38 Unique Traits Of The Intuitive Empath (What Does It Mean To Be An Empath)

You probably stumbled upon on this page wondering what are traits of an empath.

But before we look into that, what is an empath?

An empath is someone who is aware of the emotions in the surrounding space and possesses the unique, inherent ability to experience them on an emotional level.

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Quite often, empaths are easily get put down by the mixture of energies around them when in a place full of people.

If unprotected, an empath will absorb all the emotions around like a sponge. No matter if the energies are good or bad, the energy field of the empath will suck them out.

And that is why intuitive empaths will many times seek solitude to recharge their batteries after such encounters.

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However, this should not be mistaken for simply being introverted or even just feeling empathy as there is a huge difference of solely feeling empathy and being a true empath.

The Vast Difference between Simply Feeling Empathy and Being an Empath.

Empathy is ability inherent for all of us. When a friend shares with us a part of their life, maybe a happy moment like having a baby or getting married, or it could be a sad one, losing a family member, entering a dispute with an old friend, we go back to a time in which we experienced something similar and experience that emotion again.

And we either feel happy for them that they are experiencing such a beautiful moment in their life or we feel sad because they have to go through something we painfully remember. We already know that pain or moment of happiness and we can relate to them.

We don’t physically go through these emotions but we pick the subtle signs while talking with others and we feel sorry, happy, sad, or whatever feels right for the given situation. You are relating to their feelings simply through you have both went through at some point in your life.

That is empathy.

Empaths, on the other hand, are significantly different.

If someone feels anger or joy, resentment or happiness not directly at us but in general as an empath you can take on that feeling without the need to grasp a sign the way others communicate – the way they express themselves, the way they are acting, what kind of facial expression they are making.

And because you are highly intuitive, you can pick up the energy in the air around without necessarily having to decipher the signs others emit. As an empath, you are not dependent on external cues. It is just something that you simply know, it is sensing what others feel and it is intuitive to you.

That’s one of the ways to know if you are an empath or you just experience empathy.

In essence, feeling empathy and exhibiting the characteristics of an empath is that you need to catch the cues others show to get an idea of how they are feeling if you were only feeling empathy such as them sharing with you the way they feel or the look on their face, their hand and body gestures.

While as an intutive empath you deeply know what others feel without asking them what’s on their mind. Empaths pick up their energy field without them having to say anything.

And more often than not, empaths are blessed with the spiritual gift of telepathy. That means to know how the other person is feeling at the moment without being in a close contact. If you sometimes suddenly feel sad or happy for no reason, see about who will be your fist thought and call them to see if they are alright.

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38 Unique Traits Of An Empath (What Does It Mean To Be An Empath).

Here are 38 of the most frequently seen signs:

1. Intuitive empaths display an avid curiosity of music. Because of their volatile nature, empaths have an insatiable taste for music and tend to listen to a number of genres. People are often puzzled how empaths can change from one type of song to completely distinct in the blink of an eye. The text of a song can have a strong emotional impact on empaths and can be a fountain of their personal energy.

2. They have a genuine way with words. Because of their vivid and creative inner world, people and especially babies can listen to them in awe as they speak.

3. Empath’s world can be rich of romance as they keep the never-ending fire of excitement and mystery of love burning.

4. They are naturally inclined to keep a record of the family’s past. Empaths are quite often the people in our society to keep old traditions alive and hand them down from generation to generation.

5. A clear sign of an empath is empaths being deeply artistic and carrying art in them in one form or another.They are able to convey a message in impossible ways. An empath’s body can act as a medium to project their artistic and creative side to the outside world. One of the outlets of an empath’s artistic side can be dancing. Empaths can often dive so deeply into dancing where their mind will lose track of the physical body and enter altered states of consciousness.

6. Nature is an empath’s kingdom. Empaths love more than anything spending countless hours wandering in the hugs of nature while enjoying the beautiful songs of birds, the mighty sounds of rivers and the sweet scent of flowers.

7. Because of their vast and creative personality, empaths can come up with unsuspected solutions for many mysterious enigmas in life. Empaths connection with Source Energy assists them in finding the right answers they need. Empaths are usually the ones who propose untraditional ways to tackle a certain issue that others previously did not think of.

8. Out of body experiences are in the nature of the intuitive empath. When they go to sleep, empaths experience dreams as they are happening in the physical world. Usually, this is the time when empaths manage to restore their normal levels of energy.

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9. An unmistakable trait of an empath is that empaths are often caught daydreaming, distracted from following their normal everyday duties. When an empath is stuck in a boring daily routine, they will often drift off in their own world. When their environment is not offering any emotional stimulus, empaths will naturally lose interest in what is happening around them.

10. People can’t help but notice it. People may often say empaths are emotional or that they sense their feelings without necessarily being aware of.

11. Empaths share others people’s feelings. An empath will physically evince another person’s feelings without having to observe the cues they give off.

12. Empaths are prone to be in a time when “lucky coincidences” happen. Synchronicity enables them to see the grand scheme of things with their mind’s eye as they grasp the interconnectedness of every breathing organism in the world.

