them feel safe and protected from the dangers of the world.

Other things that can disturb your psychic child’s energy stability are horror movies, emotionally unstable people, and the TV generally.


When you tune into the grand scheme of things (how everything is interconnected), you will realize that having a sensitive child in your family is not an accident. Kids whose vision stretches beyond the physical world and goes into other realms of information act as great teachers for their parents and can help heal the traumatized inner child in yourself.

If you build a relationship based on mutual trust & abysmally deep love for each other, and help them feel unique & blessed for having these gifts rather than weird or wrong, then you will do a great job.

Hopefully our 5 tips for parenting psychic children inspired you. If you find this article supportive, please share with your friend or community whom would find it useful.

If you have any questions, use the comment section below and we will gladly answer you.

Tell us in what way this information helped you or what you find not in right place and needs to be changed?