How to Expand Your Consciousness

How to expand your consciousness.

The answer to the question how to expand your consciousness lies within you.

And not only this question. All questions are inside us and the way we can access them is through contemplation, through meditation. Once you begin contemplating, you’re triggering the process of revealing the answers.

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In an age where low vibrational frequency dominates, where our left hemisphere of the brain guides us and we automate everything and act like robots, the opportunity to progress your consciousness though the help of external conditions is beaten down.

External conditions are working against us, instead of helping us raise our consciousness. But in the end it doesn’t matter if the conditions are in our favor or not, if they are good, if not it’s ok. Because it’s our own responsibility, as in all cases, to guide our intention to accomplish an increased consciousness.

How to expand your consciousness?

The best way to do it is by being more conscious of the moment in which you are here and now, conscious of your body, conscious of your thoughts and feelings.

If you observe every process going in yourself and allow it to be, this will increase your consciousness or with other words – you will develop the so-called expanded consciousness.

Breaking the thread of your ‘robot consciousness’ taking over your life and becoming more aware of every tiny background process going in your life. That is what you have to do – to stop living like a robot anymore!

It all starts with a journey towards yourself. Through meditation, through contemplation you are starting to evolve and gain a deeper perspective of the underlying world. You start to see the amazing beauty of things behind the manifestation of the 3D reality we are in. You are diving deep in the pool of knowledge that you were not aware before and realize that hidden connectedness of all things in life.

Earth – lifting your consciousness.

Earth is our home. Earth takes care of our grow for millions of years, pours us with her love, feeds us with her fertility and satiates us with her energy of evolution.

By appreciating the uniqueness of what the planet gives you and by respecting it, Earth supports and boosts you tremendously in changing your consciousness and your vibration.

Trust her and take this journey together as you cannot go without her.

What happens while you are raising your consciousness?

Right now we are severely limited by our minds. We have confined everything in terms and concepts, we have jailed the infinite with terms, thinking we are something more but in reality forgetting who we really are.

For that reason, the best you can do is spend time in becoming aware to what degree you have enchained yourself. Afterward, contemplate at what freedom means to you. Take a decision what you really want to achieve in life by listening to the calling of your soul.

When you start walking on this path to self-realization you’re removing the accumulated layers through which you limitedly perceive the material and deny the invisible world. You start to remember who you really are and to realize that all those layers don’t serve you, they are restricting your infinite potential.

What will be the effect of expanding your consciousness?

A deep and complete change will pervade you. A change in your consciousness, your values, your desires and the perspective you hold of life. Your perspective of life will widen more and you will gain the insight that you are the real forger of your fate. And when you realize that all your actions have put you in the situation you are right now, you will fully take responsibility for your life and life will start to support you.

The old and limiting beliefs will vanish and a new reality will be born under your hands. You will open yourself to a life full of new and richer experiences, love, connections, happiness that was not possibly with your old way of thinking. A resounding and new beginning life will begin.

Is raising your consciousness worth it?

I say DEFINITELY. And I support this claim with my whole body, mind and spirit. Because I know that this will help you tremendously in being who you really want to be. The new consciousness you will develop will tear up the false personality and make way for authenticity in your life.

I’m still on the road to seizing this magnificent consciousness and what gives me hope is seeing frequently those glimpses of the reality I dream off.

The road of self-realization is always interesting, sometimes it gets a little bumpy but never, I mean NEVER GIVE UP!

One more thing – keep your mind always open, always searching & questions, always curious as this drives the change to expand your consciousness.

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