What is the Higher Self And How to Let It Guide You on Your Path?

A lot of people browsing this website have sent me emails, requesting that I write a post about higher self definition. Today I’ll be writing on that topic. I hope you’ll find what you’re looking for.

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In the world of matter, we’re just a physical body. But in the spirit realm, we are far more than that. In the spiritual world, we’re comprised of several, subtle bodies, which the human eyes cannot pertain.

There is also an aura surrounding each body including the physical body.

The higher self is part of our bodies.

Defining Your Higher Self.

There is a lot of mist surrounding the higher self.

Every human has a higher self and there’s no exception to that rule.

In the spiritual dimension, of all subtle bodies, the higher self is the most auric and luminous.

The higher self is also with the most prompt vibration levels. And the higher you’re on the spiritual ladder, the prompter the vibration.

The lower self is also part of our spiritual body. But although it’s made of subtle matter, it’s a lot denser than the higher self.

In order to walk the spiritual path untroubled, you need to free yourself from the lower self. Because the lower self hinders your development as a spiritual being. If it gets too much in your way, it will be really hard to achieve higher levels of consciousness. That’s why the higher self needs to be left untouched.

Everyone, to some degree, has freed his higher self from the dominance of the lower self. But only when you free from the various manifestations of the lower self just like you take off your clothes you can be more connected to your divine purpose.

In that way, you can let your higher self shine.

What is the Lower Self?

If you are proud and selfish – that’s your lower self.

If you are ignorant and lazy – that’s your lower self.

When you despise change – that’s again your lower self.

The lower self resembles a person’s weaknesses. It doesn’t choose to show itself and it can be hard to spot.

It always wants to achieve without putting in the needed work.

Your ego is part of the lower self.

The Higher Self and the Lower Self.

Based on the spiritual rank of a person he can spot the higher and lower self in himself or those he’s in contact with.

And it’s not uncommon to see that the yearnings of the higher self can sometimes be blended with traits of the lower self.

This is the reason we suffer internally. Whenever the desires of the higher self are corrupted by the nature of the lower self, a perturbation is sparked in the soul, creating uneasiness.

Sometimes, something else might occur – if a person poses a selfish request and because he doesn’t want to admit this to himself, he will try to rationalize the selfish desire. All kind of justifications will be made up in the mind to allow it. This sort of self-deception is commonly seen.

Those fighting on their path to conquer the lower self will probably notice that there is an additional layer. It’s tricky one and hard to spot but once one commits to advance spiritually, he’ll feel its silent presence.

The Mask Self.

How is the mask self created?

The mask is created when you’re too afraid of giving into your lower self when with other people. This means that you’re still not prepared to overcome it.

By hiding your lower nature from the others, so that you don’t upset them or don’t want to be seen in a bad light, you hide it from yourself. You essentially suppress it. And since you don’t let it come out but letting it reside in yourself, you have no clue what you’ve to fight.

Avoiding the pain of walking the actual path of spiritual progress, you create an illusion in your mind. The mind needs that illusion. It needs opium that soothes the image you’re doing just fine.

And the longer you choose not to admit that you have a lower nature that you have to deal with, the worse the problem will get.

Selfishness, pride or some other characteristic of lower nature that one exhibits and tries to hide from himself will eventually become stronger and give birth to forms that carry their effect and can’t be removed because simply, one is not aware of them.

Don’t Let the Mask Self Get in Your Way.

Creating a mask moves you further away from your true nature and being in alignment with God’s order of things. Not only this but happiness, health and inner peace will always be evasive for you.

The way one to prevent the effects of the mask self is by lifting your vibration. Once you do that, your spiritual eyes open and you’ll be able to sense the truth and false in yourself.

Once again the feeling that you walk on the right path in life will return to you.

Remember, you cannot remove the lower nature but you can conquer it by becoming aware of its presence. Because once you’re aware of it, you are stronger than it.

As you can see, the higher self definition topic is an interesting one and can be of tremendous help if you’re seeking answers.

Pathwork Guide Lecture No. 14 | October 11, 1957

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  1. I found this article very helpful since I am still willing to enter into spirit realm. I must admit that I can spot the difference between lower and higher self. My wish is to be able to open my third eye, and be able to communicate with different forces and spirits.

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