Dangers of Opening Your Third Eye

Dangers of opening your third eye

We strive to enlighten the darkness by diving deep in the unknown. We go in unprepared, simply because our torch of curiosity leads us ahead.

Lately, many people started exploring different methods to awaken and find our true purpose in life. They talk about the third eye as a way of opening your eyes and finding who you really are and what you are here for.

But are there any dangers of opening your third eye?

This experience is connected with a lot of ambiguity. Something isn’t told and is of vital importance when you choose to open your third eye.

The dark side of this experience can slip you in a chain of unfortunate events if you are not completely aware of the risks.

That’s why I say knowing is awareness.

Before you open your third eye you have to prepare yourself for the unknown.

Is it dangerous to open your third eye? 

Opening your third eye comes with a price.

The third eye is a gateway to spirituality, to opening the spiritual realm.

Once the pineal gland is awakened your consciousness surpasses the barriers of the physical realm and goes beyond it.

Opening your third eye, you begin to see things, you begin to experience things, and you begin to feel things around you. There are entities around you but when you have awakened your third eye you have a connection and can see them.

These are entities in the fourth dimension that we cannot see presently in the third dimension. Religions sometimes refer to these entities as ‘demons’.

Are these entities harmful?

What you really encounter in the spiritual realm are not entities.

What you see are the many and different aspects of yourself. Some of them will look positive while others might look scary and can frighten.

But rest assured that what you see are aspects and emotions of yourself buried deep in your subconscious.

These aspects of ourselves are always with us wherever we go. We cannot see them, but we feel them and they influence the shape our lives take.

Opening your third eye is a chance to hear that lost part of your personality that has long waited for your attention.

Are you having day-to-day itches not knowing what it could be? These are the things we neglect and leave behind thinking they will go by without our intervention.What are the threats of awakening your third eye?

Solving those issues you have will help you raise your vibration and enrich your life with better experiences. Thus, your intuition develops and you are able to pick up what is true and what is false.

It takes responsibility and acquiring knowledge to awaken your third eye.

How can we lessen the dangers?

On my path, I learned that ignorance makes us suffer because it is a lack of awareness. When one is not ready to face the unknown there will be personal consequences.

The perils of opening your third eye unprepared.And the right way to proceed with stimulating your third eye is by getting the proper education, by reading information. Knowing everything you need on the subject and having the feeling of being ready is when you should attempt to open your third eye.

So, on the question I got from a reader: “Is it bad to open your third eye?”, my answer is resounding no.

There are many books that go deep in the topic and can help you distract the fog. You can try reading Metu Neter by Ra Un Nefer Amen.

My advice to anyone interested in opening your third eye is to take this serious and enlighten yourself as much as possible before jumping into it. Because being prepared to face the unknown like a warrior before a battle, chances are the situation to go in your favor.

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  • I did not have a good experience opening my third eye. The method i used to open my third eye was meditation. My experience was so frightening that I was afraid to open my eyes. If what Georgi is saying is true about the entities we are seeing, being different aspects of myself, then I need to make some changes. I have been searching the internet high and low to find someone with a similar story but haven’t found anything yet. What did I do? Maybe I did something wrong, because every story that I see on the internet is saying that they have seen weird twisting tunnels, or something very happy. Nobody (at least from what i have seen) is saying that they encountered anything dark or truly frightening.

    • Hello J,

      Sorry to hear for that.

      You’ve got learned the hard way.

      Opening your third eye is a topic which deserves to be studied carefully before opting in and experimenting. Yes, there are cool benefits it gives you once you open it but it can get you into trouble if you’re not ready for it. Find what are your unconscious wounds and heal them. Grow awareness in the present moment and only do it when you feel ready.



    • The first thing that you experience is the fear associated with some guilt that is recent or deep down inside that comes on the surface to be set free or eliminated….

    • Don’t be afraid. One simple thing you can do immediately is ask for God’s help from your heart. He is always listening. “GOD” can be anyone, he can be Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Jehovah, the Super Consciousness, the Universe whatever you are comfortable with. You can also call upon your guardian angel at any time they are bound to help. That is their duty. And always remember this nothing can destroy you. You are the eternal being. When confronted by something from the dark side just fill yourself with the love of God. Where there is light darkness can’t exist. Having said this please read books by more experienced teachers. You are sure to soar. marilynnhughes@outofbodytravel.org – you can also contact Marilyn she will help you if needed. Hope this helps ☺

    • Maybe no one is talking about it because they’re scared or brainwashed into forgetting :/ are crazy people really crazy? Or just have there third eye opened and no one understands what they’re seeing?

      • I think it truly depends on the person. Some people are seen as crazy because others don’t understand their experience or what they are trying to convey, however others on the opposite side might be a little crazy truly. I wouldn’t like to think Hannibal Lecter or Ted Bundy had their third eye open.

    • I am very very sorry you had to experience this but as the author was explaining if you open your third eye without having a proper understanding of what you are getting yourself into, it can lead to some very serious and as you explained rather frightening negative experiences. Just be careful, do your research and go into this process with the right intentions. You know what I mean.

      • I opened my third eye without improving my mental and physical state and now things are not good but I know God is there and he is protecting me and healing me and showing me the right path.

    • J.

      I have read about others like yourself who had negative experience opening their 3rd eye. I don’t claim to be an expert, but your intentions and vibration have a powerful effect on what you experience.

      If you’re fearful, or you are at a low frequency, what you experience opening the 3rd eye can be terrifying. Maybe you weren’t ready to make that leap. Is recommend focusing on raising your frequency and possibly sitting with someone who can guide you.

      • I opened my third eye by mistake, my home was filled with entities after. I think something is attached to me, and I don’t know what to do. I have floaters in my eyes and I see flashes of light daily from the moment I wake up. Any advice on what can be happening to me?

    • Dude let me tell you that opening your third eye connects you to the world of unseen which you have said religious people won’t attempt that. Actually, opening your third eye with a meditation is very dangerous but only if you contain fear in yourself. The entities one can see can be devils and jinns. But you shouldn’t be afraid of them. Just protect your aura and feel grounded and they won’t be able to harm you.

      • This response is for Alexi. Alexi – the floaters in your eyes may be a symptom of astigmatism. Flashes of light are a common manifestation of something called a visual migraine. They’re brought on by stress.

    • I’m curious as to what you saw because I may have had a similar experience when I was young, but I wasn’t trying to open anything spiritual and I feel as though I would’ve died if I hadn’t been pulled out of it by something else. I’ve read that we as children are more ‘awake’ in the spiritual sense so I assume that’s why it happened unintentionally. I recently became very interested in finding my true spiritual side and that’s what brought me to this site.

