A Guide to Past Life Regression Therapy

what is a past life regression session

This article is made and translated using materials from www.dolorescannonbg.blogspot.com with exclusive permission from Pavlina Nikolova QHHT practitioner.

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Today, I’ll talk about common past life regression therapy questions:

1) what is past life regression therapy and how does it work
2) what happens during a past life regression session

From first-hand experience, I found that to conduct a complete regression with all inherent steps of the process are needed around 6 hours. This period includes:

– Preparatory conversation
– Regression
– Comment after regression

A part of you might see this too long but when a person talks, analyzes his life, time goes by unnoticeably.

Phase 1 – Preparatory conversation

The process of past life regression begins with a preparatory conversation. This is the first and one of the essential phases of the regression process. In this phase, we build and establish the needed trust between ourselves.

During this phase, with a length of 2 hours, we prepare your subconscious mind to cooperate us throughout the whole session.

We discuss your life and everything vital that occurred to you, the motivation to undergo a past life regression session, the questions, feelings and yearnings, which led you to the decision to take this spiritual journey.

In this way, we prepare the subconscious on the frequency of all your searches and needs. This is how we set the direction of your regression therapy – the visits in past lives. This is done to trigger the forces which in the next phase will show you only those most selected lives you need to see, in which is contained the wanted information and answers.

We don’t need more. We had many lives but if this information isn’t related to our present and mission, it can only hinder us, that’s why it’s not revealed.

Everything that is showed to a person in regression is only what he can realize at this stage of life and is useful for his development. We never receive more than the needed or more than the level we’re currently at. In other words, the information we’re given corresponds to our level of advancement.

We, by ourselves, won’t access any information if we didn’t have the help and guidance of the Higher Self and our spiritual guides. They know what advice and direction we need and always observe the process. They can only pass information that is in sync with the path of our soul.

In the preparatory conversation, we create a list with the questions, the person searches for an answer and in-depth understanding. They can be asked in a later phase of the regression to the spiritual guide, the person or other Spirit that has access to the informational field.

Phase 2 – Regression

The second phase of the process is the regression itself. As in the preparatory talk, to conduct a successful regression is required a full cooperation by your side.

I usually ask a lot of questions during regression, while your task is to describe every feeling, thought, perceived image or scene with as many details as possible, so that I can ask you the proper questions and together to disclose what is being showed to you in a certain life.

To introduce you in this special, more focused state of consciousness from which we’re capable of seeing our lives, is used one of our innate abilities – visualization.

We do visualization when we present various pictures and images inside our mind. This ability is highly-developed in all children, together with imagination and fantasy.

An example of visualization is to tell you to imagine a beach, sea, sun and a blue sky, to let exactly those images to appear in your mind.

With the help of visualization, the entry in regression is quite short – from 20 to 30 minutes.

I remind that regression doesn’t include hypnosis because hypnosis cannot provide us the needed awareness and can only prevent a person to consciously see and assimilate messages from past lives.

Although skeptics would question how is it possible with such a short and gentle introduction to reach a man’s other lives. It’s a fact that the method works from 50 years, since Dolores Cannon begins her experiments and its elaboration.

Actually, this information from the past is not so far from us. On the contrary, being in an everyday and awakened state of the mind, we don’t have the required frequency and sensitivity to let it reach us. Only in the short moments, before going asleep or waking up, this happens.

We see something but usually forget it quickly and cannot remember what we actually saw.

In the process of regression, the person is seated comfortably on a sofa or a bed so the body can relax.

Through the induction is achieved an inward concentration of the attention while the consciousness of the person remains awakened. In the process, you might hear sounds in the room or outside of it, but these are normal sounds that won’t interrupt you and stay in condition to view and describe your lives.

Here I want to say that we shouldn’t limit ourselves with the word “past lives”, because evidence has emerged from my personal practice and those of my colleagues and other methods that time is not a factor except in our own beliefs. Lives occur in parallel.

This idea got confirmed to me after several cases of regression sessions in which the subjects could see detailed parallel lives in nowadays and felt a strong connection with them.

Interestingly, the success and progress in this life now is reflected on the success and progress in all our other self’s, along the line LIFE, connected with our current tasks and lessons.

So, all in all, this is how the process of a past life regression session goes. If you’re interested and want to ask something, write down below in the comments and I’ll be happy to answer you 🙂

Tell us in what way this information helped you or what do you find not in right place and needs to be changed?