9 Tips on How to Find Peace Within Yourself

how to find peace within yourself

Finding peace within yourself is a daunting task. You read tons of spiritual books with the desire to achieve this magnificent feeling of inner tranquility. And the bad thing – there is so much information you don’t know who you can trust.

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Let me tell you something vital I realized a long time ago. I tried to find inner peace by reading the most specialized literature by the best authors out there – Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay and many, many others. I thought I was getting real close after each book. “It is somewhere between the pages, I just have to keep digging.” – I was assuring myself. But all these efforts lead to disappointment. The truth is – you have to search inside of you, not outside. The power you are searching is right inside you. You just need to call it.

Now don’t get me wrong for saying books cannot help you out in your quest. Books are impossible to be replaced for their role in providing guidance. Reading all those books in my quest for tranquility, a magnificent insight struck me that it’s my own duty to find it and nothing else will do it for me. Books can answer you explicitly your queries, but it’s in you where you should search.

The following 9 tips will help you feel at peace with yourself.

1. Live in the present moment

Living in the current moment helps you raise your awareness to a level beyond imagination. The problem is many of us are stuck in the past and live with past memories, pain and suffering. We carry our past with us wherever we go. But the past won’t do us any favor. It’s only obstructing the path to our final destination – a profound, inner peace.

We stick at the past as it carries something essential, valuable we cannot live without.

Realize that it only interrupts your growth. Realize it and release the burden. Be in the present moment. Live now and you’ll be blessed with undreamed-of goods. Fulfilling only this will grant you everything you need for a life well-lived.

2. Accept things the way they are.

Live is not easy. It’s full of difficulties, problems, things we don’t admire and consider unfair. We fight every second, knowing the ‘problem’ is there cannot give us calmness.

Some of us dislike our own qualities and personal traits. With the aim of overcoming them we fail miserably. Why so?  Why cannot change the things we don’t like? It’s because we desperately try to enforce our will and come to a dead-end.

Learning to accept things the way they are will lead to a sense of deep tranquility. Worries will disappear and tension will substantially evade. It’s then where the power you lacked before will be given and everything you want to change will surrender by itself.

3. Meditation

As I have said it many times, meditation is the best possible technique able to solve all existing and future problems.

Relaxation of the mind and soul gives you a deep sense of inner peace within yourself. Every aspect of your personality and life gradually improves. This activity tackles problems naturally and a lot faster then if you try by your own.

The end result? No worries, anxiety, anger and insecurty. A beautiful life!

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4. Abandon perfectionism

Perfectionism is like a weapon from an alien planet. We don’t know how to use it. Although it can be helpful in some situations, we’re not aware how to benefit from it – it’s wrong usage is able to ruin our harmonious well-being.

Perfectionism is one of the greatest enemies of inner peace. Striving to find better options in every possible situation, making everything seem error-free and by the time you go to bed you’re still left with a feeling of incompleteness.

Abandon perfectionism on your way to profound freedom like throwing a chewed gym. Try and you will be relieved.

5. Be patient

Patience is a quality we’re in a big need. In a world, where everyone hurries for somewhere – patience can help us immensely. Without being patient, we’re lost in the vastness of our emotions. Succumbing to impatience is followed by nervousness and annoyance.

Stop for a moment and look at yourself in the mirror. You’ll most probably see a man smashed from the hustle and bustle. It’s now the time where you should slow down and observe how things can go smoothly without the need to rush.

6. Shhh Consciousness!

Having a noisy consciousness, which calls every time you do something wrong or inappropriate can ruin your well-being.

If you’ve isolated the voice of your intuition then most probably you’re in quite unfavorable situation. The consciousness is the number one reason why you cannot seem to find rest in your daily life. If you leave it untouched it’ll create you only trouble, drama and eventually wear you down.

That’s why you need to call your intuition in action. Empower your inner voice and see how magnificently your daily routine pass. It’ll solve all problems and give you the dreamed relaxation throughout the day.

Now, don’t get me wrong – your consciousness can be of great help too. The consciousness is a great power and the one who can obey it under his control will enjoy the greatest abundance of life. But we’ll touch this topic next time.

7. Love the nature

Do you remember when you last visited a mountain or a park? The sweet moments of relief from all the anxiety gathered in the dirty atmosphere of your town while a sense of inner peace creeps makes you feel wonderfully good. While I’m writing this, I’m looking through the window of my home and enjoy the beautiful landscape of Stara Planina mountain.

What are you waiting for? Grab a friend of yours and go outside!

8. Grow love

Do you love yourself?

The lack of love towards yourself is something scary. It’s like having no one to turn to when needed. The absence of love is devastating for the self-esteem and the way a person views the world. That’s why learning how to love yourself is vital as it’s the thing that will last forever. It’s not the money, the estates, cars and fame that truly mean something as compared to love. Growing the roots of unconditional love in yourself is a mission you should follow strictly all life. Loving yourself is a mission every human being should pursuit as there is nothing in this world that can substitute it.

9. Open to open-mindedness

A person who is reprehensible and prone to judge people and situations is stuck in life. He’s tagged with a feeling of discontent. This person isn’t allowed to achieve progress. He’ll barely mark advance in achieving a truly profound sense of tranquility. Close-mindedness dooms with it’s false impression of a calm well-being.

Let your mind be wide open to new ideas and opinions. Leave the mind to absorb the information around you. Be in transports of delight from all the knowledge you gain!

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