    • I activated my third eye 8 months ago. It’s a gift from God our Lord and Savior. When I opened it I didn’t know what was happening to me. I was in another world with the same people I’ve known all my life. I believe it’s the same way all the prophets like Abraham, Moses, Noah, Jesus, and the apostles of Jesus connected with The Father in heaven. The holy spirt. Anyways I had trouble sleeping because every time I closed my eyes I saw a pair of eyes looking right at me. Sometimes even many. I saw shadows or vapors in my room even outside when it got dark. I was too frightened. Faces appeared on my walls, windows, even trees and clouds. I thought i was crazy! Schizophrenia. I would run home on a cloudy day because it literally looks as if the clouds will pick you up.

      They would be scary like dragons or sometimes just human faces. But honestly once you know the truth there’s no going back. Don’t be afraid, if your being frightened then you possibly aren’t doing what God wants you to do or change in your life.

      We all have angels fighting by our sides. Demons will only appear if you sin or even think about sinning.

      But there’s no going back once you open it, doesn’t mean It’s a bad thing. Just means you have an advantage over all. Seeing the true reality that the world doesn’t want us to know about. If we did we wouldn’t be slaves to the world and there lies telling us there’s no God only science. That’s nonsense because we all just came in contact with God so find out what his task is in YOUR LIFE and fulfill it to the best of your knowledge. Remember that God is always watching (not literally), only because he loves you.

      We have a loving, forgiving, understanding, merciful, awesome God. So have fun and welcome to the awakening brother.

    • Hi! I can try to answer your question based on my own expirience. When you open your third eye (so you let your higher self lead you), you must know that facing all your inner “stuff” will become more and more difficult. You will dig deeper into yourself, which means you may expirience a lot of weird, unknown, sometimes unpleasant, or maybe very scary things. Visualisations, emotions and so on. Long story short, you experience what you carry deep in yourself.

      What is truly important is to *STAY GROUNDED*. Seriously. In the East they say that opening third eye before opening all lower chakras can lead to some inconveniences. I realised it’s essential to first embrace your existence (and body), and not to skip directly to opening your third eye. You don’t want to rush this.

      My problem (and I believe the problem for many others coming from the West) is that my childhood was absence. So I had this specific problem with escaping reality and when I chose to crack open my pineal gland, it lead me to some states like some kind of schizophrenia (which, btw, is connected to lucid dreaming).

      So, my words of advice are to not be afraid of yourself, stay grounded, TRUST in yourself and your journey, because this is all in yourself. Be careful to not start escaping in any kind of state. Know that YOU are the wizard, you have the power to handle all those tools (like dreams, mind, etc) and you can use them by your will.

      Sorry for all possible grammar mistakes.

    • J, my third eye was opened due to extensive research and knowledge I acquired through my religious beliefs. If you’re saying that you are seeing dark shadow like figures that watch you ..you are not alone. These are not part of our personalities. I know exactly what they are they evil and feed off of fear. Pray, command them to leave in the name of Jesus and they will disappear. That isn’t to say that others won’t come but with help and research you will learn how to fight them off.

      • Hi Donna,

        I too experienced something weird.

        I smoked marijuana and instantly went into another realm. When you smoke weed people are normally saying weird stuff. This stuff is just a cover up for what they are really saying. Now the people that were around me were saying, she knows, you didn’t do enough. Try to keep her engaged. They were literally trying to entice me. Now fast forward to today I am aware of these demons trying to keep me enslaved of partying, drinking and smoking.

        You just have to resist them with prayer.

    • Before you open your 3rd eye, work on staying grounded and develop your lower chakras, especially the root chakra.

      Remember we are living in a physical world, apart from the spiritual, so stay connected to Mother Earth while you reach for Heaven. The third eye and its forseeing energies can sometimes rob you of the present moment and having a grip with reality.

      Stay grounded my friends, I’m still working on it!

    • What did you experience? After third eye meditation I started being harmed by what I thought was demons in sexual ways. I’ve never experienced something so frightening. These things spoke to me and threatened me. I don’t know what they are but they haunt me now. I battle them every day. I believe the only way to heat them is to cleanse my soul and continue down the path of enlightenment but I don’t know. I’d be very curious to hear your story if you’re willing.

    • The reason your experience was so horrific was due to the fact you in some way opened your what I like to call the door most call the 3rd eye was to quick. A mentor of mine told me I needed to go slow bc if you open that door to fast everything comes flowing in and your opening yourself up to bad things. Once you start learning more, taking classes, and working with your own self it will be so much easier. You need to work with making peace in your life. The first step for me when opening my door was making peace and letting go of anger toward my biological mother that I had stored deep in myself. When trying to go back into it so be scared you have to let go of that fear that is another thing. You can’t go in with fear in your heart. You have to and I mean HAVE TO let all of that go bc bad things will attach themselves to you and there isn’t much going back.

    • I did. I tried opening my third eye by meditating, and what I saw was scary. They look demonic. I haven’t tried again since. that was in 2016.

  • One of my close friends says that he got his third eye opened.. And what happens recently freaks us all out because whenever he curses someone or spills word in anger it happens the very next day.. Is it because of his third eye? If yes upto what extent will his third eye affect people and how can we pacify him? Please help me.. I literally need help..

    • Hello Divit,

      I’m very sorry to hear for your friend’s negative experience.

      What way did your friend use to open his third eye? Apparently, there are some negative energies in him that cause this. One should eliminate the negative emotions and be fully conscious when commits to something like this so he can be aware of his powers.

      I assume he might have used visualization to open it. So, please tell him to visualize again how his third eye closes as vividly as possible.

      I will soon write a post on how to close your third eye. Tune up.



  • I tried doing pineal awakening vocals. Nothing really happened. But one day I looked up at the sky and it was now eternally beautiful like I never seen it so beautiful before and it’s been like that ever since. I started sensing people more and their real emotions easier. My dreams become even more intense as in so-called different worlds.

    But that’s about it. I don’t see random extra 4th dimensional things besides the swirly energy thing which I’m not too sure if it’s even energy.

    Can you tell me if my experience is connected with opening the third eye or it’s something else?

    • Hi T,

      Your third eye is opened but to a certain extent. It’s not fully opened yet. A sign of that is your growing sensitivity. Your experience spunds like one of those rare ocassions when our vibrations are quite high and our bond with the spiritual world is stronger than usual.

      Enjoy your experience.



    • Wow, I see that swirly thing too!

      To me it looks like a million little dust particles swirling around me. Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s slow and I can change its direction.

      I used to think it was maybe a protection bubble of some sort because a lot of times when I should have been harmed in car accidents and other events and I always end up miracly safe without any injuries.

