What Is Past Life Regression And How Does It Work?

what is past life regression and how does it work

This article is made and translated using materials from www.dolorescannonbg.blogspot.com with exclusive permission from Pavlina Nikolova QHHT practitioner.

Hello, everyone. I’m Pavlina Nikolova and I’m a professional past life regression therapist for about 4 years now. My tuition went under the guidance of Dolores Cannon, a woman with many years of expertize in the field of psychotherapy. The original name of her method is Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. A method left as a heritage from her to all her students to pass it on others.

Now, I’ll try to briefly explain to you what is past life regression and how does it work based on the insights I gained through my work in regression.

What is past life regression and how does it work?

what does past life regression meanOne of the essential things needed to have a full past life regression is motivation. If you want to make sure you had other past lives or you’re only curious then this is an insufficient motive to make your subconscious cooperate and reveal everything accessible until this moment for the soul.

We all had many lives but to open such information for us we must experience a real need of it for our current life.

Much better results are achieved when a person is deeply motivated when he’s searching through regression a deeper understanding of himself, the reasons for particular emotions and feelings, events, hardships.

When he’s searching understanding for the circumstances in which his soul was born on Earth, why certain relationship problems happen, the lessons he’s learning and what’s the meaning of life and his vocation.

Exploring yourself and this new point of view to our life situation, which the soul can provide us in regression is the formula for achieving a greater understanding and freeing from the past, for cleaning everything held as burden and preventing us from progressing with confidence on our Path.

Past life regression is a valuable experience with finding and understanding explanations and answers, why sometimes we feel in a strange way we don’t understand, where do vivid dreams come from and for what reason are they given to us, what is the purpose of some psychic abilities and the sensitivity we’re given.

past life regression and what it isEverything that is given to us in this life has a purpose and regression can contribute to clarify these goals and reasons.

One of the most substantial questions motivating people to look for experiences like regression is the question about their mission and vocation in life. Throughout our whole life, we receive signs that point us to the realization of our mission, the tasks we came for on the planet.

Sometimes, a feeling of something is missing or emptiness arouses in a person, regardless of the achievements and fortune he might have conquered until now. This happens when the soul is trying to send him a sign there is something else, the time has come to search for purpose in a different direction and this is the path of the soul.

We come for many and various experiences on Earth but most often we’re concerned in only one sphere of growth and neglect everything else. In moments like these, signs and reminders start to appear, the voice of the soul is trying to penetrate the defenses of the ego-mind and lead us to the path of our real realization, to do what will give us most inner satisfaction and growth of the soul.

past life regression hypnotismIn its essence, past life regression is bringing a person in a special, changed state of the consciousness, different from our normal state, in which the man himself has the opportunity to personally perceive and learn information about past lives, as well as the path of the soul between reincarnations.

To achieve this state of expanded consciousness, we don’t use hypnosis. The purpose of regression differs from hypnosis. The state in regression can be described as being highly aware, as concentration facing inwards – the inner world of the person, as peace of the logical mind and giving priority to our intuition and inner voice.

And the word hypnosis is used to show where the regression takes place – in a state close to sleep. This state is part of our lives, but we only pass through it for short periods of time – when falling asleep and waking up. This natural state of the consciousness which is used not only in regression but in some meditations is known as Alpha and Theta frequency of the brain vibration.

Tell us in what way this information helped you or what do you find not in right place and needs to be changed?