The Truth Speaks E.08 – How to Directly Experience Our True Nature?

how to directly experience your true nature

How to directly experience our True Nature?

Below are 3 accessible and understandable ways.

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1. The question “Who Am I?”

If we have enough firm and clear intention to become aware and feel immediately Truth who we are, we don’t need any special practice or approach. We just ask the simple and unwavering question our consciousness: “Who Am I?”

Don’t expect the answer to be in words. If you do get one, don’t believe it, Truth doesn’t speak with words.

The answer to the question is so vast and deep that doesn’t fit in any picture, image, concept or familiar meaning.

The answer to this question always comes.

It comes as a deep, complete, comprehensive feeling. As if the world suddenly expands, enlivens, softness and deepness penetrates. A world of peace, infinity, eternity. Completeness, satisfaction, calm, festive joy. Extremely pleasant, comfort, security, home. Grace, happiness, good, peace. Pervading love, aroma of eternity….

An answer to the question “Who Am I?” always comes, always. Maybe the feeling is different every time, maybe with time the answer-experience becomes deeper and richer.

Notice that in moments of Awareness of our True Nature, your psychic mind stops. Your consciousness is beyond time-future, beyond emotions and habitual thinking. Naturally you discontinue identifying with your personality.

The feeling, experience, aroma of the True Self is not like anything we know from our ordinary life. Once you experience it, you’ll never mistake it with something else.

In such a state, the practical mind works flawlessly if needed; you’re able to be usually active without interfering with your spiritual awareness. Your practical activities wouldn’t hinder you also.

In moments like these, the practical mind is energized, flares, gains power. Your body functions perfectly. All this comes to show us the simple fact that if you achieve a permanent awareness, you automatically transform your life in a complete, deep and powerful meditation. Practices become redundant.

Stop your reading here and ask your consciousness: “Who Am I?” Live the answer. If you thought that the first time it didn’t work, repeat, show persistence.


Sri Ramana Maharshi, an exceptional spiritual teacher, in his childhood, experienced a moment of intense fear of death. When he thought for a moment he’s dying, got a craving desire to know who he is; who is actually dying.

The answer exploded instantly in him, with such a force and beauty that Ramana directly experienced Enlightenment.

The first thing he knew is that there is no death for the simple reason that he, Ramana is Life itself. He became aware that Life is eternal and he has never been born, nor he will die, he just IS. His personality disappears without a trace and dissolves in the Truth about Who He Is.

From this moment, until the end of his life in a body, he’s in a permanent meditation consisting of self-examination, asking the question “Who Am I?”. His students call this question “killer question” since you ask it, all other questions lose meaning.


2. Observe the Observer.

Each one of us can easily pay attention to the simple fact that something silent and quiet in our being, constantly monitor our lives. Rather as a witness than an observer.

Gain insight into the writing, stop reading and realize this Witness in you, the thing that sees the world through your eyes.

If you succeed even for a few seconds to observe the Observer, a clear sense of who You Are will rise.

The directed attention to the silent Observer in us represents a touch to its Consciousness, a part of which is the personality. Quickly we learn to contemplate at this Contemplative, Observer, Witness. It gets easier to be in constant contact with His Consciousness. Sooner or later we learn that we’re this infinite and eternal Observer.

At first, it’s hard to keep your attention on the Observer, the mental mind will try to distract us, sabotaging our touch of the Truth. But with some perseverance you can overcome it.

Devotedly searching the Truth, we soon learn to be always awake and able to contemplate the Observer. Life becomes a continuous meditation.

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3. Release everything, forget everything.

This is probably the easiest and most direct way to be instantly in Spiritual Awareness, in direct experience of Truth.

For a few moments, each of us can release from the noise of the psychic mind; leaving everything aside.

As this noise stops in us, even for a moment, remains nothing but our True Nature. Peace, Silence, Love, Bliss of True Self resonates deeply and firmly in our whole being.

Stop reading and try it now.


Resistance of mind

As emphatically we break our identification with the personality, the more radical the transformation is from our mental ego-mind to our True Self.

In this sense, the above-suggested approaches are radically transforming spiritual practices, for the simple reason they are associated with a strong and immediate “de-identification” with the personality.

The more radical is the transformation, the more powerful resistance we should expect from the ego-mind.

As a rule, in the beginning, the practice of Awareness of our True Self can cause resistance from our false self, personality. These resistances are normally expressed in activation of negative thoughts, emotions, memories, trends, attachments, passions, etc.

If you’re not careful, if you’re not aware of the behavior of your psychic mind, you can get involved in the hidden traps, succumbed to an emotion. Therefore, it’s particularly important to observe yourself carefully and continuously.

Receiving a sense of negativity, we instantly understand that we have made identification with the personality, realizing that we’re under attack by our psychic mind. And the fastest way to dissolve negativity is to uncritically leave it aside by instantly focusing on our True Nature by any of the above-suggested approaches.

Being in Awareness of Truth neutralizes for minutes and dissolves everything without leaving any negativity and suffering. Over time, the ego-mind thins and weakens, as his attacks become increasingly subdued and rare. The key to dealing with the attack of the ego is being in constant awareness and attention.

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