      But I have been trying to educate my self lately on the chakras due to wanting to open my third eye. So maybe the swirly thing is my energy? I don’t know but I am looking to find my purpose and my higher self.

      • Oh wow! I have been seeing the “dust particles” ever since I was a little girl! Being able to change the speed, direction and color of them. So cool hearing of someone else seeing them.

  • Hello there. I’m not really experienced with the third eye, however while I was in college I had a professor who taught spiritual diversity and taught us how to cleanse our chakras including the third eye. I’ve always been very sensitive with intuition and being clear voiant, when I was younger I seen my father dead in a vision and in a casket , he died when he was 30, wearing the same suit I visioned him in. When I was in high school one of my teachers humiliated me and out of anger I wished he was dead, that same year he died by hitting a parked car. I’ve seen “demons” I’ve heard them. I’ve had very vivid dreams that I was exorsising demons out of people. I would really love to reopen my third eye but I fear that I am already too sensitive. And that when I get angry someone could get hurt. Any advice?

    • Mabye you should control your actions and remember this isn’t who you really are. Try and remember that you are a very mature person (if you’re not….still think that…) and that God -any God you believe in – is with you.

    • It’s genetically. Perhaps the gifts have passed to you from your grand mother, who seemed to be that way. Learn to control your self, you don’t want to hurt other people.

    • Hey Tasia, I may have a similar experience even though I have not opened my third eye yet, or am even in college!

      I started having these prophetic dreams or just flashes of myself doing things from both a third person and a first person view.

      These flashes of my personal future actually happened. It can have a span of up to a few years for it to happen. The closest flash that I have was a week until it came true.

      It started when I was in primary school. Primary 4 to be precise. Then again, I’m usually the youngest in the class.

      I was about 10 years old that it started, and now, I have learnt to accept it.

      I suggest for you to not focus on your negative emotions, but on your good ones.

      When you’re angry, try a few breathing exercises and think about the good times in your life to help the negative emotions recede.

      It may be hard and take some time, but that’s what’s I do.

      Or you can also focus on your own God (I’m a freethinker) and pray to him, seek his enlightenment and advice.

      • I have been having visions since I was 16 years old. I would have the vision and within 6 months to 1 year later they would come true. I found out at my uncle’s funeral that I wasn’t the only one on my father side of the family. My father was able to feel his siblings pain when they were dying. a lot of my cousins on that side of families gift was activated at the age of 16.

        • I actually met my great great great grandmother in a vision face to face, and that was amazing. I still remember that vision so vividly.

  • Here’s my experience. I opened my 3rd eye about 15 years ago. One day I went deep down into an unknown place where no person with a third eye has ever gone to. There I met an entity who is the embodiment of nothing and it fused with my very being. From what I felt, it had been waiting for me to ascend to a higher state of mind and now it continues to show me images of what we call an existence slowly being erased. It told me that it has been hidden from our knowledge simply due to the fact that it’s been around long before it’s opposite we call God,Yahweh,or Allah etc. I say this to warn you all that this thing that found me is truly terrifying because it hates all things – good & evil, and only seeks to erase everything. Remember the name Zamiel the nothing!

  • Hi.

    I have been doing a lot of research on the third eye. I have read a lot of posts and view a lot of videos. Most say it is a terrible thing to do. But there are others who say it’s amazing and beautiful. But after all this research I think I have a good understanding about this and I want to try to open my own.

    And people are saying it is best opened by meditation. But they don’t give very clear instructions. Do I visualize something while meditating or something else? I just want to know the right way to open it so I know I’m doing this safely and right. So I was wondering if you knew a good way to open it.

  • Hi
    I´m very scared to open my third eye.
    I have always been a very intuitive person, and I have had scary experiences.
    I had contact to a dead little girl 2 years ago.
    I became pregnant of her, but for some reason, she decided to leave (I had a miscarriage).
    I also had some experience as a kid, but not as vivid (like hearing the window in my house being opened though I was alone, having premonitory dreams).
    In my first pregnancy,(my 5 years old daughter) I experienced seeing an entity, that was trying to come near me (I saw a red aura floating outside of my window), I had the instinct of protecting my unborn child (as if the entity wanted to take my daughter´s place or something).
    I also felt and saw dead people, I never got the “proof” it was real, but that´s what I saw.
    I always have been fascinated about mystical world, but I have the fear and feeling my talent is always (or mostly) about dead people and it frightens me.
    My mom didn´t take care of me, and I saw terrible movies in a verry young age (I saw “it” from stephen king at only 7 years old). It took me years untill I wasn´t frightened in the dark or while being alone in a public restroom (from all the crap horror movies I had seen) and I consciently and unconsciently block my abilities out of fear of what I could see.
    I already tend to be more scared when I´m alone, I fear that if I see things, I won´t even be able to keep my sanity when I´m alone…

    • Hi,

      In your very first sentence you stated ” I am very scared”.

      Before you open your third eye you should be scared of nothing. Be at peace with yourself and with everything. Believe that everything is God and is Love. Nothing can harm you and you must love yourself.

      Fear is the tool of blockages and the barrier to enlightening. Even if you will open your third eye, do you want to be “trapped” in a level of unknown and fear?

      Would you fly an airplane without training and without conquering your fear? Would you just step into it and go into unknown, what will happen will happen.

      Find your true self, open your chakras and balance your energy. That’s my advice.

      I didn’t open my third eye for the same reason.

      I am on my journey finding myself. I am a very positive and happy person but I always put others first and leave myself “neglected”.

      Even after I awaken I still thought that my purpose is just to help and was was frustrated because they didn’t wanted to be help and I was crying not knowing what to do anymore, praying for them not for me.

      Than, slowly, but surely 🙂 I came to realise that what I was doing was wrong.

      I am so content now, happy, and every moment counts toward my happiness, everything I do I feel that is blessed. I realised that my purpose here on Earth is to experience. As much as I can – everything. I start going every week to experience something. I start improving my swimming skills as I was afraid of deap water, taking swimming lessons. I want to do everything possible what includes water: scuba diving, coasteering and gorge walking, and other water sports, than flying experience, parachute jumping, budgee jumping.

      This is my soul healing and I am 100% sure that my healing will heal those arround me. I already see in their eyes the curiosity and desire to do it themselves. I don’t have to tell them, they will choose themselves.


  • I had a third eye awakening doing Surat Shabda Yoga under Suma Ching Hai. It was a good experience but it attracted a lot of negative energies. At some point I got attacked and I went insane with all sorts of depression and anxiety.

    I find third eye awakening can lead a person toward insanity. I heard it is a very dangerous thing to do. They say the safest chakra is the navel. So I try to focus on it but years of focusing on the third eye has created an automatic pressure right where my third eye is.

