5 Choices You’ll Regret in 20 Years

choices you will regret in 20 years

One thing I realized on my journey is that the choices we make in the present moment are the ones that shape our future.

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The moment I realized it, it struck me that I should pay way more attention and consciousness to how I take decisions as it will reflect on the outcome.

We continuously need to take a lot of choices in our lives, but when we bear in mind the effects of our actions, we become wiser.

These 5 choices will help you get on the right track and not regret in 20 years.

1. Junk food cannot harm me; I’m invincible!

Junk food baits us with its irresistible sweetness, taste and smell.

It’s a lot of temptation to deny a piece of cake or a slice of pizza when your mind is filled with images how tasty it could be.

We look at the food and quietly whisper to ourselves – “I’ll have a small portion of junk food now and when I get to the gym everything will get back to normal.”

I used to fool myself in this way, I believed I’m invincible to it, but when raised my awareness of the harmful effects on our mind and body – I quit eating junk food.

Break this habit by reading more about the food you intake. I can help you start – research some of the most nasty ingredients that are stuffed in foods. These substances will leave you with no words:

– Artificial sweeteners – aspartame, monosodium glutamate etc

2. Leaving your comfort zone.

One thing we, human beings, are afraid of is the unknown. And how we reacts to things we’re not familiar with? We think they can bring us more pain and suffering, so we instinctively hide, run, try avoid all possible contacts. As if it can really harm us. Well, sometimes it can, but this is not case.

Life is comprised of taking risks, going out of your comfort zone, embracing the unknown. It’s about facing your biggest fear in the eyes. No step backward.

You want change in your life? The only way to do this is by breaking the old habits. Old habits lead to the old same repetative results.

Having the courage to go beyond where you are, will reward you for taking the responsibility.

That’s how we grow, we don’t retreat, we need to dive in the unknown.

3. Keep your connections.

Nowadays, life is dynamic and it’s normal to demand from us more flexibility and our time.

Recently, I heard a mind-blowing story about an old person who died. Before he passed away, his son spent the last days of his life together. Taking a look back, the old man realized the choices he made and with great regret shared with him:

“If I had one more life, I will never miss a moment to spent with my old friends.”

The wisdom in these words shocked me.

Leaving old friendships to fade away by being drawn by the business of life is a choice that will leave a deep regret in everyone of us.

Think of a connection, you have long ignored or left as you have no time for it. Consider calling your friends. The experiences matter.

4. Be true to yourself not to others.

On my journey to becoming my ultimate version, I realized that it’s you who takes the decisions.

Leaving yourself open to others’ opinions can void you from realizing your most sacred dreams.

Pretending to be someone else kills your authenticity. Instead of playing a different role with every person you know, don’t you want to express your uniqueness and approach the same way everyone? Don’t you want to be you the model to follow?

You see, one day we’ll all get old. And when the time comes to embrace mortality and look back on how your life passed, wouldn’t you want to stay true to yourself? Imagine how life could develop, only if you let it be your way, not influenced by others thinking. Simply – no regrets.

Be loyal to yourself. Listen to others, exchange information, but always do what you intend to do.

5. Be happy no matter what.

Happiness isn’t about achieving a good grade or gaining a material status. Happiness is simply a matter of choice.

Don’t get unhappy because something sucks and isn’t the way you want it. Some things cannot be changed and this is in order of things.

Instead, free from old behaviors suffocating your potential. Dare to do something new, to break the social thinking. Listen to your innermost being and follow your dreams.

In the end, it’s you who matters and happiness is a choice. Make it.

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