Third Eye Opening Experience

My Third Eye Opening Experience

Last week I interviewed Jason Stephenson about his own third eye opening experience and the impact it had on his life.

Jason’s experience is so inspiring, beautiful and life-altering that made me want to share with you, my personal story connected with opening the third eye together with Jason’s.

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The idea about the third eye holding a mystic, adventurous, esoteric element caught my interest somewhere in mid-August last year and since then I went on to write a series of articles about it.

But what was about to happen completely shattered my conception of it. The experience I had happened about two months ago in December when I was all-day buried in work, studying for my university classes and had little to no time for taking care of myself.

My Third Eye Chakra Opening Experience.

Stress was stacking highly, internal conflicts were on the rise and with a depression around the corner, I wasn’t surprised that my vibration level had hit the bottom.

That day, I was writing a post about how to recognize if your third eye is open and felt that writing that article actually opened my third eye. I could grasp things I am unable to do in my normal state like having an increased sixth sense and intuition about future events.

I wrote the article to late at night and went to bed feeling really sleepy.

Everything was okay until I suddenly woke up at 5:00 a.m. and it was utter darkness in the room. My 2 roommates were sleeping neatly and I felt like pulled out of my dream state. So, I adjusted myself and decided to go to sleep again as I had an exam in only 2 hours.

My eyes were partly closed and just to fall asleep when I noticed with my peripheral vision a tall, white and transparent, vague figure in the center of the room staring at me.

I don’t know where it came from but I’ve seen figures prior to fall asleep and before. So, knowing it won’t harm me, I pull my blanket so it can cover my eyes and it cannot disturb me.

I fell asleep and have 2 vivid, ordinary dreams and when something strange happened. I was brought back to my room thinking I awoke from my dream state. How wrong was I. I could see myself remotely sleeping in my bed while in the meantime being aware. Suddenly, an unpleasant feeling came out of my body like there was something moving inside of me.

I had no control over my body but I didn’t want to give up and tried to fight back. My efforts were unfruitful so I started yelling for help to my roommates. No voice came out of my mouth as I watching myself from aside, only muffled, incomprehensible sounds that couldn’t wake up my roommates. They were sleeping as shot.

I knew that what was happening is a sleep paralysis and it’s better to keep my composure. At first, I didn’t panic knowing it’s happening in my dream state and I’m totally aware of that.

But all of a sudden a strange power pressed my chest and hold it. When I turned my look in the direction of what was holding me so tight, to my surprise there was a small figure next to me, white and transparent. It seemed like a little child but my memory was too vague to say.

I suddenly woke up and couldn’t believe what had happened. Although I had an awareness of my surroundings and knew it was only a dream I was immobilized and couldn’t make any movement or sounds.
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The Lesons I Learned.

What happened to me was frightening to say the least but it made me realize something that I consider useful and want to share with you.

  1. To open your third eye successfully, you must be grounded and centered. This is a must so that any horrifying experiences don’t have the chance to unfold. Having high vibrational energy, doesn’t allow entities from other dimensions to manifest and have power over you.
  2. This experience is a evidence that other dimensions exist. Our dream state is actually part of the spiritual realm which we are able to tune in while asleep.
  3. After reading a ton of information about what happened to me, now I know that the entities that brought me this scary experience are different aspects of the personality. In some point of our lives, we ignored, outcast or hurt ourselves and when an experience like this happens, the entities that make us scare are the ones wishing to be integrated once again so we can raise our vibration and enjoy a better life.

I believe that this experience was useful for me to realize that some things shouldn’t be viewed as a game and should be approached more maturely. Dealing with the unknown you can’t allow yourself to be irresponsible.

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Jason Stephenson’s 3rd Eye Experience.

I met Jason two months ago when I stumbled upon his YouTube channel.

It turned out that Jason was a daily meditation practitioner, who loveed doing guided meditation recordings and inspiring those who vibrate on the same frequency as his.

I managed to get him to talk about his own third eye experience which vastly differs from mine is quite interesting too.

Q1: Lately, there is a growing interest and search for advice on awakening the third eye or also known as the pineal gland. From your perspective, what advice can you give to those who are just starting out?