    All in all I wish I never got my third eye awakened. It was the wrong thing to do. I discourage anyone from opening their third eye. I seriously look forward to an article on how to close the third eye.

    • Hi

      Yes, you are completely right.

      If you are not prepared and take it step by step, it can be a very unpleasant experience. MY son was … advanced into meditation, chakra opening, but he lead himself caught into curiosity and unpatience.

      He focused on third eye and with a litle “help”, he did it. Now he regrets it. It’s hard, I am his mother and it breaks my heart seeing him how he suffer.

      His third eye continuous pressure and palpitation like a drum in the midle of his forehead, his everyday’s “deja-vous”, having the feeling that he lived “this” life over and over and he is in a quantum loop not being able to break free.

      Needless to say, it was breaking him appart. His thoughts manifesting and so many things which he couldn’t even describe it… He came at 2:00 AM in the morning crying, trying to talk to him and tell him that everything is OK but holding my tears….

      Now he quit his job second time because he can’t do the same things over and over again. He feels trapped and he needs a change.

      Please, everyone, think twice at the consequences before you decide to open you third eye. If not for yourself but for those around you. Can you make sure they will be safe? Can you make sure they will understand what is happenning to you? Are you willing to loose them if they won’t understand you? Can you make sure they won’t suffer seeing how much you’ve changed?

      Do it slowly and with patience. This way will be beneficial for everybody.

      I love you all, have a safe journey to enlightment 🙂

  • To me, opening the third eye happened after becoming blind and turning to reiki as a therapy. There were so many coincidences that happened that time that made me believe that this did not happen by chance, even though I was completely unaware of what it meant and so on. Sure, I agree. There are many dangers that you can face when your third eye opens. I am lucid nearly half the time during the dreaming process because of the third eye. This makes me feel as if 24 hours awake.
    And the entities you are talking about…Dear God!!! The monsters I’ve seen lurking out there. However, the third eye is slowly but surely turning into what I am by nature. And when this happens, I feel the third eye connected and communicating with my heart and all the wonders there.
    I appreciate your article. Thank you.

    • I dream very lucidly too. They are so vivid, crazy, and I can control things in them. I remember them for days, months, sometimes forever. At times, I feel exhausted when I wake up..

  • I’ve always been psychic. I’ve had prophetic visions and dreams, can feel energy from people, places & things and in just the past 6 months have become able to focus and see visions of what’s going on in someone’s life – if I know their loved one or if they allow it. The visions are sometimes specific and sometimes symbolic not meaning much to me, but when I explain them to the person, they know exactly what I’m talking about. I just started specifically meditating with my hands in clasped “prayer position” with my thumbs in the center of my forehead because I had just been praying (I’m also Christian). I know about chakras, but wasn’t purposefully focusing on my “Third Eye,” but WHOA!!!! I immediately fell into an almost trance like state like I was floating and could see who I wanted to see so clearly and the vision came with no effort. I pray for protection all the time because honey, demons are real and one tried to take my body many years ago. But, I agree with you, most of the entities hanging around are spirits, not demons. This one, however; was banished from my house and I am sure would like to return…better safe than sorry. Ever since last night when this happened I feel HUGE HIGHLY SENSITIVE state of awareness of EVERYTHING around me… but it’s always kind of that way for me anyway. I will keep praying for protection and picturing that white ball of protecting light around me. New Horizons await…

  • Christopher,

    Hello all. Please be aware of a condition that can occur where you are so needed in this dimension by others that a terrifying and obstacle ridden course can be stepped into by tempting and strong spirits. This is a time where so many like us are needed that an awakening period is upon us not unlike those who were so tortured into a hyper state of compassion dating back even a 1000 to 3 or 4000 more years ago. I am trapped in a horrifying experience and have been ripped open and challenged like that only spoken of in ancient times. I have in fact prayed and teased these spirits to continue to torment me just to keep other journey men and women not to go through the same and now grow weary. Any practitioner and reader of this is welcomed to journey with me or ask me for help in their own journey. What has been displayed to me is that my ability and need to wrestle the worst of demonic forces is uncanny. As well no one will suffer from helping me with this one disclaimer; I am able to in a non commerce way pick up on vibrations when any of you are in need. I can turn demons into angelic gift bearing entities for you. When you are at your strongest simply think of this post and I will lesson the intensity of nagging or impossible scenarios. If you want to increase your regime then ask to help me in bringing more of us to the forefront and spirits will call on others. This is a type of clean breeding and more like us will multiply and eventually even out the vibrations across the world.

    Blessings and Love…
    Please find me if in fear…
    And look forward to your efforts helping everywhere…


    • I would like to open my third eye, but I would say I am pretty unaware of the consequences.

      As a lot of bad things are going on lately, with getting myself in trouble and self medicating, I am just looking for a way into what I am here for. I feel very strong minded but fear about my physical presence. I also have doubts about life and that may interfere and cause a bad experience.

      Thank you,

      • Hello Nick,

        You sense it right that having doubts and fear in yourself will cause a bad experience when you try to wake up your 3rd eye. To do that, you need to be in a total peace with your mind, body and soul. There have to be no grain of fear in yourself. Moreover, you need to ground yourself.

        First do these steps to change your life to positive and then consider doing it.


    • I’d like to hear more about the demons you’ve fought. I’ve been raped (both in a male and female body, I’m male). I grow stronger and wiser from the torture I’ve endured but I need help. I don’t know if I should focus on spiritual enlightenment through their eye meditation or what. I cracked opened my third eye months ago when this started without opening any other chakras. I’m now attempting to find my other chakras bit is extremely difficult as it feels like my third eye is fighting for my attention.

  • Is it possible to unknowingly open your 3rd eye? I always thought of it as deja vu because when I’ve explained it to othera, that’s what I’ve been told. But see, I’ve gotten to where I can make this “feeling” come willingly.

    I never really known what it was. But it started when I was in high school. I could just be sitting in the class room and it happens. And a headache ALWAYS comes right after I’ve managed to “make it go away”. I remember being 15, in a dressing room at the mall and trying on clothes and it just happened. But no kind of sight, taste, or smell created deja vu. It kind of just happens. When I concentrate, I can also make it happen that way as well. The way I make it happen is by focusing on something from my childhood that made me happy. Like something that happened or even a candy. It’s like… you’re going into an unknown place. It’s unknown but familiar in a sense, except you can’t figure out how it’s familiar. Because of it being unfamiliar, it’s scary. Not terrifying, but scary. And the headache that comes after, ugh. I’ve never tried to do this with meditation however. Maybe once I actually research the topic and understand it, it can become less scary and less painful through meditation. I really don’t wanna say it’s deja vu, because I feel like it’s not. Something is telling me that it’s not. Always has.