13. Another special characteristic of the intuitive empath is being heavily affected by dark energy. Empaths want more than anything to be in a state of peace and tranquility, untouched by the energy of others, as the negative energy sparkled around them as someone is shouting or arguing wears them down and sometimes it even manifests on a physical level making them ill.

14. Empaths usually go through a state of spiritual awakening in their youth. Showing an inclination to the spiritual side of life, empaths can unwittingly initiate a journey of knowing thyself and the Universe.

15. Packed places drain empaths. Whenever the empaths are found in large groups of people, it messes up their energy field as their energy mixes with those around them. And unless they know the people they are with and enjoy their company, empaths can quickly lose their energy.

16. An empaths intuition can be described as “going through the roof”. One of the prominent signs of an empath is the acute sensitivity to nonverbal cues which often enables them to read someone they just met as an open book, knowing what their plans are and what treatment they are going to give.

17. Empaths are not attracted to negative content. Whenever they see something bad over the radio or news channel, they instinctively turn their look away or leave the room.

18. It is usually the case that empaths are succeeders. They love praising others chief virtue, while they have a hard time on their own accepting a compliment from others.

19. Empaths might come off as solitary people. And that occurs when they are repelled by the behavior of others, specifically when someone is highly critical in their presence. Usually intuitive empaths shut down to such people and try to avoid them.

20. Empaths can spot when someone is lying from miles away. No matter how good of a liar someone can be, empaths will spot the subtlest note of deception that passing through them and catch it.

21. Empaths have a strong body reaction to stimulants and medications. Caffeine is no exception, as it makes them increasingly nervous the moment they start drinking it.

22. Empaths sense the symptoms of others. Apart from feeling other people’s emotions, empaths sense their symptoms too. If an empaths friend carries life in her and is experiencing intense nausea, being around them empaths may begin to feel those exact same symptoms.

23. People share with them their stories. A distinctive characteristic of an empath is them being offering a trustworthy and valuable companionship to others. People are naturally inclined to gravitate towards them and share what’s bothering their mind. Sometimes people empaths hardly know completely open to them and share their life story from A to Z with them.

Others feel relieved when done talking with empaths but the problem is that empaths take on their weight as their own. It is essential for the empath to learn how to release the energy after someone has shared with them something that bothers them.

24. Feeling dreadful. Quite often, empaths feel their energy depleted due to a social conversation or being in a large group of people.

25. Empaths are drawn to animals. They love to animals has no end as their spiritual gift enables them to sense the purity of an animal’s soul, therefore making them extremely compassionate to animals.

26. Exceptional sensitivity to smells and sounds. Empaths easily get sensory overloaded by loud and cracking noises or even shaken by overpowering smells.

27. They dislike multitasking. One of the distinguishing empath traits is that it empaths are not drawn to the idea of multitasking since it divides their attention into several things at once confusing them and making them feel scattered.

28. Empaths love taking things one at a time. Being big opponents of multitasking, intuitive empaths feel most comfortable when doing tasks in a certain order. Taking things one at a time can be empaths infinite source of personal energy that if taken care of can yield them high results in life.

29. Empaths are often told that they have the ear of others.

30. Experiencing emotions of loved ones. When empaths are in a strong relationship or in a twin flame relationship with someone, they may often experience random spouts of emotions or pains and later find out that someone they love or someone they were close to was feeling those exact same emotions or pains.

31. Empaths are unable to focus around others. Some of the sure signs of an empath are that when they are surrounded by people that they little know it becomes daunting to focus.

32. Empaths sense a deep cry to find their authenticity prior to arriving at a decision. They are often bothered with settling with a solution as they have a hard time separate the voices of others in their head from their after socializing.

33. Empaths seek solitude to hear their inner voice. When empaths over socialize they will often feel that they are not in their place and want to retreat and have some time alone before going back to normal life.

34. Feeling dark energy.Intuitive empaths body often feels murky or dark and heavy.

35. Feeling an intuitive need for a spiritual bath. Sage, crystals, and stones propose an invaluable opportunity to cleanse from the inside-out.

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36. Empaths are usually the one who unite people. They find it uncomfortable deeply inside them watching others being hostile towards each other. Because of their peaceful, easy-going nature empaths they will act as an intermediary to bring peace whenever an internal conflict arises.

37. Empaths are commonly seen working as life coaches, mentors, educators and sometimes because of having a compassion for nature, they can be environmental activists.

38. Intuitive empaths are not meat eaters. Empaths cannot bear the thought of eating animal flesh. Because of the empaths ability to sense the energy of their environment, they can pick up the fear and pain of the animal.

If you are struggling with being an empath, you can get the book An Empath: The Highly Sensitive Person’s Guide to Energy, Emotions & Relationships to help you balance the things in your life.

The difference between simply feeling empathy and being an actual empath is striking.

An intuitive empath knows how the other person feels in an intuitive, wordless way. They are able to pick their energy in the air without having a single world to come off their mouth.

Empathy, on the other hand, is connecting with someone based on an experience you have both went through.

These were our 38 unique traits of an empath. How many do you share? Tell us in the comments!

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