The first I can say is meditation. Meditation beyond all else, beyond everything else is paramount. And the reason I say that is because when you do meditation, just drop the whole idea of opening the third eye, let all of that go because when we are trying to achieve something such as that we will basically never achieve it. It’s about letting go, about being in the now as much as we possibly can – this is the best way.

Meditation to bring peace into your life, to help bring you into the present moment. Of course, along with meditation also comes to live a relatively healthy lifestyle.

People say there is too much fluoride in the water and that will dampen out the pineal gland. I’m in two minds about the whole thing, I cannot really speak for other people but I can speak for myself and I really don’t think that has too much importance. It’s more the fact of meditation, letting go, and finding peace in our lives and then we can move on from there and don’t let the focus be all about awakening the third eye.

The best we can do in this world is to be at peace with who we are, with ourselves, with our family, with our friends. When we live a peaceful life and we have a peaceful being, a peaceful soul, we are in a much better state to naturally awaken the third eye.

Q2: How did the whole experience occur to you?

In all honesty, purely by accident, not by intentionally setting out to awaken the third eye. In fact, I believe what happened for me and some say it was some sort of the kundalini awakening, but what did happen for me was not planned. I knew nothing of the third eye, I had started meditation in my life but this was in my early twenties.

I will tell you the whole story about this because it’s very interesting. I was on my way to work in Sidney by train and I knew that I got to a certain point just before Sidney, where there is the Royal National Park, and something propelled me to get off the train, to leave my friends, to not go to work that day and climb up and sit on the edge of the mountain.

I have no idea the reasons why that happened that day. Something just pushed me to do it. So, I got off the train, I went to the edge of the mountain and I remember just sitting there, reflecting on so many things and then this peace just overcame me. And it was almost like that peace turned into, wow, I always find it hard to even put it into words but I’ve never experienced in my life anything as powerful as that moment way back then which is 25-30 years ago.

It started off with just feeling peaceful, I was in a peaceful frame of mind, sitting there, overlooking the mountain and the trees underneath me and hearing the birds. I was in a beautiful place. And then the peace started to wash trough my entire body and it kept going and going, it got stronger and stronger until all sounds, and this is nature sounds, sounds of birds, sounds of the ocean not too far away because this is on the edge of the mountain overlooking on the ocean and the forest. All sounds started to amplify, magnify, I had this intense peace and this intense sound of beauty. All the people that I had ever met in my life, all the met people I was going to meet, all the love washed through me in this one instant.

Everything just washed through me at one point in time and I will never know how long this lasted for. I think it lasted for quite some time, I was not aware of time, no inclination of time but it was pulsing through me, this intense, magnificent feeling of peace, joy, love, sounds of bliss and it was magnificent.

I guess that was the reason why I was called to go to the mountains that day, it was an amazing experience.

Q3: Sometimes we feel an itch, a gut feeling before something happens. Do you think there was something that propelled you for such an experience?

For me that was it and I followed my gut instinct on that day and I usually go through life following my gut instinct actually, quite a lot of times. Sometimes it lets me down, parts that I don’t think I’ve been the best but ultimately I follow my gut instinct and that’s just the way I’ve chosen to live my life.

Q4: In what way/ways your life got impacted and reshaped you as an individual afterwards?

I remember after that event I was walking back and feelings of wanting to tell the world but not knowing how to tell the word. And I did, I went back and first person I told was my mom who is pretty spiritual, was into meditation.

I could not ever express my true feeling of what I felt and many people probably thought I was just mad. But that moment changed my life. That moment awakened me to something so much more powerful to know that there is so much more to life beyond the physical, well, well beyond the physical.

I have had moment like that in my meditation practice and again not through intention, not through wanting those but just occurring but never as intense as that one.

The interesting thing is, it leaves me with a little bit of a problem and the issue with this feeling is that no matter how much I try and chase that feeling, it may never come again. And that’s a hard part because I’ve seen something so intense and felt something so beyond beautiful that the rest of life is not dull by any means, life is beautiful, but there’s been a longing to sometimes even want that experience back almost like a drug.

That day reshaped things for me. That day I realized for the first time that everything we touch, see, hear and smell is only from our limited bodies and there is much more beyond that. I carry that with me and I know that it’s not no longer something I try and guess, I know now deep within my heart that there is an enormous connection with everything that exists and that we are 200% all of us  connected. We know that through science that everything is energy, everything is vibration and that is what I experienced. I felt in those moments when that happened there was a total connection with everyone, every living thing on the planet, every bird, and every tree became washed through me.