  • I had never heard of this “third eye” before and I was honestly not trying to awaken anything. I have been very ill, depressed, and just wanting to sleep. I had an experience and felt like I died. For a week my pulse stayed high from this “vision”. Almost a month later, something similar but not nearly as terrifying happened again and I had some medication from the physician for my heart to take during it. But I pondered about it for hours. I am mostly alone. On the television that night, just happened the tv character mentioned something called a “third eye” and it all sort of sunk in. My mother has a tumor around the pituitary gland and I’ve studied anatomy a lot for in the second vision there was a small light inside … ahhh I can’t go on… anyway… I’m not sure what this is. I’m totally lost. I’m scared and I can’t tell if I’m turning schizophrenic or having a complete depersonalization episode from recent traumatic events in my life or what … I’m downright terrified. I was raised southern Christian, in a tiny town.. if I speak about this to ANYONE local I will be put in an institution.

    • Hello J,

      Don’t panic. You’re going through a hard time right now in your life. The best you can do is stay away from the third eye and not even attempt to open it as it would cause further suffering and will worsen the situation.

      Try to ground yourself by doing activities that you like. Try connecting more with people, going out in nature and dinstance yourself from the TV and technology for a bit.

      You will make it.



  • Hello,

    My experience opening my third eye was quite different. Me and my cousin began communicating telepathically. We went to a rave and took drugs. We were staring at each other for long with no words until we realized we were communicating through our minds. We could not believe it, I kept pointing at my forehead and that was how she realized that we had opened our third eye. I knew a following event was going to happen and so many strange things happened. We unintentionally opened our third eye and we are trying to figure what it means. Has this ever happened to anyone? Why would it happen to the both of us? Does this mean something?

  • I opened my third eye and I saw a demon walking up the stairs.I was seeing orbs floating around me.

    When I called on the name of Jesus I got attacked, as if someone gave me a electric shock and felt someone was keep watching me.

    I think we should be careful not to open ourselves to the realm we do not know. One thing I know is that we’re not alone on this planet. All this can seem nice but it may be a deception just the way Eve was deceived. So be careful with these practices because you are opening yourself to spiritual realms.

  • Hi, my name is Robert Rozmirsky and I want to unclose my mind’s eye. I’ve opened up the first five chakras, and then the crown, but I’m stuck on the third eye.

    I’m 17 and I suffer a bit from depression and sadness and I want to know how to overcome that before I unclose the mind’s eye. Also, seeing a glimpse of the future event before it unfold, is it considered that the third eye is awakening?

    • Hello Robert,

      Beating depression and sadness happens by listening to your soul. Take the time and see what your soul wants to tell you. That way you will find the happiness you are searching for.

      Seeing a glimpse of the future is a definite sign your ajna chakra is already cracking. It’s a natural process in one’s awakening. Just take care of yourself and don’t indulge in bad things that have negative effects on your body, mind & soul.

    • Hi Robert,

      You are 17 years old. You have plenty of time to get to know yourself and think about your desires and what you want out of life. You have time to build solid trusting relations, and one day you may meet a partner that will make you happier because they will know and accept you for who you are (that will come when you know and accept yourself)

      Depression and sadness are not always spiritual ailments. Actually, they’re pretty normal. Everyone experiences them at some time or another.

      Sure, you can think about ‘listening to your soul’ and all that, but the truth is all that stuff is pretty generic advice that doesn’t really tell you anything. Focus on life, and build up your self esteem and self worth gradually by being and doing things in the world that you enjoy/find valuable. Learn and be curious about life. Experiment. Find out what makes you tick, hopefully outside of the world of screens.

      We all see glimpses of the future too. This may be something ‘spiritual’, but it may also be normal and not mystical at all… maybe our subconscious minds process events, information and potential outcomes much faster than our conscious mind, and so we become ‘aware’ of something before it happens. Who knows? It’s interesting stuff, but none of this will necessarily make you happy. Life is a journey and as you grow with it you will work out what makes you happy on all different kinds of levels.

      So chill, and if you seriously feel in turmoil then look for real help from real people who are trained, not ‘spiritual’ help from someone who has attended a weekend Reiki course. Bottom line, a balanced and happy life has nothing to do with the third eye, and everything to do with the effort you put in to yourself and the people around you.

  • Hello all. I’m about to start decalcifying my pineal gland and after reading about the possible negative consequences of not being in the right state, or doing it too fast, I would like Georgi’s opinion.

    If I start now, with at least one hour of meditation everyday, when do you think could I expect to open it? I’m hoping at least 6 months so I have time to prepare. Could it take up to a year? Thanks so much in advance.

    • Hello Amber,

      You did a good job that you first introduced yourself to the threats prior to doing it. But I still advise you to read them carefully and be aware that this is not a kid’s game and things can seriously go wrong in the spiritual world when you are unprotected.

      About your question – it all depends on your ability to manifest. If you think about something and it happens shortly afterwards in the real world you will open it in maybe your first few tries. Otherwise, it normally takes a person several days. And from then on, you practice it whenever you feel like it to sustain the level.

      The important thing when doing it is to set an intention. That speeds up things.


  • Hi Georgie, I am in need of your advice or help. I have tried to open my third eye without knowing it’s consequences. I only saw the brighter side of it and wanted to be a better person. I started doing meditation just to get some good sleep but also focused on my pineal gland. I felt the tinkling sensation and I feel asleep usually. I also noticed i was learning fast it was very easy to understand things. But does not see any vision or strong intuition on something. But now the problem is I can hear very tiny ticks sounds around me and some hit sounds from the roof of my room it’s not heavy noises but have a feeling of someone is upstairs. And I had some itchiness on my body it’s started recently from no where .. After reading all the consequences now I am worried is that some bad spirit trying to get my attention? I haven’t had any horrifying dreams or experiences yet but I’m scared of this noises around me and can’t sit alone. I really don’t want to get into any pscychic activities can you please help me how I can live a peaceful life.? I’m worried about the way I did activating third eye is in a sleeping position in the bed I don’t think I have opened all the other chakras which is really bothering me. I still feel a pressure between my eyebrows Should I continue meditation and activating my other chakras or if I leave everything now is there any consequences? Please advise me Georgi
    Thank you

  • Hello all.

    I’m doing some personal research and stumbled across this sight. My story on the topic is something I call “rare pending” (being that I don’t know if my experience is common or uncommon, or how often it happens as so).

    I was oblivious to chakras, my spiritual self, and was still 50/50 on if God existed or not. One day, that all got wrapped up real tight real quick.

