The Truth Speaks E.02 – Briefly About Enlightenment

what is enlightenment

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We are proud to publish our second article in the series “The Truth Speaks”. As the name speaks – it’s a special section for propagating great wisdom by people through which the Ultimate Truth speaks. This time we will pay attention to the new and so far, unknown Enlightenment state of the mind where only a few brave adventurers have gone the distance to achieve it.

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“the state of Enlightenment is attainable here and now”

and that

“a perfectly, profound transformation of the human consciousness – not like a distant future opportunity, but right in this moment, whoever and whenever you are”.

The shock comes from our attitude that an enlightened consciousness is who knows what a distant and incredible height – the process of achieving it seems impossible and fantastic for many. The other thing that worries us is thepath, the way it’s going to happen; isn’t it extremely difficult, abstract, incomprehensible and only for the chosen one? The above quotes are a typical example of how simple and great truths can be hard to understand and block our progress. Because we’re accustomed to think, speak and act in a “complicated” manner and to expect even more “complicated”. In a word, the evidences Eckhart expressed are startling and incomprehensible proposed in their directness and simplicity. Strange or not, years passed before a man understood and adopted the great wisdom hold in his words.

Below is a copy with some adjustments of a statement on this topic made by an anonymous person.

“I am going to share with you in brief my experience of being in an “Enlightened Consciousness” or just “Enlightenment”. I share this with you, being guided by the belief that it will be of great use to those who seek and that it’s a lot easier for achieving than most of you believe.

Firstly – what is Enlightenment? Assuming I might be inaccurate but in my quest for simplicity I will say that it’s a certain level of consciousness.

Secondly – how many levels of consciousness there are? There are two levels of consciousness – the “usual”, personal consciousness and the transpersonal, Enlightened state of consciousness.

Thirdly – What characterizes these consciousnesses? The personality is externally oriented as experience and its reprehensible, rejecting, addicted to desires and expectations. The personality is actually an ego and is equivalent to suffering, manifested in every way you can possibly think of. However, the principle is simple, clear and obvious – the non-acceptance characteristic of the personal level leads directly to suffering. The transpersonal or enlightened state of consciousness is accepting, non-judgmental and is experienced as Peace, beyond duality, beyond any illusion of pain, struggle and conflict. It feels like a deep Bliss, Peace, Harmony, Acceptance and etc.

Fourthly – what exactly is the endpoint of the so-called “spiritual growth”? At this stage, we should assume the goal of achieving an Enlightened state of consciousness. To put it even more simply, understanding the meaning and purpose of “spiritual growth” as “feel good” in the only possible way right now. The personal ways of “feeling good” are illusory, don’t work and lead to nowhere.

Fifthly – what is the Path to Enlightenment? Apparently, there are many paths, ways, means, teachings and approaches but the fundamental principle is one – placing the Consciousness above the illusions of suffering to an Accepting, Enlightened consciousness of Peace and Bliss.

Sixthly – what is the transport to a state of Enlightenment? We can use many methods, but the distinctive principal moment is one – only our Higher Consciousness ( Spiritual Presence, God in us ) can transport our consciousness from personality to an Enlightened Consciousness.

Seventhly – how exactly to live the moment of reaching Enlightenment? Countless ways, as already pointed out the principle is one – Connecting with our Higher Self. To a large extent, the Connection itself and the Higher Consciousness are the mystical Enlightenment.

Let’s try it.

Say a simple command : “Connecting with my Higher Self”. Let the message be clear and point-blank, if you need clap with hands for a stronger Intention. We wait until we feel the change in our energy. See yourself in Light, feel how you ascend. Remain in this state for several moments no matter if your brain tries to infiltrate with distracting thoughts. At some point, say clearly: “I am connected with my Higher Self”. Wait. Say something like: “I am in Enlightened Consciousness” or just “Enlightenment”. Wait and observe your mind. A feeling of Peace will enter. As time goes by, you will realize that in a state of deep Peace and Joy a complete absence of condemnation, concerns and resistances. With dedication and continuous work, the state of Enlightenment will deepen and expand. You’ll probably find out, you are empty of emotions and thoughts. This is because you’re beyond the “coverage” of emotional and mental activities. The absence of emotions/thoughts is not an apathy, dream or unconsciousness, but Joy, Peace and Bliss – complete strangers for the ordinary personal experience and state. The Bliss is not just satisfaction, it carries information, change and deep Treatment. The Enlightenment is not something outer, foreign and distant; it is us, this is the True for ourselves.

That’s it. Over the course of time this state will deepen and expand. You’ll be in Peace in your daily activities, not just in meditation. Don’t try to do it, just do it. Be what you really are.”

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