The Magic of Vitamin K2

Vitamin K2 - Pineal Gland Supplement

There is a lot of talk in the spiritual medium that fluoride contributes to the calcification of the pineal gland. When the pineal gland becomes calcified you are no longer able to access higher ways of thinking, higher consciousness, higher spirituality.

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If you know your pineal gland a.k.a. your third eye is calcified because you have probably been drinking fluoridated water since a little child, there is still hope to decalcify it through an amazing pineal gland supplement – vitamin K2.

On the Wikipedia page of the pineal gland, it’s said that it’s completely normal to have a calcified pineal gland. But this is only normal for the standards of the billion-industries telling us lies every day. Calcification is not only observed in adults primarily but in youngsters too.

Dr. Weston Price – the man that found the importance of the supplement.

Have you heard of Dr. Weston Price? Dr. Weston Price was a practicing dentistry, reputed for his research on the link between nutrition, dental health, and physical health. The things Weston Price pushed in his research was the presence of something called activator X in the foods that indigenous populations were eating.

This activator X which was not known at the time but it’s now known that activator X is vitamin K2. It’s the animal form of vitamin K and it’s synthesized when pasture fed animals convert vitamin K1 into vitamin K2.

Animals convert it from the grass they eat because K1 is rich in grasses and green vegetables. They convert in their bodies to K2, we then consume dairy or we consume meat in some cases from these grass-fed animals and we consume vitamin K2 activator X, as Dr. Weston Price called it.

What Dr. Weston Price noticed was even if you had the other fats, soluble vitamins you would not have strong teeth. They will be stronger than if you’re eating totally devitalized, depleted diet.

Activator X – an unbelievable pineal gland supplement.

Activator X was the key to the diet that allowed strong teeth resistance to dental caries and strong bones, like resistance to rickets and general health like a proper skeletal formation of the embryo-fetus in the lumen. So, vitamin K, activator X, is super important for our bones. Which what does that mean? It’s vital for our calcium, metabolism, our osteoblastic and osteoclastic activity in the body, in the bloodstream, in the skeletal system.

In the past 100, 200 years there’s been a lot of press about osteoporosis, about rickets and bending bones which is generally a vitamin D3 deficiency from the diet and everyone’s afraid of losing their bones strength, their bones density. So, calcium supplements have become a commonplace. Everyone is taking calcium supplement like crazy.

And what people don’t know is that calcium is a game of co-factors which means that it doesn’t matter how much calcium you throw into your body if you don’t have vitamin D3, if you don’t have magnesium, if you don’t have strong teeth and if you don’t have vitamin K2, the calcium will not end up in your bones. The calcium will end up in your soft tissues because vitamin K2 activates proteins that are responsible for shunting calcium into the bone matrix.

So, you consume calcium, your body absorbs calcium, you consume D3, the body liberates calcium into the bloodstream for active use. You have magnesium, magnesium helps build the bone matrix, it’s part of that mesh of bone along with silica, along with certain amino acids that we need to make our skeletal system.

By now you know that you need magnesium to make the bones but you need vitamin K2 to scavenge calcium out of the soft tissues and put it in the bones – just where you want it. Calcium is an electrolytic mineral, you need for it electrical signaling in the body, it calms down electrical signaling and you need for that too but excess calcium will accumulate in soft tissues because too much will disrupt electrical signaling in the body.

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Where can vitamin K2 be found?

Vitamin K2 has largely been removed from the modern diet because it’s not easy to come by. You get vitamin K2 in as already said grass-fed dairy products.

Other sources of the supplement that help decalcify your pineal gland:

– Grass-fed butter
– Goose liver.
– Certain fermented vegetables
– Fermented soybeans
– Raw unpasteurized fermented vegetables such as sauerkraut
– Some grass-fed meats

The lack of vitamin K2 in our bodies is the reason why so many of us have calcified pineal glands. It’s because we’re only eating industrialized foods which totally lack vitamin K2 because of the way products are now made.

Do you know other supplements that stimulate the function of the pineal gland? Would love to hear about them!

Tell us in what way this information helped you or what do you find not in right place and needs to be changed?

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