    I was shot and I had an outter body experience (it was trippy, but made sense after realizing some things). Watching myself being put in ambulance, telling people what they said word for word and where they stood when they said it while my body was in a sort of a coma, even what the clothes they had on. This freaked some people out to the point where some asked me “What are you?”

    This situation made more sense after opening my third eye. The thing with this is I didn’t know that’s what I had done and it scared the living shit out of me. The last thing I consciously remember saying was how the town I was in was a big part of my life and then bam… Somewhere else. Wtf? Everything was both horrifying and beautiful. Arms reaching up toward me: touching but not grabbing.

    “Look up. Look up.”

    I look up and see a greyish purple, aggressive rolling storm cloud. Above it there was a very bright single star. Toward the horizon was a mountin range that also had this purplish hue to it, and from it came a fairly strong wind which contained knowledge (this alone still trips me out to this day).

    I turned around and see a gate. Not a gate we commonly know, but two natural rocks, semi circle arches-one slightly higher than the other, and there was vortex in the middle of it. I knew without knowing what that gate was.

    “Am i dead?”
    “What is this place?”
    “Human? The in-between.”

    After crowbarring my eyes from this gate from this gate I looked toward this voice. A rock armored bug winged being.

    “How did I get here?”
    “You brought yourself here.”
    “How do I leave?”

    Thats when i see my friend telling me not to die. At that moment I had to consciosly make myself breathe. The first thing I said was:

    “Oh my God, please have devine mercy on my pitiful soul.”

    As the went on, it was a collision between my brain and my spiritual mind.

    S: You know what this was.
    B: Yes, but I’m not built to accept that, as that, like.
    S: It is reality. Beyond the one you have accepted. Right now you are in the action. Correct what you have wronged before the consequence. And what unseen is nothing in comparison. You think this is suffering.
    B: Look, you and know what that was, but to continue the way I am, I hav to take that in in moderation. Accepting that, as that, like that will fry me. That is where insanity comes from.

    For the next week I isolated myself, didn’t eat, shower, answer my phone or door. I had become obsessed with finding out what had just happened and why did it feel that it had a dyer attachment to my soul. I kept hearing a whisper to the point where I kept my headphones one until my ears hurt.

    On day 5, that whispering was starting to get super ultra mega annoying.

    “Ok, damn it. Who, or what ever the fuck is whispering, spit it out or shut the fuck up.”

    It stopped. I felt a tap on my shoulder, looked to see no one knowing I was alone. I clearly heard the whisper “close your eyes and see.”

    Then I ran out of my appartament so fast I left it open. A restaurant was right across the street so I sat there drinking coffee and watch my place while freaking out on what had just happened. I had to mentally bully myself to go home. I was scared to go to sleep, but one can only fight nature for so long.

    I woke up in the middle of the night and like on auto pilot I went on YouTube and typed vision from nowhere. After all of what I was not looking for, I found a video that answered what had happened, which also scared me. The video stated that certain natural foods, certain herbs at a certain age will open your third eye. When this naturally happens ur body will open the necessary chakras in sequence before doing so. Some people can’t handle it and fry out, some look for the artificial peace they previously knew, some hunt for the truth and disect it before accepting it.

    With that out of the way, I felt better that I wasn’t crazy. What happened wasn’t a spiritual awakening, it was a moment of realization that heaven and hell are real, and that there were some things I needed to correct about myself, amends I had to make, and forgiveness to give starting with myself.

    This happened almost 4 years ago and still this topic captivates my mind. I discovered a verse in the Bible that basiclly states seeing with the third eye and how important the heart chakra is to what u see. If thy heart is rightious, then u will see the light, but if thy heart is wicked then all you will see is darkness. And if all you see is darkness, then how deep is that darkness —— Jesus said that.

    Once i made that connection I looked into every possible way not to piss off God or misuse this. This is the veil being removed, individually. For those who misuse it will become third eye blind. In a nutshell, being judged before dying, to be third eye blind is to be forever disconnected. Nothing can patch that. Thank you letting me share that. Be careful, and just live.

  • I have been searching on the internet to back up something I believe to be true and I found this post. Thank you for putting it out there because I think that many people are waking up are searching for “gurus” to help guide them. If you are on the path of waking up and searching then I believe that your third eye is already awakened. The work needs to start from the root chakra up, I believe. I am an energy healer and working on the next phases of my training. I’ve just gotten done with the 3rd Chakra work and incorporating characterology. Through this self work from the bottom up, I feel better prepared to understand each of our energy systems. My brother passed a few months ago from an overdose of heroin. His feet never quite touched the earth and had one foot in the other side. This dimension was too painful for him. He had mentioned at Christmastime 2016 when I saw him last that he was working on his third eye. I instinctually felt fear and told him so. He was so open already and needed to work on grounding himself first. I won’t continue to ramble on but wanted to say thank you for posting and I am going to continue my own research on this and apply in my circle and teachings. Warmly…Christina

  • Hi there,

    You say that awakening the third eye will ‘open you up to spiritual realities of forth dimension beings’, but then say that these beings are nothing other than aspects of ourself. Is it one or the other or both?

    I awoke my third eye after a couple of years of walking in nature, meditation and eventually new age type practices. Although I cannot say that I regret it, having now come down from a two year hell trip and feeling better, I would not recommend this process to anyone.

    I mean, it’s a personal path and decision, but my life has been A LOT better since I stopped having intense visions and feeling everything at once while losing myself to an endless void which I considered at the time to be the true nature of reality. Now I can just get on with having loving relationships and trying to help people, neither of which you need a third eye awakening for.

    A lot of people in ‘third eye circles’ think that religion is the enemy, and that third eye awakening is the blessing that saves us from this, but I actually found it to be the other way round (I’m speaking from experience, not from blind belief). I followed a ‘freelance spiritual’ path which, truth be told, led to absolute chaos in my mental, physical, emotional and spiritual life. I feel I have rebalanced this by adopting a more monotheistic approach, and fostering the core values that major religions seem to point towards at their core… community, charity, strength of moral values, humility and sacrifice to name a few… very different to the ‘do as thou wilt’ philosophy which

    It is my belief that a third eye awakening, in and of itself, is not always necessary, nor is it always useful. A lot of the time it seems to lead into very typical spiritual ‘traps’ that Eastern philosophies advise us about… we get trapped in the world of illusion and vision of a ‘higher’ spiritual realm, and foresake our earthly duties. We get hooked on the idea of psychic power and the like. We open up channels to ‘beings’ that, in my experience at least, are not often here for our best interest, and nearly always want something in return.

    I honestly don’t want to hear other people”s thoughts in my own head or even feel how they are feeling (this makes simple activities like getting a bus to work a living nightmare!) – we invented elaborate language systems to communicate with each other, so if someone wants to speak to me they can do it without a sketchy second-guessing ‘sixth sense’.