It was a beautiful thing that I carry with me in my heart all the time.

Q5: Last words of advice and where can people find you?

If anyone would like to follow me at or you can just search my name out Jason Stephenson meditations on YouTube and you will find me there and you will see the many meditations that I’ve been working over the last few years.

Meditation has become a larger part of my life, probably in the last 5 years of my life, and I realized the power of meditation and I know that when I don’t meditate I can get anxious inside.

So, I can only offer words to say that meditation and being at peace with oneself is the best way to even consider awakening the third eye. You can use binaural beats, you can use meditation music but we must let go of the fact that we are trying to awaken the third eye. I know it almost sounds contradictory because there is a contradiction there because you want to awaken your third eye but you’re not meant to think about awakening the third eye. That’s all I can say because when we are striving to open the third eye it’s not going to happen this way. It’s about releasing and letting go and being present and then allowing it to unfold as it should, when it will. I hope that will help.

Many blessings.

That was Jason’s story of his own third eye experience. I hope that all of you seeking and wishing to learn more about the pineal gland, this post will give you a grasp on what a third eye experience truly is and how it can totally different for two separate people.

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10 thoughts on “Third Eye Opening Experience”

  1. Sorry this is kind of long to read but, I had an experience that kind of startled me or caught me off guard in regards to the third eye this morning. I’ve never tried opening my third eye, or was even interested in it, simply because I don’t feel ready as I have some internal healing I am working through (mentally, emotionally, spiritually and phyaically) and I want my energy to be dully aligned when I accomplish it, but I have seen videos of other people’s experiences.

    (Backstory) I’m a 29yo, female. I’ve had the worst diet over the years and horrible anxiety/panic issues and other health issues I can’t really get doctors to take seriously and to fully test everything in my body. They act like I’m wasting their time and blame it all on my weight & emotional state like I want attention. So I gave up trying to find an answer and took my health into my own hands because I refused to keep spending money for the same answers to none of the questions & concerns I had when I can physically feel something is not right in my body. I’m currently overweight, but leading up to making my healthy decisions, I’ve been meditating quite frequently & practicing breathing exercises to help with my heart issues & what doctors call panic/anxiety. Although I’m never anxious or feeling bad when I have episodes surrounding what happens with my body and heart. I’ve also become more enlightened by ready books as often as possible, expanding my mind etc with documentaries & educational videos & dont watch TV unless I catch a movie every once in awhile.

    Recently just a week ago I went on a 3 day water fast to kick start my new healthy lifestyle, and I’ve given up all meat/dairy/wheat products, made it through successfully with a few health scares, but I’m still here, alive and thriving! And ever since the fast ended, eaten a clean diet, drink only spring water etc, and slept the best I ever have that I can recall in years last night and part of this morning.

    (Present) I did however have an experience with what seemed to be my third eye or it could have been a dream. I was in what seemed like a deep sleep because I remeber feeling pretty relaxed, but felt like a dream (sometimes I’m aware of when I’m dreaming but still can manage to remain asleep). Even though my eyes were closed I remember it’s like I was seeing out of my forehead almost Crystal clear (my line of sight/vision appeared higher than normal and not at eye level of thay makes sense) kind of like sleep paralysis when you can see around you but you can’t move. However when I have sleep paralysis I normally get a scary, anxious feeling & often feel like I can’t breathe. This felt different though, no fear, we’ll rested, and my body felt light & not constricted, my vision was almost crystal clear because it was like I was looking through light purple water (awhile most amethyst colored) with a bit of white noise/static on the edges, but I could make out images that were around me and seemed familar, I could read labels on products and recall personal images of mine, so I thought “strange, I must be awoke.” So, I kept shaking my head trying to clear out my vision thinking something was in my eye and wiped my face 2 times that I can recall. After about 30 seconds, I woke up and opened my eyes almost immediately fully alert. I didnt have that “coming out of a sleep state” feeling. I woke up fully alert startled to see that the last thing I was looking at from what seemed to be my third eye, was exactly what I was looking at with my own two eyes infront of me, when I woke up and my hand was lifted in front of me like I had actually been wiping my face.

