21 Crystals For Perfect Meditation

21 Best Crystals For Meditation.

Crystals for meditation are an excellent opportunity to enhance your meditating experience.

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Today I’m going to share with you my favorite ones and their characteristics!

21 Best Crystals For Meditation.

Amethyst with Okenite.

This is a unique combination of an amethyst cluster with white Okenite puff balls growing on it. I have found this particular combination to be very good for channeling higher levels of consciousness. It seems that purple & white are a good color combination for this, perhaps because they help to open the crown chakra.

Angel’s Wing.

Angel’s Wing has a high angelic feeling vibration and facilitates angelic contact.


Apophyllite is said to be a carrier of the Akashic Record. It helps create a connection between the physical and spiritual realms and keeps a strong connection with the body during out-of-body journeys. It enhances clear spiritual vision, stimulating intuition. It eases journeys into past lives. It is also a powerful vibrational transmitter and enhances the energy of the room it is in.


Azurite is a wonderful stone for the third eye, cleansing, stimulating and attuning to spiritual guidance for psychic and intuitive development. It enables out-of-body journeys to take place safely and more easily. It facilitates entering a meditative & channeling state and when combined with Malachite (combination stone) it greatly strengthens the ability to visualize by opening the third eye.

Cathedral Quartz.

Cathedral Quartz contains wisdom of all that has occurred on earth. It is considered to be a “Light Library.” It attunes to the Universal mind and assists with the evolution of consciousness. It is also good for group work and acts to raise the vibration of thought.


Celestite has a high vibration and can be used for contact with the angelic realms. It is inducive to spiritual development and is useful for stimulating clairvoyant communication. It reveals truth and brings balance & alignment. It is a deeply peaceful stone. When placed on the third eye, it opens a connection to universal energies. It also heightens the vibration of the room in which it is placed.

Chevron Amethyst.

Chevron Amethyst stimulates the third eye and enhances vision and out-of-body journeys. It repels negativity and cleanses the aura. It helps you to find an answer to any problem.


Danburite activates higher consciousness linking to the angelic realms. It is highly spiritual with a very pure vibration. It stimulates the third eye & crown chakras opening up to higher levels and aligns the heart to these higher crown levels. It promotes lucid dreaming, clarifies the aura, facilitates deep change, and acts as a karmic cleanser.


Galaxyite can be used to facilitate contact with higher beings while offering protection from negative energies. It opens the third eye and has a strong connection with the planets in our solar system. It represents the galaxy.

Golden Healer Quartz.

In addition to carrying the generic properties of Quartz, Golden Healers facilitate spiritual communication over long distances, including between worlds, and empower multidimensional healing. It is also said that they access the Christ consciousness as well as activate the solar plexus chakra to join our will with Divine will. They align all chakras and balance yin/yang energies.

Lavender Star Sapphire.

This unique combination includes properties of Sapphire, Purple Sapphire, and Star Sapphire. Star Sapphire (has a five-pointed star shape formation deep within it) is a rare stone that opens intuition, centers thoughts, aids in anticipating the intentions of others, and is said to contact extraterrestrial beings. Purple Sapphire awakens, helps meditation, stimulates kundalini rise and the crown chakra, and opens spirituality. It activates the pineal gland and stimulates vision.


Lepidolite dissipates negativity, activates & opens the throat, heart, third eye, & crown chakras, clearing blockages and bringing cosmic awareness. It can be used as an aid for spiritual or shamanic journeying and accesses the Akashic Record tuning in to feelings or thoughts from other lives that are creating blockages in the present. It can also take you into the future. It can be placed under the pillow to relieve sleep disturbances.


Okenite links to the higher self and supports the conscious manifestation of its energies on the physical plane. It facilitates karmic healing by helping one to understand karmic debts, how they have created the present, and how the present will create the future. (It is a stone of karmic grace.) It can be used to prepare for channeling by purifying the chakras and subtle bodies uniting their energy. It is a stone of truth and brings self-forgiveness.


Prehnite induces deep meditation in which the higher self can be contacted. During meditation with this stone, one accesses the universal energy grid. It can also be used to connect with the healing archangel Raphael as well as other spiritual and extraterrestrial beings. Place on the third eye to enhance prophecy, visualization, and spiritual guidance. It protects by sealing the auric field with a shield of divine energy. It brings peace and protection and shows one how to be in harmony with nature and elementals. It also helps to alleviate fears.

Record Keeper Quartz.

Record Keepers are store houses of knowledge holding the imprint of all that has gone on before and are considered to be portals to spiritual wisdom. They can be used to meditate with for accessing either personal or collective past information to give insights. They are also good for exploring your inner self.


Selenite that is translucent has a very high vibration and opens the crown and higher crown chakras and can be used to access angelic consciousness and higher guidance. It can also be used to enhance telepathy by each person holding a piece. It can be used for checking on life plan progress and assists with judgement and insight.


Shattuckite stimulates the third eye and throat chakras bringing them into alignment. It heightens vibration and brings psychic vision and aids with communication. It is very protective and can be used for channeling and developing psychic abilities such as telepathy, automatic writing, and facilitates communication with extraterrestrials.

Tabular Quartz.

Tabular Quartz is considered the finest tool for communication with other realms. Energy flows freely through them and they can be used to activate other crystals. Notches can be rubbed to activate information contained within the crystal. They can also be used to enhance telepathy. They remove confusion, misinterpretation, and misunderstandings and make excellent communication tools for inner & outer levels.


Tektite is a meteor from outer space & is considered to be helpful for communicating with other worlds and encourages spiritual growth through absorption of higher knowledge. It is helpful for telepathy and clairvoyance and opens communication to other dimensions when placed on the third eye. It can reveal past lives & those lived on other planes or planets and helps to release undesireable experiences and promotes insight.

Tibetan Quartz.

Tibetan Quartz has the resonance of Tibet and holds its ancient knowledge which can be attuned to when meditating with it. It can also access the Akashic Record which can be used to ascertain past-life reasons for dis-ease and karmic lessons currently being experienced.

Vera Cruz Amethyst.

Vera Cruz Amethyst is a pale lavender Amethyst that comes from Vera Cruz, Mexico. It is known for its supreme clarity and extremely high vibration. It is said to instantly take one into a brain wave state that facilitates meditation and journeying. It is beneficial for metaphysical gifts and multidimensional healing as well. (This crystal is becoming more and more rare due to mining having been closed off to the one site it comes from.)

I hope you enjoyed my list of 21 best crystals for meditation. What is your favorite one? How does it help you when meditating?

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