How Do You Know Your Third Eye is Open – 5 Definitive Signs

How do you know your third eye is open?

One of our readers, wrote a letter to us, asking for information about how do you know your third eye is open?

A definite sign you should be looking for when you want to know if your third eye is cracked or not is that a change occurs in all of our spheres of life.

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And one of the things that take place after being awakened is you gain a wider, deeper and more comprehensive perspective about life.

But without removing the clutter in your body, you can’t be sure your mind’s eye is working optimally.

How Do You Know Your Third Eye is Open?

Here are 5 signs that can point you the moment your Ajna Chakra is awakened.

1. You Value the Opinion of Others.

The first way of knowing your third eye is activated is when you stop calling other people crazy.

People are sometimes labeled as crazy, weird and strange in our eyes because the way they see the world doesn’t match how we see it through our lens.

And the universal truth is, everyone has a different mindset at a different stage of his life.

Now that you have awaken your third eye, you’re able to dive deep into the underlying world and perceive everything as it – your vision simply expands.

The change in you has occured – you realize life is a matter of individual perspective, and you no longer feel a need to label others just because they are different from you and see the world from another angle.

2. The Seemingly Impossible Becomes Possible.

What you thought was impossible is now possible.

The strange, the absurd is no longer the same. You realize everything you have been told from others is a mere glimpse of the truth.

And with that comes a desire to change your core way of thinking. Your awareness is growing and you see much more, in other words, you’ve awakened from the state of mind you were previously stuck into. You’ve managed to transcend to a higher plane of consciousness.

You’re ready to take on new challenges and climb new heights.

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3. Heightened And Sharper Senses.

How do you know your third eye is open?

The information you’re able to pick stretches and exceeds the physical world.

You start to sense things you couldn’t before. You get sudden senses something is going to happen before it’s going to happen or that something is wrong in the picture.

This is because your dormant psychic abilities are finally brought to life.

We all have some innate psychic potential but most of which is closed through the tight and unbreakable belief filters of the mind.

Everything becomes like a kids game – you begin to read people’s feelings, their thoughts, pick up their energy clearly that you are amazed at how you couldn’t do that before.

4. A Spark of Creativity.

We are all artist to some extent.

But when you are on the process of awakening because that is what opening your Ajna Chakra means, your inner artist appears.

You start to see the beauty in the mundane but in the same time you’re growing into consciousness, in awareness.
And with the increased creativity and strong imagination, your problems start to lose their reputation as being tough to deal with.

You quickly spot new and creative ways to tackle what bothers you.

The essence of the mind’s eye finally starts to wrap around you as you gradually stepping into your natural flow as an almost permanent state of being.

5. You See That the Food You Consume Doesn’t Serve You.

Let us admit it, we have all eaten food that is not the best for what our body needs.

But when you begin to walk on your journey of awakening, you begin to sense the signals your body sends you –

“Hey, I don’t want to eat that. It hurts me more than it gives me!”

Losing appetite in the food you’re eating is because your eating habits are about to change.

A healthy, new and productive diet is on the way to emerge in your menu and transform your cosmic mind.

Taking in food in its rawest form is the best way to clean up your body.

Essentially, your clean your mind and consciousness from all the toxins and that way you greet the abundant change in your reshaped way of thinking.

These are the 5 signs that can help you to do recognize when your third eye is open. Share your views on what changes did you spot when your power was first unleashed, in other words, your third eye was waken up.

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