    If we all put our meditation time towards helping people in real life then things would get better. So next time you are thinking of sending your friend ‘love and light’, just give them a call, or better yet go around their house, and ask them (with words, not just mental energy) how they are and what you can do to help.

    My advice: focus on what is real to you, on the people that you love, and on the real sufferings that are happening in the world right now.

    If you are now in turmoil after a third eye awakening (accidental or deliberate) then it’s time to sit tight and do A LOT of ‘shadow work’ – exploring the darker sides or yourself and the world. You will probably have to face it, and it will probably be a difficult journey. In my opinion, this shadow work is the ONLY useful aspect of the third eye, because you will likely come out of the other side of it with a much deeper understanding of yourself in entirety. You might even feel like a completely different person when you find your way. I personally felt like I had ‘shed’ myself and grown new ‘skin’ so to speak – a lot of my darker aspects have been left behind in the void and I KNOW within myself that I am approaching life from a more positive angle (not a wishy washy positive thinking angle -that’s what I had before – now I have an understanding that WE ARE ALL SUFFERING, and it is my belief that love is the alleviation of this.)

    I wanted to avoid too much metaphysics, but prayer to God may actually help (it did for me) if you feel in the ‘void’ or ‘chaos’. Your idea of God will no doubt differ from mine, but be firm about wanting the ‘spiritual beings’ around you to leave – you don’t need their ‘powers’ or influence, and if you are firm in this they won’t have use for you. Nevertheless, coming back to a well established belief system may help you to find your feet and recover your mind, especially if your third eye journey has been polluted with lots of ‘new age’ ideas that give your mind little to grasp on to outside the world of chakras and crystals.

    Hope that one person has taken something from this, just wanted to share my 2 cents.

    • Hi,

      I might be the “one” person, Haha! I appreciate what you wrote. I just read this article and realized that Nine years ago, somehow my third eye opened. I didnt know what was going on, but I documented it, writing over 600 pages and turning it into a memoir.

      The experience was exactly what you described, I had to face the dark side for several years. That was tough. I felt trapped and friends and family thought I had gone off the deep end.

      After reading your comment, I feel at peace with the experience, and feel better knowing that I was not crazy, and did not abandon my spirituality, I have it in my own way now. I so agree, you have to go out there and do something, rather than putting psychic energy into everything. That seems so much more balanced and grounded to me now. Anyway, thanks for taking the time to share your experience!

  • I’m pretty sure that this is not a choice. It’s evolution. Once the energy rises to a certain level on the planet, everyone’s third eye is going to open. Yogi Bhajan says 1/3 of us will go mad, 1/3 will commit suicide, 1/3 will wake up and help change the world.

    So it is to all of our advantage to stand up and walk or we will be dragged. Meaning, do your shadow work, find balance emotionally, practice gratitude for being alive during such an amazing time in human history!!! Really hone in on what makes you happy and follow that bliss in order to raise your vibration. That way as the Earth’s energy raises, you will most likely avoid these negative experiences as long as you make your vibration your top priority. It’s a great thing folks!

    My hope is that I remain open and grateful then expect a gentle opening in preparation for this big shift in consciousness. I have had sparkles happening in my normal range of vision lately.

    Today was white, the other times it has been mostly blue. Very pretty dancing energy!! If you have ever seen the movie The Celestine Prophecy, that is what I believe is going to happen. Heaven and Earth are going to combine. Some call this the Ascension or 5D living, then we will see and be with all of our loved ones and friends who have passed. Maybe that’s what the opening of the third eye is all about.

    Good stuff guys!! I’m excited!!

  • Amazing comments, thank you all for sharing. I started researching and trying to be more spiritual as throughout my years I’ve seen things that have scared me but would always pray and pray until it went away. I was able to see the most when I was pregnant both times because of my healthy eating and feeding my body with non processed food, no sugar and no milk. I had to have several family members pray for me and pacify the spirits to leave us alone.

    Recently, I’ve been feeling my third eye opening again and it’s involuntary. I’m not in a place where I feel it would be a good experience. I’ve been seeing things every now and then mostly when I am in fear of something. Like it’s drawn to my fear. I’ve been trying to close my third eye until I am ready. I appreciate these posts because I feel I’m not alone and the tips on working on myself was very valuable.

    I am in Auckland New Zealand and if there’s anyone who could be a spiritual guide and help me open my third eye safely and be guided please let me know.


  • I think I’ve got myself in trouble, I’ve been trying this meditation stuff for months ago, now I’m feeling an ache in middle of my fore head, it developing everyday, but the thing is, will this middle eye help in a way I want, and I hope it won’t cause problems to my future.

  • I have opened my third eye when I was 15 years old.now I am 18 .After opening the third eye I have completely detached myself from everyone.right now I don’t have any feelings towards people whom I used to care a lot.I don’t even care when they are in huge trouble and at the end of the day I regret what I had done to them. I do even cry a lot in middle of my sleep but the next day same event repeats itself and I can’t control myself.I don’t know if this is because of my opening of third eye but this character change in me happened after I opened my third eye.even if I want to do something about it something inside me blocks me from doing so.can I act normal like I used to be?

  • Beautifully stated Dr JB. Opening my 3rd eye has left me with anxiety because of high fear due to past incidents, but I continue to tell myself it will get better. I ground myself as much as possible and am always trying to walk in a gratitude path to calm the spirit.

  • I experienced this kind of situation, whenever my third eye is open, i usually first see bad things and then i switch and think GOD and then thats it i see good and hear good things. Sometimes i dont know if my third eye is open or close.. is it possible that someone can close or open their third eye ? You can close or open whenever you want it??

  • I don’t know if what happens to me is connected to the 3rd eye, but most of the time whatever words or thoughts I say or think about comes to live. Either exactly as said or close enough. My dreams 90% comes to live. Is this normal? I see jins in forms of people in my dreams talking to me and some things of what they say comes to real life when I wake up.

  • Hi divit this is happening to me too and it hurts people i love and it happens only if i wished something bad not something good and it makes me concerned its dangerous because sometimes a part of my ego actually enjoys having that power but then later it doesnt feel right ….i thought it was something that cames from angels that protect me but when i focused enough i realized that angels do no harm ….so this really concerns me ….anyone can explain it?

