How Marijuana Affects Your Mind And Body?

how marijuana affects your mind and body

Today, I’ll try to briefly answer you how marijuana affects your mind and body based on the knowledge gained.

Cannabis has been used by human beings for thousands of years since ancient times. Cannabis or also known as marijuana, pot, weed is a plant found in Central Asia but grown all around the world.

The cannabis plant produces a resin which contains compounds called cannabinoids. Cannabinoids have the so-called active cannabinoids named DELTA-9-THC. You’re asking what does this mean?

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It means it’s a psychoactive drug. So, when you’re taking cannabis it’s altering your mood, your central nervous system, it’s impacting your whole physiology. It affects your mind and body together.

Moreover, we’ve to realize cannabis is a plant and all plants are for healing. But at the same time we have to ask ourselves healing what? Do we need to be healed?

The key here is to ask yourself why you are using marijuana in the first place. Because a lot of people begin smoking the time they’re most impressionable – teenage years.

What weed does is enabling us to shape our identity. That’s the reason why people who feel lonely, smoke marijuana to gain some sort of security. But being a psychoactive drug, cannabis can make you very mellow because through neuroplasticity our brain is changing based on our experiences and through epigenetics our DNA’s changing based on our environment and what we’re intaking.

So, that’s why many times if you’re smoking marijuana you stop embodying the same vibrational frequency as the plant itself which is of unity, peace, joy, serenity, just want to relax. The majority of children who smoke don’t show interest in school because it’s allowing us to tap into other dimensions. We start to see that we’re living in a multi-dimensional universe. But we’re living in this 3D material world. So, when you’re taking a lot of marijuana it can be very difficult to adapt back to reality.

In ancient times, shamans have taken it as a gateway because plants are messengers.

There have been numerous studies showing how cancer can be treated through the use of cannabis. It may serve as a potential cure. The Journal of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapies showed how taking cannabis stopped tumors. Cannabis possesses anti-tumor properties.

According to studies, cannabis can be used to treat people who have intense pain.

What’s more, cannabis reduces inflammation. It makes the ego dissolve. That’s why a lot of times when people are smoking they want to hug everyone, not always, but they feel a lot of love, peace, harmony.

Ask yourself why are you using cannabis, are you doing it to escape from reality because all anxiety is born from the desire to escape the present moment. Many people use cannabis as a coping mechanism because it’s a way of escaping the harsh realities of life.

There’s a reason why plants are made unavailable and restricted by laws. We’re essentially realizing the cosmic truth of oneness. We’re given the opportunity to connect with them, to see through the illusion of this 3D dimension.

But at the same time it’s very easy to use cannabis as a crutch to spiritual enlightenment. It becomes a learned behavior and you’re easily associating cannabis with a higher experience, your higher self.

Cannabis reminds you who you are.

A lot of people smoke cannabis because they’re conscious of what it does in healing the body.

Smoking cannabis is all about letting go, releasing resistance. It allows us to surrender.

The plant enables you to tap in the present moment. It’s almost as if time stops and there is only now. The same effect is reached with mindfulness meditation.

A lot of us have peer pressure growing up – people seduce us – ‘try this, try that’.  So many times people are taking marijuana not because they want to because if they stop they lose their identity they’ve created from childhood.

You might be using marijuana to escape your problems, but the reality is no plant can tackle your problems. It might suppress it but once you stop smoking, your problem reappears.

The best option for you is to a research and answer why you need it, can you live without it. Because if you cannot, you become powerless, feel like a victim. And everything in life seems to go down, every aspect worsens, you start feeling desperate. Instead of benefiting you’re worsening the situation. Be wise and answer the most important question – do I really need marijuana?

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