The Truth Speaks E.06 – Be Aware of Your True Nature (Advaita Inspiration)

be aware of your true nature - advaita inspiration

We are not left for a moment with a deep, fundamental sense of existence; feeling that we are, we are being.

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Be Aware of Your True Nature

Contemplate at this feeling and see it for yourself. This is life in us, our existence. Since our mind is excessively restless and busy with external effects, it rarely leaves us to realize the presence of profound peace, tranquility and boundlessness in which we are immersed from the outset.

Whatever happens, it happens in the infinity of deep primordial space; the noise coming from the outside world occurs in primordial silence; whatever you think or feel, whatever we think we are, everything happens in a vast, quiet infinitude. Dive in this simple fact and you will perceive the simplicity and depth of this truth. Something really profound in our being is constantly present and observes; completely neutral, remote, uncritically, all-seeing, all-accepting.

If we direct our attention to that thing in us, that silently observes, we inevitably realize the depth and global spatiality of Life; if we succeed to retain, even for a few seconds, the awareness of this observer, we will feel his essence as peace.

Peace is actually infinite space in which things happen, in which life vibrates; it is Life itself.

The Peace, the Space in which everything exists and the Observer are one Whole; it is our True Nature or our Real Us. (In whose grandiosity contains absolutely everything, including the spark of our inauthentic, external, illusory self – the personality with its arrogance as ego).

Observing the observer with his peace and infinite space, we are still not in awareness of the Truth. This is because of the impression – conscious (we) and awareness (the observer deep within us, with his quietness and spaciousness). The one who is aware and the awareness are seemingly separate; in fact they are one. The dual in essence human mind constantly creates imaginary poles and division, which actually don’t exist.

Here we offer the next step in becoming aware of the essence of our True Nature.

Not just to observe the observer (or to be aware of the conscious, which is the same), but to Realize that we are the Observer, Witness, Peace and Infinite Space as a Whole. Without division, without an idea of two things (meditating personality and unachievable Divinity). We are the Consciousness, except Consciousness there is nothing else. The consciousness radiates some vital force that has manifested itself here as a certain reality with occurring events in it. The personality, the body, events, circumstances, the noise of our well-known world are just manifestations of a particular vital force, emitted by the global, primordial Consciousness. We are that Consciousness.

Let us get into awareness of the Truth that we are the Consciousness. We are the One Witness of Everything, whom we can detect as Peace and Endless Spatiality. Any event, circumstance, thought, feeling, concept, idea, image, even if they claim of importance of basisity, they simply are part of an infinitely greater and Only Consciousness. Things come and go; anything that comes and goes is not us because it is less than us and is in us. Our True Nature in contrast to the transitory things is timeless, eternal, unchanging. It does not come and go, it is not born and will not die, it is not created and is indestructible.

Any idea that something in the world expands, develops, becomes wiser, better, purer or more wonderful is just a thought, a conception, an evanescent glimmer and essentially sleep. In the infinite of the changeless and eternal True Nature of the Consciousness, we are, things arise and go, but the Outset remains untouched, intangible, forever and always.

We are the Consciousness. We are our True Nature, our True Self, created by the vagaries of the life force at the moment as human beings.

Live like the Consciousness, which you really are and in which is everything.

There is no path to be treaded, no things to be removed, improved or balanced; there are no aspirations, expectations, there is nothing to achieve; because fundamentally we are and always have been.

Whatever there is to be “removed and balanced”, the Truth in us will have the care to cure us; our ambitions to do this speculative and “by piece” do not lead to a result as the experience of a number of naïve essentially dualistic metaphysical schools.

The key point is in the Trust towards the Absolute and in our ability to capitulate in front of Him, to surrender to His Mercy. To Accept what it is, without ambitions, desires, expectations and unnecessary fantasies for future eventualities.

The instantaneous mistake in which we are currently as humanity is the excessive fixation of the mind and its creations – the decoration of external happening; (in whatever you direct your attention, that is what you become.

And since apparently the time has come to wake up from this illusion with the above references we turn the focus not on illusions, but on the Absolute Truth, our True Nature, which we are, regardless of temporary roles.

Summarizing briefly:

The first step towards becoming aware of our True Nature is to manage to observe the Observer (or to become aware of the Conscious, which is the same).

The second step in becoming aware of our True Nature is to expand our understanding from the illusion (temporary needed for the first step) “observer, who observes a separate from us observer” to become aware that there is no subject and object, that we are the Only Observer, the Consciousness that is a Witness of Everything; we are the uneventful Peace, Eternity, Infinite Space.

Live like what you fundamentally are, your True Nature. A matter of focus of the inner attention, nothing else.

Shared awareness is not a meditation, practice or teaching, but something everyone can Realize. There are no promises to happen, so expectations are irrelevant.

The constant being in this Knowledge, someone would call it Enlightenment and would argue that the enlightened human being lives better than the unenlightened.

Whether this is right, you can check it from your personal experience; all concepts on the matter are just evanescent flashes that come and go in the Infinity; thoughts and images of the mind are nothing that come from nothing and go in the nothingness.

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