  • Someone i know had those experiences, so she stopped. It got very intense for her. The thing is , i have to believe that we are all on our own journey; whatever that may be. Well there are things out there i presume that we don’t know of, this world in general as humans; can also be terrifying. I fail to fathom certain things that humans are doing to us and to others. I guess everything happens as it should. Precaution and detail as well as discernment is needed, i read that in a book. Like this guys georgie said, be prepared, and do your research. My man says to me that we must not let fear control us , at all. That is difficult i know, but there is a beautiful truth in that . Takes practice, trustung yourseld and the universe too. God, whatever you want to call it. Things happen.. our willingness to deal with it or atleast try, must count for something. I don’t know why certain thongs happen the way they do .. in amy relm actually .. but .. i hope that the meaning is revealed to us, and that beautu can stem from it all somehow .. if you need to talk, my number is 0744132389 . I’m on whatsapp . Facebook is , Fæith Lēē .. email is ; faithhowroyd@gmail.com ..

    We all need to be helpful with one another and to one another. Love is so difficult because of other things but it is so worth it. It is easy to bw horrible or evil, but to be good, and noble , and all that radiates a beautiful energy, is what matters.

    I’m hoping and praying for us to be braver each moment .. stronger each moment and filled with love and light each moment so that we mau overcome anything we face with victory ! 🌻

  • I have I accidentally opened my third eye before I even knew what it was… I felt something totally pitch black come into me and all I felt was complete hopelessness and helplessness I think it’s pretty much evil!!! There is no higher power in yourself!!! God is the only highest power all the rest of it is evil beings!!! And no God can’t be whatever u want him to be cause Jesus was God’s son not God himself!!! I pray God takes mercy on all of your souls!!! Amen

  • Is that what I am experiencing? I have been having daunting feelings of fear and all I think about is that I could die at any moment. I have been having alot of panic attacks

  • I did not try to open it. It happened I think because I was seeking to find anything that made any sense in my life, something more. I went through all religions, I went through science, math, and found the truth of false love. It happened all at once to fast. I could not get up, I had visions while awake for about 4 weeks. My heart beat felt like drums. I thought I stroked or something was wrong. I was euphoric, I was disconnected from everything false instantly. My physical pain was gone. I went to get my head scanned, my heart checked. Nothing showed up bad. It has been on for almost 2 years now, most of the day visions are gone. I did not understand what happened. It took me forever to figure out what it was. They say people who have it become more, better, and want to help heal others, but it is for money. All of you, every single one, all you care about is money. Not love, not care, just money. Spirit of what, just like all religions, you know nothing of truth, of care, of kindness. ALL you know is how to use it for money.

  • I’m not sure how I opened my third eye…….until just now I had no idea that is what had happened. I thought I was going crazy! I see the entities everywhere. It has made living a normal life virtually impossible. My family thinks I have gone insain. I don’t know what I should do to , I don’t know very much about chakras and can feel something negative and cold growing inside me. I have a lot of unhealed wounds I’m not sure how to heal. I find myself isolated and filled with anxiety. I’m becoming very depressed. I easily since other peoples thoughts and intentions when they interact with me. How do I become at peace with myself and at peace with this new world around me?

  • I am having the same experiences as you. You are the first I have found that has had this happen to them as well. I did not intentionally open my third eye. Have you found help or answers to what this all means or how to channel it into a positive experience? I’m in dire need of help/education / wisdom/ guidance on this. I feel very alone

  • Hi,
    I did not want to open my third eye. However I chanted om, did yoga and meditated. After a few hours I listened a piano music by Chopin and saw a bright yellow sunlight inside the center of my forehead and felt a slight throb. Then I saw a black pea sized ring at the center of my forehead tuning and becoming more vivid and felt scared and quickly opened my eyes. Has my third eye opened? If so what can I do about this? Please help.

  • I was sleeping so comfortable to wake up at around 9am. When I woke up there was a demon standing by my clothes drawer looking at me. I thought I was dreaming but as I wiped my eyes he disappeared. An that was when I learned my third eye had opened while I was sleeping. I never seen anything like that before it looked like a man burnt to a crisp like a demon. I didn’t know your third eye could open by itself it freaked me out for weeks and I still don’t have all the answers.

  • Hey I’m not sure if anyone is still present on this site, but I too have these experiences. I was never aware of my “awakening” until I started noticing what I would think people would say, feel, or even look at me as if they heard the thought I had. My throat gets this ball in it as if I’m trying to hold back tears. It’s completely annoying and it seems it typically happens when negative energy is in my circumference or I have an unfortunate maniac thought outside of my usual thinking. Its very terrifying because I experienced taping into live radio energy or even live tv like the news… My dreams come off potentially psychic like and even when I’m awake I can see right through people, sometimes to the point where it flourishes through my energy and they can feel it. I definitely keep God 1st in my life as my balance and I trust him. However I do have panic attacks whenever around to many people because I never know what I might think, someone else can feel or hear. Besides that, the thoughts of others I can hear bits and pieces as well….. I really need to know how to at least close it… It’s very devastating when you can’t really speak on things like this with someone who’s dealing with regular conscious problems as well as if someone is going to potentially harm you because they’re unaware of what is going on. I’m a firm believer in “No weapon being formed against me shall prosper” just seeking like minded people with these issues like me

  • I downloaded a book from store app. it’s about opening your third eye. when I was reading it, I never knew that it was taken impact on me till I get to were it says ( already I started feeling something on my forehead.) “You must be feeling your chakra on you foreheads”. But then after reading it, from that moment, I noticed that something is on my forehead. I feel it’s slight hot. later I decided to delete the app and also forget about it. my question now is, will it have any nagetive or positive impact on me ? will it dry my kidney? if yes…. what will be the solution.

  • Hi guys
    my name is Alireza Roshani, im from iran and im Muslim.
    look, im not that much into religious stuff, but i deeply, heartily believe in God and his enduring, infinite powers, i seek help from him in every single bad occasion, and feel like he DOES every time.
    im not a sinner but nor too religious one, i believe in sacrificing and helping people in bad and vital times. every night i sleep with the hope of being the gods chosen one as a warrior, a delegate muslim to guide others. my biggest dream is, just whenever im gonna die i just wanna die as a martyr. i dont want fame, wealth or any other damn things, nowadays people seeking.
    i know i have the power to control whatever im gonna see after opening or fighting it/them off, i know everything (words, thoughts, deeds) are made of or followed by energy frequencies. i know its different for every one. here’s the question, providing that i have a good purpose and good will, and the characteristics, personalities mentioned above, is it really dangerous for me to open 3rd eye too ?


  • Hi,
    One of my friend who is into spiritual guidance, asked me to start doing candle gazing. I did it for one week could not continue it. But planned to do it. He suggested as that will help me with lot of positive energy.
    However, I am writing as I read it on the net, that by doing candle gazing (daily 32 mins) will help opening the 3rd eye. Is it true ? Should I continue with this exercise ?
    Pls. suggest.

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