How To Talk To Spirits – Tap Into Your True Authenticity

How to Talk to Spirits?

A question came in our email box from a reader, interested in knowing how to talk to spirits.

Talking to spirits is an interesting topic we’ll dive in today and hopefully enlighten you.

We believe that spirits live in the spiritual world. And that is correct.

However, most people have this idea about the spirit world of being something separate from us.

The truth is the spirit world works within us, intimately, right inside our minds.

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The spirit world is present in every moment, every second, every thought and sometimes when many of our feelings come up – intuition and instinct and an impression.

Commonly, what we sense is guided by the spirit world.

How Do Spirits Communicate With Us?

The way the spirit world communicates is in super-fast dialogue, instantaneous like zero time between you asking a question and the response coming back to you.

That means that as humans as people we need to be on the alert instantly we invite the spirit world to give us information about something.

It’s up to us to switch out on instant vigilance and on immediate attention to what’s feeding back into our system.

A lot of times, impulse coming back is below conscious, and that’s why it takes full attention in assessing what that impulse is and the depth and level of intelligence and resonance behind it.

Most people ignore this aspect of their consciousness. Most people that are living their lives ignorant or not aware that the spirit world is just on the other side of the veil.

How To Talk To Spirits?

Talking to spirits means you must have some energy signature of the spirit you are trying to contact.

Now, by energy, I don’t say you have to have met with them.

All I’m saying is you must have thoughts about them because what thoughts essentially are is energy.

Establishing communication between you and a fellow spirit occurs when you have a particular thought about one.

When you talk to a spirit, it usually doesn’t mean using words. The spirit world works differently than the world of matter. All you need to do is watch about what sensations come up in your consciousness.

Spirits have their energy signature. And now if you have gotten to this point if you know their energy signature, the specific entity you want to channel will occur.

Then you must sit down, become comfortable and still like water. Be like a growing tree.

You must be in a channeling state. You must understand how to get into a channeling state or how to get into a state of complete voidness.

Allow your physical reality melt away into the depths of existence. You must be in a plain void with your objective.

Your objective, in this case, is to know how to talk to spirits.

Now, you will know when you have found a spirit energy signature. You will probably be able to see them, hear them or feel their presence.

The Effect Of the Ego When Speaking With Spirits.

What you must be aware of is the effect of the ego.

The ego is like a mirror, but it is more like a curved mirror. It manipulates and stretches your appearance.

There are many layers of the ego in your being. The outer layers of your being are usually of the ego.

Imagine your being having the form of an onion. At the very core is your true Self, your consciousness in its purest form.

You must learn to get through the ego which will try to manipulate and deform your figure in every possible way.

You can do this simply by finding inner peace, from being free, being your nature, doing what you enjoy.

Think about this – whenever you connect and talk to spirits it benefits you in expanding and growing your consciousness.

You are still for the same purpose, but instead of talking to the spirit on an individual level, you’re talking to yourself which just proves that the information you search for is within you.

Perhaps that happens for a reason. Maybe your ego manipulates your mind on purpose. It’s just a game to prove to you that you have that information already and that you don’t need to be asking other people for it, other spirits. And that you always need to trust your being for having all the answers you need and not search outside yourself when need guidance.

The way to channel and the way to talk to spirits on a higher vibrational plane lies in learning to let go.

When Talking to Spirits, Remove All Expectations.

Expecting to hear a particular thing or to connect to an individual spirit means you are going against the natural flow of things – you are creating resistance in yourself.

And whatever you resist will follow you. It will put weights on you and pull you back. It will come harder and harder every time you try to resist you.

You just need to follow the natural order of things.

Have an artless intention but no specific aim and expectation.

If you want to fly, let go of all weights.

I hope this helped you to see that art of knowing how to talk to spirits isn’t a hard and complicated lesson reserved only for the Chosen ones.

It’s something we can do all the time and any moment. We just need to establish contact with our deepest core of our personality – our true Self to get all the information that best matches our journey.

Tell us in what way this information helped you or what do you find not in right place and needs to be changed?