How to Raise Your Frequency

How to raise your frequency?

How to increase your frequency?

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On your journey you come to the crossroads where you feel stuck, you feel dense, you feel heavy. You cannot seem to become lighter. And for me, one of the quickest ways I found on my journey to increase your frequency, to raise your vibrational level is to have as much fun as you can. It’s as simple as that and it reminds me when I was a child and so many of us when we go back to our childhood we realize we were always having fun.

The reason for this is because we were in the present moment and when you’re living in the now you’re able to flow. There’s no fear in the present, fear only exist in the future and in the past. Hold fear in yourself is a sign you’re not living in the present. The mind tries everything to hug you as much as possible to miss the magic of now.

It’s just remarkable when you see what’s taking place right now on the planet. There’s a huge shift happening in our collective consciousness. Call it even a global awakening – it doesn’t matter where you are you’re going to be affected. So many people feel their whole life in a blink of an eye is changing right in front of them.

And when we talk of frequency why should it matter about raising the frequency?

When you see you have 2 natures – a lower nature and a higher nature and you need both of these parts. To exist only in your lower nature is what’s happened to humanity. Many of us, we’re just in this one lower nature but at the same to rise higher that’s where you find your true authenticity. And that’s essentially what we are as children. As soon as we come into this dimension we already are magnificent.

But somewhere along the line we get stuck, we slow down and our vibration decreases. They say when someone is really terminally ill, their vibration slows down, stops. It’s true – bad energy is stuck in them.

However, there are many ways to raise your vibrational frequency and get in your higher nature.

You will now learn how to live and have fun at the same time.

See some powerful ways to increase your vibration.

How to raise your frequency?

When you’re happy, when you’re having fun your vibration increases. It’s not what you do, it’s how you feel when you’re doing it.

Another way is to eat food that complements you. There is a strong connection between the food you eat and the energy you emit. Foods that are as close as possible to nature help us become stronger, help us grow and turn us on a higher frequency.
But many of us, we neglect and forget that food is the main ingredient to a better life. Just look at your daily meal and you will see how synthetic and artificial the way food is made.

This was me before, eating junk food and uncaring for the after effects. But eventually I realized the food we’re flooded in the supermarkets only robs your energy. It distracts you from achieving a higher consciousness.

So, I took a decision of eating plant-based foods, food derived directly from nature because it helps tremendously raise your frequency vibration and cleanse your body.

Many of us, we’re wearing a mask day-to-day. You got a mask for you family, you got a mask for your friends, you got mask for your colleagues. So, no one actually knows the real you. Moreover, you don’t even know who you are. On my journey, I was lost but when I realized my authenticity, that all the masks should be dropped and that they won’t serve me, it helped me free myself of being absorbed by the tricks of the mind.

So, when you connect back to Source you become empowered and that’s another way of raising your vibration. Don’t externalize your power. Realize that you hold all the greatness on the planet and there is no one greater than you. We’re all a product of the same Universe. But, when you’re worshiping outside of yourself this actually slows down your frequency because you’re moving away from Source which is you. We’re part of the Source. Once you deviate from Source it gets cold, things become empty, you feel like your life is falling into pieces.

And that’s what happens for so many of us because we’re living in the age of manipulation and it’s all about being distracted mainly through the media.

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What keeps you in your lower nature?

Another thing that hinders raising your frequency and increasing your vibration are your belief systems.

In our Universe there are laws which govern us but are invisible to the eye. It all comes down to what you attract is who you are. A lot of the times when someone says: “Ow, I don’t trust people!” If you don’t trust people then you’re going to continue to meet people that you cannot trust. Because you’re limiting yourself of what is possible.

So, when you let go of these limiting belief system and start embracing life as it is, holding no fear then you will start realizing your full potential. You’re going to escape from being trapped in your lower nature, just like millions of people are right now. We’ve created a dangerous way of lifestyle that we need to put an end.

Remember that the possibilities to raise your vibrational frequency are infinite and while doing it, have as much fun as possible. Realize there is only now, you have to do it now. You have to do it now, you cannot wait for tomorrow because there is no life guarantee. There’s no blueprint of how to live life, there is no manual, nobody is going to come and save you. And when you actually align with the truth within yourself then you become powerful.

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