The Key to Perceiving And Understanding Your Past Lives

How to perceive the information from past lives?

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This article is made and translated using materials from with exclusive permission from Pavlina Nikolova QHHT practitioner.

There are several ways of perceiving information in regression. While conducting a past life regression session, man’s psychic abilities are triggered – intuition, inner knowledge and feeling, perception of visual images and hearing.

But to activate all psychic abilities, you need to be completely relaxed and with an open mind, without fears. For this purpose, you need to be well-informed before proceeding to regression. No wrong expectations, no inner conflicts between the conscious desires and the subconscious beliefs and convictions are a must to successfully obtain the information.

If on a deeper level you believe that you cannot easily view your past lives, then you will unconsciously put blockages to prevent it and it will be difficult to obtain the information you’re given in a session.

That’s why, every doubt and question to be discussed in the preparatory conversation, so you can become aware of the information and to have time to integrate it on a deeper level.

How to clearly perceive and understand information from past lives?

It’s important to know that solely relying on reading spiritual literature or books on the subject of reincarnation is not going to prepare you for a regression. A person might not have the chance to read many books, but to carry in himself a feeling of this information and therefore not to be afraid to experiment with different past life regression techniques and practices.

My experience as a past life regression therapist has shown me that when a person has even little experience in practicing visualization, meditation and any other type of practice including work with mental images, he can easily and quickly perceive the information he’s given from his past lives.

Opposite, if you’re a creative type of person, if you have a good imagination and you’re intuitive then that by itself is a great advantage for easily viewing images in regression.

For people with vivid dreams and strong sensitivity it’s even easier. All the above abilities are rooted in our right hemisphere of the brain through which we liaise with the spiritual world.

A first preparatory step is to check how you cope with the ability to internally view mental images. As children work calmly and freely with their imagination, so and we should retrieve these innate skills and let them create images. In this way, in а regression are shown the pictures and messages the spiritual world wants you to see.

Authenticity of your imagination

You see, sometimes a person is bothered if the things he sees and experience in regression are purely an invention of his wild imagination. The logical mind always seeks a reasonable explanation for what happens but why our ego-mind needs to fabricate sometimes boring, difficult and unattractive live? Lives when you didn’t do well and lives in which you’ve shown weaknesses.

Isn’t it logical that if something is a hoax, the hidden motive to be the glorification of the ego-mind?

The best acknowledgement of what you see is the juxtaposition with our present life. If it perfectly summarize your searches, the need of answers, problems and tests you’re going through now, if this information contains valuable messages that explain and assist the understanding of the present – this is what matters; this is the purpose to undergo a regression.

Dolores Cannon, the creator of the method Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy, shares from her 50-year experience in psychotherapy a phenomenon which can be called conditionally – syndrome of Elvis Presley and Marilyn Monroe.

These are cases of regression in which different people see themselves as one of the most popular personalities of the past. To wit these people don’t take regression seriously and aren’t true to themselves.

Opening the door to your past lives

The moment we’re already in one of your other lives, you have the freedom to perceive information and pictures through the eyes of your character, the person you’re in this other life, of course if you’re in human form.

You can even watch the scene from the side. In yourself, feelings, emotions and even excitement can crawl of the character you’re viewing. Such feelings provide meaningful information of his life.

And in some cases, in person appears a sense of inner knowledge of the scene, the characters and what happened. Before seeing anything of this life, as if the person knows it within himself. First appears the information, images are second.

How you perceive things depends on the order your psychic abilities will be activated and which one will be a dominant.

In regression, we view several lives and the stroll through your lives deepens the level of regression and prepares you for the last stage – the conversation with your spiritual guide. How many past lives you’re going to witness, depends on the pace you perceive information.

The duration of a typical regression with people having good perception is maximum 3 hours which they report as a shorter span.

The number of lives you have isn’t essential. What you need to get across is the message a particular life wants you to receive, the energy in it, what your character learned, where he succeeded or failed, the importance it has on your current tests of life. And how to apply the past experience in your present lessons.


What matters in our past lives is if our soul has succeeded in what it came on Earth. If we haven’t completed or learned something then it’s possible now to master this lesson. This may be the main reason why a certain life is shown.

For example, my own regression happened that way. It was shown to me a life and circumstances that I relived and in this life. It turned out that in the experience of similar circumstances as in the past, an unfinished lesson was activated and now I am given the opportunity to change my reaction and behavior.

Things we’ve done in other lifetimes, know that in our present moment we still feel them attractive. This is behavior and interests that actually root in our past lives. These are some of our greatest strengths, areas of life and actions in which we feel most comfortable.

But we need to think about whether this is what we’re here for now and whether to be more careful with things and positions held by inertia. It easy now because we’ve made them many times before but maybe we’ve come in this life to transcend ourselves and react this time a little differently.

Do we have a hidden lesson that we must learn? A change we should bring about?

For the purpose of a profound understanding of the lives you’re showed, we go to the day of death of your character from that life. This moment is a rich source of valuable information. We can know whether it was an elderly man or death of youth, the reasons why death occurred, who’s next to him at that moment, was there love in his life, family, children.

Especially if until this moment, the person is hindered perceiving the images, in the last day we can grasp a lot of details of the whole past life. The feelings he leaves this world, does he regret something, are there things he failed to materialize.

The death scene appears quite frugal to person, under the supervision of his spiritual guides.

Usually in regression emotions arouse – you can become sad, feel sympathy, love, compassion and empathy for the fate of the hero of the life we’re viewing. And this is normal, emotions are a good thing.

Emotions are a proof of the authenticity of the experience. The mind cannot invent emotions. It happens in the heart when what one sees resonates with the memories of the soul.

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