The Aspects of The Sagittarius Sign

The Aspects of The Sagittarius Sign

The relation between Sagittarius sign and the planets.

Jupiter is so called the superior of the Sagittarius. Jupiter is the planet of expansion in the astrology and she symbolizes luck and wealth.

If Jupiter has a strong influence on a person in his or her mental map then they are surrounded by its energy and spiritual stamina.

When there is a period of Jupiter this period is good because it symbolizes happiness and it can be easily seen in a person’s life. Sagittarius are born by the influence of this planet and being born by its influence is equal to winning the lottery – pure luck.

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Positioning of the Sagittarius sign.

Where is the place of the Sagittarius? This sign is a fire sign and its moveable. Now I am going to share with you what it means your sign to be fiery. Usually the meaning of fire is that it burns and it moves. That’s why Sagittarius are extremely energetic. They always have new ideas and they are full of positive vibes and the purpose of their decisions and actions are controlled by the 9th home which is ruled by them or Jupiter. This home is the home of the religion, knowledge, hard-working, everything that is an expansion of the way of thinking. Being said in few words – philosophy. Sagittarius are absolutely interested in those things.

If we draw a diagonal in the circle of the signs in the bottom corner against Sagittarius stays The Gemini sign. They are also an intellectual type of sign but a little bit different from the Sagittarius. They are usually interested in the logical connection between the facts like numbers etc. The Sagittarius on the other hand is a philosopher. He/She is interested from the things that can lead him or her to the conclusion which they are looking for. They decide what to do and in what to believe.

They want to know as much as they can about the Universe and the people that surround them. They desire to understand the essence of life and a part of them can be interested in the religious studies and the other in sociology or just said science that explores peoples thinking, manners, behavior – science about people themselves. They are eager to explore every single individual step by step – for them this is like a game or a hobby.

Intellectual path of the sign.

They will do everything to reach the maximum of their limits of their own capability to use what has been given to them completely. The information that is given to them will be technically absorbed by them.

Sagittarians are maximalists because they have a strange type of merit. They desire to do everything and do a lot but they do it very well. They do not stop until they find their personal truth. And they can achieve this by knowledge at least that’s what I think because personally I was born under this sign – I am a pure Sagittarius. They search for the expansion of every kinds of point of views and they have to know them in order to determine their opinion.

Speaking of knowledge there might be a slight chance that some of the Sagittarius are not interested in the education system due to the fact that they already have found the path of their own destiny. Usually when a Sagittarius is not interested in something he or she will slightly ignore it’s not because they are not responsible, they just see it as a thing which is not worth spending time for. This might mean that they have established their own spiritual path which gives them freedom that they so desperately desire.

What freedom means for the Sagittarius?

The keyword for this sign is FREEDOM. It defines everything. It is the answer why they are doing this or that. It is because they are a fiery people. The fire is characterized as a fighter being extremely dangerous and fearsome and an enormously strong “I”. This could be the reason why they are distant from most people and even from love. One of the most important things about this sign is that when they want/need to be alone you should better do as they say.

They cannot tolerate somebody trying to enter their personal life or territory without any permission. Also they are quite direct. This is something usual for the fire sign in total. With their sincerity they will always try to do anything you ask for. They will always say what they really think of you but not in order to offend you but just to share the truth with you without lying or hiding facts. That’s why they are so open minded, and free, they don’t have laws there are things that they like and don’t – its more simple for them this way.

They feel alive and full of energy that they wish to share with others in order to make them happy, to smile and to feel positive emotions. This is like “their own thing” –  it is into them like they need everyone around them to feel delighted and they just need every positive vibe they can get. And when they cannot do this they feel miserable and they start to keep distance which is unusual for them. They don’t like it. For them, life philosophically is just a game – they want to have fun but not like doing useless things and being irresponsible but being idealistic about life. Doing something wrong for them is not a action in their list.

Sagittarius are always positive.

Jupiter has given them a filter that they look through. For them things can always be positive, for them the glass is half-way full and try and try to explain this to people until they agree.

And the fact that there is somebody who is thinking negatively and are frowning and do not like their lives for them this is strange… They don’t feel like this about life – they adore it. Even when they are experiencing something painful this pain is at a material or spiritual level, even then they don’t feel that bad. For them there must be freedom because this is the reason why they are happy – it makes them feel FREE. And they are always free because they have it all the time with them and they protect it but they can share it with you but only if you earn it.

When you tell them something they will always look for the philosophic meaning in it. They love talking about such things – “everything is nothing or maybe nothing is not everything, etc.”. They adore getting to conclusion which are hard to guess or get to and the pleasure they feel of doing that gives them freedom. If you are a Sagittarius maybe you noticed that you always look for the hidden meaning behind everything even if it doesn’t exist. People are not complicated, most of them think to much and feel too little, they do not think while talking while WE put meaning into everything we say all the time.

