The Truth Speaks E.03 – Release The Burden of The Past

release the burden of the past

Eckhart Tolle says: “If you carry the burden of the past with you, expect more of it.”

What a wonderful thought! Just look at it, look at the beauty of this simple yet exceptionally transforming Truth. Read carefully the reasoning of Eckhart. Dive in the message but before that in the attached vibration.

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For a moment stop reading.

We’re touching more than knowledge; we’re in a Gateway of Awareness with an incredibly healing and releasing power. Even a bare perception of this truth and we’re relieved of the concerned burden. Nothing special needs to be done to remove the “burden of the past”; we’re not capable of accomplishing it through the mind or any similar activity. The deep message assures our welfare is achievable, if we manage to cure the personality by getting it out of the swamp of illusion where suffering is the only option and deeply has anchored in the untruth called “time”. Or directly said: the past shifts our focus onto a consciousness of suffering; until we’ve the slightest hint of suffering, we will continue attracting it in our own reality. The psychic phenomenon “time” – past or future is an illusory space, a poisoned world of untruth, known as suffering. Even our brightest, serene and happy moments in life always contain a spark of suffering, disguised as nostalgia or a yearning for a bygone prosperity. The past really is a burden and it’s not just unnecessary but harmful.

What does “burden” means? Undoubtedly, it’s something that weights while toting it through our journey called life. It also means and something that is not us, something external and alien. It’s something burdened on us or we’ve picked to laden. In any case, it’s something we can disburden if we’re willing to do it. Only if we choose.

Is someone preventing us from succeeding and if so, who he might be? Is he a ruler which frightens us? “The ruler” was long ago exposed – the dysfunctional “personality” – ego, sucking out our strength, poisons our Earth experience in an effort to have control over us. To overthrow the burden of past pain is quite simple – you just take it off by yourself.

How can this be done? By making a deep Conscious Choice from a position of Conscious Strength and clearly state it. Not by your mind – ego, of course. Through Awareness of the Full Consciousness, which here we say Spiritual Presence or Higher Consciousness.

Let’s do a little exercise. The first thing required is to enter in a secure and deep connection with the transpersonal, harmonious Consciousness of our Spiritual Presence. The mere intention in this direction will do the work; just say: “I am connecting.”

The one reading these lines is inevitably in that Connection; this text is coming from our Spiritual Presence and is saturated with its vibration. We Become Aware of our Connection; light, fresh, gentle stream of peace and thin joy passes through our being. If you can, imagine how you climb a steep path panting along the way, sweating with an impossibly heave backpack. Be Conscious that the backpack is full of unnecessary, but heavy waste. Take the backpack off and throw it away. Watch her rolling down the slope until it crashes in the near pit.

Simple affirm: I choose to free from the burden of the past. It doesn’t need to be repeated, say it once but powerfully, briskly and firmly. Clap with hands; this will increase your affirmation. Wait and observe your senses; they’ll convince you of the truth of the treatment. How many times this command should be repeated? Should you repeat it? Should we do exercises of this kind when we have realized the unnecessary weight of the burden? Our intuition can answer such questions. And it can whisper it’s pointless to ask; the questions feed the unhealthy mind.

Do we really need the weight of the past? Is there a hidden danger to lightly throw something valuable and important in this heavy chest of past experiences? Something intimate we experienced long ago and want to keep it as treasured memory? If something is “valuable” then it’s not a burden or alien to us; if it weights it cannot be “valuable” and is one hundred percent load.

In a word, release the burden of the past. It not only hinders and poisons; the past is a vibration, a level of consciousness which endlessly evokes the same reality of suffering. This mechanism is known in some spiritual traditions as “karma”. Letting go of the past, which is unnecessary weight, we automatically free from the causality of karma. The subconscious mental-emotional patterns in us, call countlessly the same karmic reality that rest in exactly this “burden” called past. What we experienced in the past is painted with false thoughts and unbalanced emotions, gaining more power and more. The collective human unconsciousness has mutually cooperated with us. This “bitter experience” has created a life of its own, developing a poisonous energy field like a primitive creature operating in the layers of suffering. The effects from the activity of the collective ego creature are clearly visible in historical plan. Similar effects possess the personal ego living in the individual. Ego-personality is rooted in mental-emotional, disruptive models living in the “experience” of the past known as karma. The false inner world invokes false external occurrences that cause you suffer.

The good news for everyone is that the days of the false world are coming to an end; the untruth is doomed. Even if a person doesn’t know all this, it’s enough to touch the New for Earth – Enlightened Consciousness and sooner or later his delusion will dissolve. When he does that, he stops creating new suffering in his life and the life of others. Spiritual Presence is here, it’s a fact and it’s not something separate from us; we’re the Presence of Spirit. The Spirit manifests itself through us in our world. The Presence dissolves the past with his unbearable burden of suffering and it’s irrevocable, comprehensive, intensifying treatment by infusion of Divine Perfection here.

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