The Place of Young People in Future Europe

benefits of being open-minded

It doesn’t matter if a country is a part of the European union or not. But a part from the society will always be the young people.

Today during the circumstances of globalization and world financial and economical crisis the role that young people take and their new and current ideas for positive development of the countries in the European Union is extremely responsible and creative. Why is that?

The goal of international political and governmental organizations.

The main goal of all new international political and governmental organizations is to work for achieving interaction between all European countries by forming one new type of European culture. And I think the best decision to do that is giving the young people one opportunity to achieve this goal because their ideas and way of thinking go hand by hand with the contemporary world – everybody who reads a newspaper or even use the network is aware of the situation we are in together – we are living in a world of terror and anxiety. Most of the young people are interested in information and they are craving to learn more and more.

They are literally thirsty for more experience and are eager to develop their personal skills and wish to show their talent. Their main aim is to live in one new and better world where they can interfere new challenges and develop their personal skills and in order to achieve this they are ready to take any kind of risks just to make this happen because this is their dream – this world of the future where everybody: young people, adults would like to live there and will make this place a home for their children and grandchildren.

The anxiety is one of the main characteristics of the nowadays human. Humanity endured two world-wide wars in a period of thirty five years. Also there were economical cataclysm and depression, fascist inhumanity and communist totalitarianism, but now not only endless wars but we literally stay on the edge of a Third world war.

These facts are enough to show us how easily our political relationships between the countries can be destroyed. However, Bertrand Rusell writes that the pain of our time is that people who do not feel any regret or have no doubt are fools, and people who are sensible and prosperity are full of insecurity and indecisiveness. The young people are none of above… Although we live in a world where new things are discovered with every single day, the fear of not knowing is not a fear at all and for that the young people are more than determined. They are always ready to explore and fight, they are ready for achievements. They are living to socialize with everything that surrounds them. They are created to adapt!

Changes. Do they have positive or negative effect on us?

It is wrong to think that wars nowadays, depression and political threats are the only reason for our anxiety because they are the result of people’s fear. The reason why today there is a series of economical and political collisions that we are experiencing and trying to survive are a symptom of one fundamental reason – the critical changes in the western society.

The youngsters have the opportunity to travel around the world and experience the changes in the different societies by obtaining all of the positive ideas in order to contribute for Europe’s prosperity. Every young person individually is different from the others by his or her own skills and that’s the thing that makes them right for Europe because everyone is a trend at the market. We sell our skills in order to get, first of all a financial exchange, and, second of all, to help build our future, the future of Europe.

Lots of people are thinking what roles should they play or who to chose for their leader to guide them. The young people are those leaders, they will guide you, and you have to trust them. They are the ideas that we need, they are the future of every society. Exactly the young people are the good investment for the European development. WE – every boy and girl realize that in order to become a part from the society and to build character we have to feel, experience, desire and develop… We have to fight against the “holdback” that prevents us to feel those emotions. Then we will see the world complete. We are ambitious and we desire to be the connection between generations, we want to be the roots of one better future and we can do it, believe me. The progress of human society is one continuous process of delimiting the functions of the people that lead and the striving to have free personality.

How to help the young people get closer to their aim?

The potential person is one with the society. That person always is looking and searching for something without stopping as if it has lost something or hasn’t found it yet. By giving the young people a chance to be that person and to be part of the future of Europe you can help them and of course yourself to build a better future.

We, you, I, all of us will have the opportunity realizing this in time that with our decisions which we take we are capable of achieving inner freedom and we can live a life full of value.

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