    It’s hard to explain, but I’m in the process of rearranging my room & house, so I’m sleeping on the sofa at the moment and there’s some random stuff stacked on it and I saw everything arranged exactlty as it is. But when turned around after being awoke couldn’t recall what was actually there and in what order. But when I thought hard about what I saw, the objects were arranged exactly as my memory recalled it in my “dream/third eye experience”. I remember I also felt well rested when I woke up, even though I woke up fully alert. I had a light, airy feeling, no pains, sluggishness, or congestion like I usually do before I chose a healthier lifestyle.

    Does this sound like a 3rd eye experience even though I haven’t been trying to open it and I am still in the process of trying to obtain a healthy body & not fully enlightened I guess? I imagined it was a level you could only reached when you’ve become the highest, best version of yourself or naturally in tune with your spirit at a young age or born with a gift etc. Thanks in advance!

  2. Georgi, I have a question.

    I’m uncertain if my third eye is open and I want to know if what I’m about to say relates to this.

    I feel I am being watching constantly, especially in light, but when completely covered or in darkness that goes away and there are also “pieces” of me that sometimes act independently from one another as in I would act as one during this time and next time I would act as this other. Sometimes two would cooperate and both be present, however that seems to be the limit and some tend to go against the other. For example, one would scream bloody vengeance and I would start visualizing a few chaotic things while the other would attempt to suppress it.

    There’s always this special one that stays silent and then I would be silent whenever my face or head is completely covered like an insulated mask and it brought security and stability. That one seemed to always be dominant when I’m in complete darkness or completely covered by face while the others just come at random.

    Know what any of this means or if it relates to this topic?

    1. Simon,

      What you’ve described totally resonates with me. I’ve observed this countless times from the people visiting InnerOuterPeace to share their story.

      I think the best option for you know is to close your third eye. You’re holding some kind of negative energy or are exposed to some of it, like someone can have a negative effect on you and your emotions. Either try to find where is the source of this negativity and eliminate it or start doing activities that promote your well-being.

      Do what feels best for you, just so you can ground yourself and neutralize the fear in your body.

      Soon I’ll write a topic on what means one can take when opening his third eye, so he’ll avoid such bad experiences.

      Hope my answer helps you find what you’re looking for or at least incline you where to look at.


  3. After reading several articles about the basics of the third eye then reading this really opened my eye to something. I believe when I was 14 I opened my third eye without knowing it, and it scared the hell out of me! I was just laying in my bed with my eyes almost completely shut, and all I can really remember now is a lady standing above me whispering to me. She said something like, “Follow me,” or “Come with me.”
    It sounds a little bit like what I have read.

  4. Hello Georgi, I have many questions. I absolutely want to open my third eye, I’m set on it and have been for a while. I know age doesn’t matter but I’m thirteen. I’ve began to see weird dark figures in the corner of my room and really everywhere I go, if it’s in a dark room or area, the figures turn dark. If they are in a lit up area, then they are bright light. I always look up at the ceiling to avoid there gase but I can feel them staring at me. I want to understand them and possibly control them. I call them demons but I know hey are far from that. I appreciate your help and or reply.

    1. Hello Carson,

      I completely agree that age is only a number.

      From what you’re telling me, your third eye is already opened. Note that a simple intention and visualization can open it.

      However, seeing dark figures is a sign that your energy is not aligned. For the moment, try closing your third eye by using visualization and intention. Ground yourself & pray. Focus on the good things in life and forget about that currently.

      Sometimes our energy can be distorted without knowing. What we have to do is plant awareness in our minds so we can find what is bothering our soul and heal it. Only then we can become strong individuals who can shield and protect themselves from negative energy.

      Until you feel inner reassurance, don’t attempt to open it again because you will continue to have such experiences.

      I hope this answers your questions.

      Hope everything gets fine for you,


      1. I appreciate your reply. I can see that my third eye opened on a bad note. It’s not necessarily a bad experience since I deal with it all the time, but how do I understand them?

  5. Hello, my name is Micheal and I want to open my third eye but I’m only 15 years old. I want to know if im the right age or ready for this.

    1. Hello Micheal,

      Age is not of importance. The children of this millennium have shown that they have third eye powers. But if you’re asking if you’re ready for it, I don’t think you need it at this time. You must have an emotional reassurance you want to do it. Without that, it can be an unpleasant experience.

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