What Happens When You Open Your Third Eye

Today’s topic is something which interests many of you, as we have received countless emails asking what happens when you open your third eye.

Through meditation or some spiritual practice, many people find they can tap into information that they couldn’t previously couldn’t, via their intuition or third eye.

In Hindu culture, the third eye refers to the brow chakra, in between the eyes, and is also known as the inner eye. 

Ideas about third eye opening practices span different spiritual and cultural practices, with varying opinions about its power.

To me, this is a way to turn the focus inwards, to connect to your higher consciousness, your intuition.

Most of us live busy lives, and can easily be so overwhelmed by the demands of life that we lose connection with our inner power.

Focusing on the third eye is a way to reconnect with our inner power.

If you’d like a good introductory meditation to turn your focus inward and connect with your inner world, try this free meditation and mini course

It’s a beautiful 7 minute meditation to help you slow down, disconnect from the outside world, and get in touch with your intuition from a place of calm.

Here’s a little more about what to expect when you open your third eye.

1. You’ll Clear Energy Blocks

When you open your third eye through meditation, you’ll gradually become more self aware, and more able to identify and release self limiting thoughts.

Anger, judgements, fears and projections can be incredibly destructive.

Don’t expect this to be immediate, but with practice you’ll be able to release more and more.

The more you come back to your place of peace and connection with your third eye intuition, the more you will be able to let it guide you.

2. You’ll become more in-tune with your body

Connecting with your third eye is essentially a mind-body practice.

Through the breath and mindful awareness, you’ll become more in-tune with the energy and sensations in your body.

Tips to bring harmony to the body

  • Spend time outdoors doing grounding activities. Find some grass, sand, or dirt to stand on with bare feet, and spend some time being present through your breathing.
  • Take ten very conscious deep breaths every time you feel yourself getting overwhelmed. Go for a walk in the woods or somewhere very close to nature and do that as often as possible.
  • Exercise, sports, and anything where you’re engaging your physical body in a positive way is a very great way to balance all of the energy that is now coming into your being.

It’s all about being present in the body and building that mind-body connection.

This connection will strengthen as you practice your meditation, and as you practice body awareness like the tips above throughout your days.

3. Your Vibration of Energy Will Become More Aligned

What happens when you open your third eye is you will manage to balance and put in total harmony all of your chakras.

Essentially, as you find peace within yourself, you’ll uncover whole new understandings of the things you know.

Your perspective of life will broaden and will never be the same as before.

Being in alignment, you will start to manifest your wishes much faster than you did before. Your thoughts will be much stronger, and you will gain a greater ability to influence your reality. 

Don’t worry if you have negative thoughts. As you raise your vibration, thoughts that carry a negative energy and bring you down will have less of an influence. You can begin to identify them, and decide not to honor them. You will start to cherish the reality you have.

4. You Will Become An Objective Observer

As you strengthen your connection to your inner world, try and focus on being an objective observer of your inner world.

Watch the thoughts that pass through your mind from moment to moment, and understand that they do not need to control you.

Notice unproductive or negative thoughts, and label them.

It’s as simple as telling yourself, right now I am having a negative thought. Then do your best to accept that the thought happened, and move on with your day.

An important note is to avoid judgement. Don’t beat yourself up about negative thoughts, simply notice them and label them.

The more you do this, the more you are going to be able to easily connect with your third eye, inner eye, higher consciousness… and let your intuition guide your path forward.

5. Your Connection Will Strengthen With Practice

If you’re new to working with your inner world, you should begin first with a simple guided meditation practice like this one.

As you strengthen your mindful awareness and connection with your inner world, you can begin to go deeper.

I hope that you all enjoy the information you get today, and this will satisfy your interest in what happens when you open your third eye.

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8 thoughts on “What Happens When You Open Your Third Eye”

  1. Imagine when you watch a movie and the movie was interesting. Then you sleep over because of how intense the action. You loved it and you end up dreaming about it. The characters in the movie are the same but it will play differently, not like the actual one you watched.

    If you have passion for music and you love sing, you will dream about yourself putting more passion on your talent or dream about yourself seeing where you talent can lead you to.

    Have you ever loosed focus and thought of different stuff while you’re in the company of a friend. They just tap you and say: “Hey, snap out!”

    You were having a third eye vision. And dreams are part of your third eye. Your third eye is called your vision, what you show passion for is visioned by your third eyes.

    If you see spirit it’s because God opened your eyes.

    Meditate and you will end up sleeping and that will be the coolest rest you ever had. Relaxing your mind and body will end up creating a charge in your imagination thus opening your third eye when you fall sleep.

    I cannot stress enough how important it is to take control of your dreams in any situation because your dream is your free world. It’s like your world been created on it’s own. Take charge of it because God has given you dominion over everything in it.

    When you’re a spirit you will not get this gift of vision or dreaming, so take charge of it, take out the negative wave and take in positive. People believe that it’s when you see good things you can attract positive wave. That’s a no no. Start now and experience the changes and impact in your life, your third eye manifests good things in your life but it all depends on you to take control of your thoughts and accepting what’s positive.

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