How to Improve Your Spiritual Health in 7 Soul-Touching Ways

The goal of this article is to teach you how to improve your spiritual health.

At one point in life you’ve probably asked yourself, “How can I better my spiritual wellness?”

Or maybe you haven’t, at least not in such a direct manner.

Whatever the case may be, spiritual health is crucially important to living a vibrant, successful life.

These days many people are in a bad state of spiritual health, suffering from feeling unfulfilled and powerless; so many people that this has become a societal norm which has attracted vampire-like entities to ascend the power structure and exploit the situation.

Caring for your spiritual well-being is vital because we all incarnate on Earth with a certain mission.

And fulfilling this mission is beneficial for both our spiritual evolution and the survival of the human species.

In order to maintain our spiritual health while we mature as people we must eventually go through a process of spiritual individuation. This entails us going on the journey of asking ourselves some scarily deep fundamental questions such as:

What is my purpose on Earth? Why I am here, what do I have to do? How can I really know who I am, what my purpose is?

On the other hand, many people tend to avoid such questions. There are indeed people of all ages whom haven’t yet opened their consciousness to this magnificent aspect of life.

Regardless of whether or not one choses to blindly ignore the spiritual side of life, it is true that spirituality plays a crucial role in our happiness.

By avoiding the chance to know ourselves more fully we are running away from responsibility. Inside each one of us lies a spiritual purpose- this is why we innately seek meaningful lives.

We have a responsibility to ourselves and to others to connect with our spirit and follow it’s impulses which will lead us to become the best possible version of ourselves.

Our ego complicates the matter by trying to trick us into denying the existence of everything else except material reality.

But for those of you who show more interest in life’s meaning than just being satiated with food and constantly saturated with shallow entertainment media, pursuing spirituality is essential.

Spiritual health concerns the inventory of values and beliefs representing your individual purpose in life, how compassionate you are capable of being with others, and seeking the underlying meaning of the seemingly random events of our lives.

So, do you want to improve your spiritual health and strengthen the connection with your spiritual body?

The following 7 ways are ideal for that!

How to Improve Your Spiritual Health?

1. Dive into the subtle.

By taking steps to access your spiritual side, you are entering a path torwards achieving fulfillment.

To initiate the process of examining your core set of beliefs and principles you should ponder in a calm, quiet atmosphere questions like:

Where are there parts of myself I don’t know or understand well? What is my standard for accepting something as truth; is it enough that someone teaches me what someone taught them to teach? How well do I discriminate between sources of information? What is my own bias/blindspot?

These and other similar questions will lead you to deepen your thinking and know yourself better.

Journaling about these questions hastens the process.

Eventually, if you are persistent, you will solve the puzzles of your life and manifest your dreams in a realistic manner.

The key is to dive into the subtler dimensions of reality. The unseen part of reality which richly exists beyond our typical mundane consciousness.

Asking deep questions is how you knock on the subtle’s door. Finding purpose & spiritual growth in life’s seemingly random events is how you invite the subtle to enter your conscious awareness.

Behind every situation in life, there is a reason for its occurrence. Maybe you have already realized that everything we confront in life is sent with a special purpose. Painful experiences especially contain valuable lessons we must learn in order to grow spiritually.

There is a saying: The most precious lessons in life aren’t learned in school. And it’s true. In every failure there is a hidden lesson we must learn.

Integrating the lessons we learn from these experiences into our behavior patterns is how we evolve spiritually. We shouldn’t run away from obstacles as that evasive pattern only leads to ruin. Challenging obstacles come to give us opportunities to grow.

Finding the meaningful purpose of the events of your life is a great way to keep a positive attitude, giving yourself enough courage to face any obstacle.

2. Meditate and pray.

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Meditation empowers your conscious awareness of your subtle inner processes. Meditation sets the foundation of delving into the spiritual realm.

With practice you can monitor all of the processes going on inside you – physical, emotional, mental, & spiritual.

When seen from a detached perspective negative thoughts and feelings are less impactful and you find that they will pass on naturally. Negativity loses some impact and influence on you.

Meditation also improves your health, both physical and spiritual. It releases accumulated pain, stress, and confusion.

Tip: The best time for meditation is early in the morning.

Prayer is a powerful way to heal spiritually.

Please note it is not mandatory to be part of any religion in order to perform. All you need to do is find a neat and comfortable place to send your prayers.

Pray about your hopes and your struggles and pray thankfully for all of the blessings in your life.

You can even try it at work, just find 10 minutes per day to leave your tasks and focus on being thankful for what you have. It will help you heal the connection with your belief system.

3. Clear lingering mental clutter.

We’re buried in duties throughout the day. Busy all the time. By the end of the day we feel adrift and weary. But also like we need to blow off some steam.

Consider writing down at the end of the day your lingering thoughts; the things you wanted to say but didn’t have the chance to.

Or simply write down how your day passed. Writing it will give you a sense of relief and your body will usually rest calmer that night.

Clearing lingering mind-junk accumulated from daily interactions is hugely beneficial. It’s like mental garbage, you must take it out or it will start to rot and stink up the place. Throw out the garbage; keeping your mind clean will sharpen your focus.

4. Why not yoga?

Yoga bridges the psychological divide between your physical health and spiritual health, it helps both. Yoga relieves both physical and emotional tension.

Lingering negative emotions and feelings can be permanently released.

The great thing about yoga is that with its practice you gain serious health benefits – reduced stress levels, lower blood pressure, healthy immune system and more emotional stability.

Teach yourself something invaluablely useful by practicing yoga.

5. Think positively.

Excellent exercise!

Like any exercise it will be difficult at first but your mental strength will increase as you work it out.

Weeding out negative, limiting thoughts will certainly enrich your life. Creating space for the positive is necessary to bring into your life the changes you’ve desired for a long time.

People complain all the time.

Complaining is not only culturally acceptable, it’s practically required! When somebody else is complaining it can be considered rude not to commiserate with them.

In reality what they are doing is creating a breeding ground in their mind for limiting thoughts which eventually sabotage their life.

Being concentrated on the positive side of life, you are positioned towards developing more happiness over time. Your growth will flourish and you’ll forget the unnecessary worries.

Ask yourself, why not aim towards happiness? Who doesn’t want to be happy?

I bet you have noticed how a crowd of depressed people grows stronger and more chaotic over time.

Don’t let yourself be consumed in the maze of sadness where the exit is blocked. Pick the light!

6. Be incognito.

Sometimes we need to take a break from our social lives and go incognito.

Alone time is deeply regenerative. All the noise & stress is left in the daily routine and you can focus on your internal processes.

When you are incognito, turn off your phone and other electronic distractions.

You can practice this whenever you feel like it.

When you are incognito, you can meditate, practice yoga, simply relax, or do other useful activities.

7. Travel.

Traveling blows the dust off of our mental shelves.

It’ll greatly rejuvenate your spiritual health.

Traveling can be a profound spiritual experience if you infuse your leisure time with reflective practices such as prayer, meditation, and yoga.

Visiting other places is broadens your mental horizons. Being all by yourself in a quiet and peaceful surrounding in a foreign place helps you increase the connection with your inner self.

Traveling also helps mature our capability to skilfully & courageously face chaotic situations in our lives. Going on adventures outside of your comfort zone will really increase confidence in your skills.


These activities will keep you on the right track towards improving your spiritual health. Don’t wait for things to happen, create them!

Here’s some great music that resonates deeply with our soul.


How does spiritual well-being affect overall quality of life? 

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