How to Enter the Spirit World And Receive The Answers You Need

Today, I’ll be talking about how to enter the spirit world.

God speaks to us in many ways. He gave us an extraordinary, unique ability – intuition. An immaterial mechanism to sense and receive information from the spiritual realm when you need it and you’re in “search mode”.

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We, the people, usually wish to have interesting spiritual experiences, although we don’t appreciate what that means, and quite often we don’t want to put forth any efforts.

Our expectations are that a “teacher”, “healer”, “guru”, or “magician” can do the job for us, while we’re left to enjoy the end result.

But in sustaining such a paradigm of thinking, we deprive ourselves of engrossing spiritual encounters. Encounters that we can experience by ourselves. We’re also robbing ourselves of the control over this connection, inasmuch as we can talk about control.

I recommend you 7 actions & ways of thinking which can open you to spiritual sensations and perceptions. If you adopt them, you will receive the answers look for. You won’t have to seek the help of an intermediary.

My observations are based on the lives of people, who are turned inward to their inner world. And they refract every experience through their spiritual eyes, seeking the deeper meaning of everything that life hands them.

I know them and their experiences, which occur almost daily, and therefore no longer consider them “paranormal”.

If it weren’t for them, I would never have discovered the things I have. And by looking at their lives, I have intuitively understood some of my past actions.

Our common aim is to develop our way of contacting and connecting to the spirit world, also called our Home.

How to Enter the Spirit World?

1. The first key thing you must change in yourself is the false notion that you can’t do it by yourself.

Each one of us, every day and every minute, is connected with the spiritual home. Part of us is always there and can make the contact when we need.

2. You must believe in your abilities and train yourself to practice in your daily life. You shouldn’t wait only when some dramatic event occurs (in such moments, strong emotions can become blockages).

3. Meditation is a great way to establish a communication link with the spirit world.

Meditation enables us to quiet the monkey-mind. It also enables us to practice inner reflection by falling asleep immediately afterwards with the intention of what excites us.

For instance, if you were reading an interesting book and wanted to feel the essence of what was written, you would read a little and set the book aside. Allow yourself to relax and close your eyes, contemplating what you’ve just read.

Ask yourself about the meaning of what you’ve read, and then let yourself fall asleep with those thoughts.

This way, you’ll teach yourself how to see into the spiritual realm through meditation on a daily basis.

The Magic Occurs When You Silence the Monkey-Mind.

More often than not, such moments will bring you interesting experiences while sleeping. You may have metaphorical dreams filled with symbols and feelings which, impart a deeper understanding of your questions and of what you’ve read.

Sometimes, insights and feelings from the day can continue in your dreams.

These can include visiting various places that you’ve read about, meeting with creatures you’re curious about, having exciting experiences that you’ve never had before, and much, much more beyond the scope of human concepts.

Quite often, my friends come and tell me that they drift off to sleep when they meditate. After an hour or two, they wake up feeling they have meditated. Their consciousness was there in the meditation, engaged in the subject they had chosen.

If you’re open for such an experience and you’re not afraid to dream (and there’s no reason to be afraid), the proper dreams are automatically organized, providing you with profound insights on the topics of your choice. Everything happens seamlessly without being planned because internally you’ve asked yourself the question.

Visualization Increases the Effect of Meditation.

4. Try visualizing while in the meditative state. Visualizing can actually help you get into the spirit world.

Pictures and images are a universal language. Even today, if you gather people from different nationalities, they all understand a painting in the same way.

This universal language is above all other communication. For that reason, our feelings are often associated with images.

Here I’ll share one more experience from a friend of mine. She shared with me that sometimes just by glimpsing a person or some ordinary thing like spilled water, she would almost instantaneously receive an image and a feeling about it.

On the last occasion this happened, a friend of hers was undergoing a surgery. My friend had no news about the outcome. She was in a state in which she was internally searching for a sign her friend’s operation went smooth.

This disposition provoked her to notice a sign – the image of an angel, formed by a spilled glass of water at her workplace. At the same time, she felt a very strong sense of her sick friend.

