The Truth Speaks E.05 – Life in The Universal Truth

life in the universal truth

What could be life in the Universal Truth? You are about to find out.

The Universal Truth or also The Absolute Truth cannot be expressed with words. It cannot be felt emotional. There is no human sense capable of perceiving it.

It can only be experienced. To become aware of its Presence.

We are the Truth.
We are its Presence.
We are its Consciousness.
We are its Infinity.
We are its Eternity.

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We, as a seemingly distinct human beings are an aspect, expression, a dust of the Infinite Truth; at the same time each of us is Its Whole and Immensity.
Our purpose is through us The Truth to realize itself. To live our point of view, which is actually its point of view, but from our perspective.

Divine Whim or Divine Game, call it as you want.

The game has reached a stage in which the participants understand that they are the game itself, and The Consciousness that entertain it.

Everything said here probably sounds abstract, pretentious or self-serving conceptually. Therefore, the reader may be surprised if we say that this sharing has a very practical and immediately usable focus; something of what we say here will benefit you from life point of view.

The first thing we ask the reader is to stop reading for a moment and feel The Energy of the text. As our True Nature speaks through these words it is perfectly natural to bring something from its magical world.

Feel the beauty, depth, serene joy, the promise of something intimate in countless imperceptible and inexpressible shades of The Beautiful.
Appreciate how sacred is this Waft.

The next thing we encourage the reader to do is to continue to read this statement in an environment of peace, solitude without external noises and activities. Find those completely yours ten minutes.

As you have probably already sensed The Energy itself of this text, or rather The Consciousness, which is expressed, it helps and supports you. This is our True Nature, The Truth in us.

Now comes the most important central message in this sharing.
And this is: drop the thought in you. Just drop it, leave it, nothing more.

Like you drop heavy bags. Release of thinking now and sense enormous relief that overwhelms you … ease … Ease … EASE …

Stop reading. Come back and re-read. Read meditative, with deep awareness. Be aware and understand the direction of exit from the usual consciousness of the ego. Leaving the personality, only The Truth remains. There is nothing else than Truth. The personality is only a shadow, an evanescent glimmer and isn’t real.

This is incomprehensible; it can only be experienced directly.

Wait as long as possible in non-thinking, non-attachment, non-feeling, non-imagery, non-belonging. Just Be and be aware of Your Presence.

We repeat because it is important for the realization of The Truth in you: Wait as long as possible in non-thinking, non-fondness, non-feeling, non-imagery and non-belonging. Just Be and be aware of Your Presence.

Note the ease, relief, comfort, joy, peace in you. You just felt the direct experience of The Absolute Truth; you are this Truth.

It’s a simple, powerful and extremely accessible for everyone. An Exercise in awareness of your True Nature. It’s not a meditation, nor visualization, nor a method.

Don’t close your eyes, no need to “breathe properly” or other oddities or sacred activities.

Just drop of thinking, ideas, images; Let go of everything that is trying to be stuck on you, steal and limits. If it is difficult to “drop” or don’t know how to do it – only imagine you wear very loose clothing.

If you don’t cling your clothes with hands, but simply let them drag from you, that is exactly what will follow – they will shuffle off you. Leave your clothes – your thoughts – shuffled off in a pile on the ground. Feel completely naked, completely free, absolutely light.

Cross through the pile of clothes that collapsed at your feet and be who you really; You are the Truth, not the clothes.

Be pure Existence, realize as what you are – Existence.

Feel the simple fact that you Exist, but not as a thought or image, but as a direct experience. Experience moments of The Truth; it is I Exist.

Pay attention to the feel, see how you will experience The Absolute Truth that you inherently are. You’ll probably feel Peace, Ease, Joy, Liberation.

All this will deepen and unfold over time if you continue to practice the particular experience.

After 20-30 seconds or minutes, your thinking is back. Perhaps chaotic images, words, emotion. Drop them again. They will still return. Drop them again. Try to spend free minutes of thought, images, visualizations.

If you feel that for the moment this is enough for you, stop. Congratulations! If one succeeds for a few minutes a day in the experience of the True Nature then he has made a giant step towards curing his life.

In the coming days, you will find it more easily to drop from thoughts and ideas. Gradually you will find that you do not need a special moment, personal calmness or a quiet place. You can practice Experiencing The Truth at any time and anywhere. Until one day, you are determined to stay permanently released from the mind.

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You can practice Experiencing The Truth at any time and anywhere. Until one day you determine that you are permanently released from the mind.

The mind is in standby; it’s used only when needed. It’s something like a cell phone in standby mode – the display is dark, no sounds, quietly resides somewhere around you and ready to work. But only when needed.

It’s a matter of learning how to live with letting go of your mind, emotions, images in your head and personal activity. Successfully managing with sorts of complex activities in our lives, we cultivate countless qualities associated with startlingly difficult to achieve professions, skills, cultural identities and whatnot.

Here in this reading we offer you to learn something which isn’t easy and will not happen suddenly. But definitely should be learned, improved and mastered. What we’re talking about here doesn’t concern some supernatural, unnatural or extrinsic activity. It’s about our most natural and inherent “action” – to dwell in our True Condition which, anyway, we fundamentally are.

Our mind is a thin, opaque and “robust” shell that has blocked us and put us up against our will. The mind prevents us from realizing the Infinity we are. The idea here is not to break the shell or throw it .Just let her go, let it dissolve into nothingness because it is nothing. The mind is nothing – it comes from nowhere and goes to nowhere.

Release of your mind and stay in this state. It is easy and will get easier.

In this way, you let go of the unreal in you, which is temporary and inauthentic. Doing this, you will instantly “enter” in The Truth, you fundamentally are. The Truth you’ve never “left”.

Staying in awareness of The Truth is the most comfortable, enjoyable, liberating, uplifting and healing state in which you can be; there is no way “you don’t like it.”

The constant being in non-thinking, non-feeling, non-fondness someone would call it Enlightenment. Try it – it is easier than you think. As someone else has already accomplished it, it’s achievable for everyone. The Joy that will bless and sanctify your life worths the ‘efforts’. Devote “efforts” to learn to live without efforts. In The Truth.

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