Maybe sometimes that can be an issue for us because we often make different conclusion or we argue about pointless topics. And people feel confused when they see us being too much anxious.

In our head everything said is connected either with us even if it’s not. We see ourselves as the center of the Universe. But we always look for the reason why this is like this and not the other way… This is the way we see the world and we try to search the connection between us and it.

Things they like doing most.

Another usual thing for them is that they like looking good. They always wear fancy clothes, eat delicious food, drink expensive staff – they indulge themselves. They love living in luxury. The Sagittarius have this desire to be surrounded by beautiful objects and its not that complicated for them because they find the beauty in almost everything that is around them and that’s their biggest plus, in this way they will always be rich spiritually. They spend too much money, they cannot save… It is extremely hard for people like them to be economical but they don’t spend money always for them, not at all actually.

They love making presents, and will always try to make the person next to them to feel comfortable, to have everything he/she needs. They will make everything possible to make everyone around them to feel loved and understood. They make a lot of compliments because they love to love and to be loved. For that they try really hard people to like them but not at any cost, just to try having good relationships with people as they with them. Considering us we think that there is nothing that stops us to be happy without putting effort into it.

Negative part of their character.

Of course like everyone else they are not perfect, they also have negative sides of their character. One of them is being frivolous about life although they are philosophers. Maybe just because they are philosophers make them have such attitude about life itself. They are the people who will always give you good advice and show you the serious parts of certain situation, they will try to help you and will make you think about it.

But at the exact same time they will just turn aside and will start talking about something else. To say it, they are unreliable due to the fact of their freedom. And the reason they act like that is when somebody shows them that their point of view is incorrect and that restricts their freedom – they feel limited. They want to live, to cherish the moment that they have created and this looks not serious on other people’s eyes. But this is the tend of the Sagittarius.


We love to travel of that I am sure. By that we expand our view of life meeting new people, learning new things, encountering different difficulties in varied situations. And this is our ideology, it attracts our curiosity. We try to cultivate our philosophic theories about truth, life, the universe, love, friendship. We strive for knowledge, and we look non-stop for new information – contemporary information.

There times that we do not feel happy, alive and optimistic. In those moments we detest ourselves. In this way we deprive ourselves from freedom while the watery signs like The Fish accept such conditions because they affect them as a purification. We despise that, we cannot believe that we can act like this, falling into deep thoughts, being miserable. Also that is the reason why we hide when we cry, we are strong and we cannot afford being weak in front of people.

Being individual.

They can live alone but they will not have so much as they would with other people. They fear to accept that they need contact, need to communicate – which they love, that’s why they are so social. They are individual but they can easily work in team, no matter if they are the leaders or not. In our heads we are the only one who are actually living, thinking, enjoying. But it comes a moment when we have more “water’’ in our mental map more than usual – then we witness a collision.

The water makes us dependent rather than independent – which is ordinary for fire signs. In this moment we cannot make a decision what to do and we experience one feeling of insanity. But as an archetype is enough for himself/herself and does not need people to feel full.

For us the path is only one – our own path. We are unlikely to let other people take the same path us but if we do we would feel pleased to walk with them.


We are not people who get angry easily but if we reach this point of behavior you better not stand in our way. We are like a bomb with mechanism. The anger tricks us easily. It is like that we collect our negative emotions in a box and we reach a moment we open this box and a Cataclysm technically begins . Astrologists say that our sign is not quite intimate for which I disagree. Some of them say we have stronger relationship with God or The Universe rather than with people.

Actually we are pretty close with others, we just don’t like being treated wrong or unfair. We hate lies and liars and our feeling for freedom can automatically transform into a feeling to act freely – simply said harm you both physically or mentally. We are extremely emotional people, we can get easily upset, we easily get close with people for a minimum of time and on the other hand we finish our relationships with one blow.

We are atoms that cannot stop.

We cannot stop talking, thinking, feeling, moving – we are full of energy, we always have new ideas and we always share them and sometimes that can overtax people mentally who are not that energetic as us. As I said we are like electrons, we are the heart of the company – you never get bored.

A week ago a friend of mines told me she always has fun with me and never gets bored because of me: ‘’I miss when you are not around. Every time you come back home I just feel better you make me laugh”. Maybe we affect other with our chakra, who knows?! We are extremely hard to be caught. Even if u manage to, it will be even harder to keep us from “escaping”.

Our interest can be easily lost, that is the reason why we are not good in relationships… In the beginning it’s full of emotions and when time passes away we lose it, so it is extremely difficult to find someone interest enough to keep our attention. We need freedom and we do not need people to be really emotional with us, not that we don’t accept or cherish that – just the opposite.

But the Sagittarius needs its freedom, they need to shine because THEY ARE THE SUNS IN OUR SOLAR SYSTEM!

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