Later, it turned out that the water image of the angel described the exact position the sick woman had taken in her hospital bed after the surgery. Everything was accurate, the position of the hands and the body, the heaviness and slight tilt of the body on one side.

When visualization is done while meditating, it provides an excellent opportunity to further develop your communication with and receptiveness to the spiritual realm.

Look Into Yourself to Find the Answer.

5. In order to learn how to connect with the spirit world, you must turn inwards and feel what you want to express while you’re awake – a skill which the act of writing can help to develop.

Our inner world is quite rich. We constantly process huge amounts of information and at the same time analyze everything internally based on our relationship with God and the Universe.

It’s like writing an essay at school, but without the concern about being right or wrong. No one will judge what you write. It’s all up to you.

Writing on the white sheet of paper can lead to various insights. It’s a priceless phenomenon and everyone is capable of doing it.

Don’t be afraid of who you are or what you’ll write. Don’t be afraid to ask the questions that bother you, or to consider the answers. You know how to enter the spirit realm.

Initially, everyone is worried about trying it, but once the first step is made, you’ll realize how good you actually feel – seeing everything coming out on the white sheet, sorting out your feelings and thoughts, analyzing your experiences.

You’ll feel as if an invisible force is helping you to understand yourself and others, and to realize new wisdom. This wisdom, which we often feel isn’t our own and doesn’t come from us, is a message from the spiritual world and God. They are the answers to which we always have access but can’t see unless we slow down by simply expressing ourselves in writing.

Develop A Mindset That You Can Do It.

6. Cultivate a way of thinking which puts you in the consciousness of knowing how to contact the spirit world. And that you may always find the answers you seek.

Even when we can’t comprehend the motives of other’s, when we can’t understand why things happen the way they do, when everything seems chaotic and we lose positivity, it’s necessary to pause for a moment and remind ourselves:

“I might not grasp the whole concept of what is happening now, but I’m SURE and I BELIEVE that God will reveal the purpose to me in time, and that I’ll FIND OUT the meaning of these lessons.”

7. Every day we learn new things, meet new people, and find ourselves in different situations. Yet, as monotonous life might seem at first glance, nothing is what it seems.

Our internal processes, the experiences of our colleagues at work or at school, and everything that we see or touch happens in front of us, with us, and to us, simply because our soul needs to see and experience, in order to learn.

Everything contains a potential learning experience. By sustaining an attitude of self-improvement and inquiry, you’ll soon start to discover by yourself what the Universe is trying to teach you, by confronting you with certain people, situations, and occasional tests along your way. 

It’s also a constant form of intercommunication. We don’t gain anything if we close our eyes and ears to the spiritual channel. Everything happens for a reason and is intended to enrich our lives and impart some lesson. Everything someone endures is an experience that can’t be accomplished in the spiritual world, but only here on Earth – a field where different lessons are physically being played out.

Final Words.

The most precious thing is the ability to notice the signs and messages coming from the spiritual dimension. Learning this, you’ll know how to act, will always feel protected and know how to cope with everything you encounter. It won’t matter how complicated or difficult a situation might seem.

Knowing how to enter the spirit world is an invaluable experience.

Teach yourself to search this communication within yourself, to welcome it, to analyze your experiences and thoughts, to analyze the situations and circumstances in your life but always asking “What does the Universe wants to tell me in this moment, why is it happening now, what’s hidden behind this delay of my plans? Is it an attempt to protect me from trouble or to show me there’s something better for me? Are my pans postponed so that I can mature and become ready for what I desire?

Even if you think what you have just read is all simply “infotainment” – the essence of this piece contains enormous potential if you apply it. Those of you, who intuitively do it already can appreciate what I’m saying.

It’s an integral part of the path of anyone, who seeks to achieve connection and be independent, to personally feel anything, to understand how to see the spirit world.

The satisfaction you experience when you realize that you actually received feedback, response or insight, is indescribable. There’s no other feeling in the heart quite like it – the feeling of love and support, not from man, but from a force much greater.

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