Dangers of Opening Your Third Eye

We strive to enlighten the darkness by diving deep in the unknown. We go in unprepared, not knowing what we are going to embrace only because our torch of curiosity leads us ahead.

Lately, many people started showing how we can awaken and find our true purpose in life. They talk about the third eye as a way of opening your eyes and finding who you really are and what you are here for.

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But are there any dangers of opening your third eye?

However, this experience is connected with a lot of ambiguity. Something isn’t told and is of vital importance when you choose to open your third eye.

You probably read about last week rewards of awakening your third eye article and think it’s worth trying.

But there is one section that misses our sight and no one is talking about.

The dark side of this experience can slip you in a chain of unfortunate events if you are not completely aware of the risks.

That’s why I say knowing is awareness.

Before you open your third eye you have to prepare yourself for the unknown.

Is it dangerous to open your third eye? 

Opening your third eye comes with a price.

We all agree that something fascinates us about this whole third eye opening.

But have you asked yourself what exactly happens when you open it?

The third eye is a gateway to spirituality, to opening the spiritual realm.

Opening your third eye, you begin to see things, you begin to experience things, and you begin to feel things around you. There are entities around you but when you have awakened your third eye you have a connection and can see them.

These are entities in the fourth dimension that we cannot see presently in the third dimension. But once the pineal gland is awakened your consciousness surpasses the barriers of the physical realm and goes beyond it.

Religious people call these entities ‘demons’ just because they scare them or they want people to be scared.

Are these entities harmful?

What you really encounter in the spiritual realm are not entities.

What you see are the many and different aspects of yourself. Some of them will look positive and happy while others might look scary and can frighten you but know that what you see are aspects and emotions of yourself that you have neglected and buried deep in yourself.

These entities are always with us wherever we go, wherever we are. We cannot see them, but we can feel them.

And opening your third eye is a chance to hear that lost part of your personality that has long waited for your attention. Are you having day-to-day itches not knowing what it could be? These are the things we neglect and leave behind thinking they will go by without our intervention.

Solving those issues you have will help you raise your vibration and enrich your life with better experiences. Thus, your intuition develops and you are able to pick up what is true and what is false.

It takes responsibility and acquiring knowledge to awaken your third eye.

How can we lessen the dangers?

On my path, I learned that ignorance makes us suffer because it is a lack of awareness. When one is not ready to face the unknown there will be personal consequences.

And the right way to proceed with stimulating your third eye is by getting the proper education, by reading information. Knowing everything you need on the subject and having the feeling of being ready is when you should attempt to open your third eye.

So, on the question I got from a reader: “Is it bad to open your third eye?”, my answer is resounding no.

There are many books that go deep in the topic and can help you distract the fog. You can try reading Metu Neter by Ra Un Nefer Amen.

My advice to you all keen on opening your third eye is to take this serious and enlighten yourself as much as possible before jumping into it. Because being prepared to face the unknown like a warrior before a battle, chances are the situation to go in your favor.

Click here to get your free meditation audio + mini course. Relax deeply, gain balance, and flourish!

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80 thoughts on “Dangers of Opening Your Third Eye”

  1. Here’s my experience. I opened my 3rd eye about 15 years ago. One day I went deep down into an unknown place where no person with a third eye has ever gone to. There I met an entity who is the embodiment of nothing and it fused with my very being. From what I felt, it had been waiting for me to ascend to a higher state of mind and now it continues to show me images of what we call an existence slowly being erased. It told me that it has been hidden from our knowledge simply due to the fact that it’s been around long before it’s opposite we call God,Yahweh,or Allah etc. I say this to warn you all that this thing that found me is truly terrifying because it hates all things – good & evil, and only seeks to erase everything. Remember the name Zamiel the nothing!

  2. Hello there. I’m not really experienced with the third eye, however while I was in college I had a professor who taught spiritual diversity and taught us how to cleanse our chakras including the third eye. I’ve always been very sensitive with intuition and being clear voiant, when I was younger I seen my father dead in a vision and in a casket , he died when he was 30, wearing the same suit I visioned him in. When I was in high school one of my teachers humiliated me and out of anger I wished he was dead, that same year he died by hitting a parked car. I’ve seen “demons” I’ve heard them. I’ve had very vivid dreams that I was exorsising demons out of people. I would really love to reopen my third eye but I fear that I am already too sensitive. And that when I get angry someone could get hurt. Any advice?

    1. Mabye you should control your actions and remember this isn’t who you really are. Try and remember that you are a very mature person (if you’re not….still think that…) and that God -any God you believe in – is with you.

    2. It’s genetically. Perhaps the gifts have passed to you from your grand mother, who seemed to be that way. Learn to control your self, you don’t want to hurt other people.

    3. Hey Tasia, I may have a similar experience even though I have not opened my third eye yet, or am even in college!

      I started having these prophetic dreams or just flashes of myself doing things from both a third person and a first person view.

      These flashes of my personal future actually happened. It can have a span of up to a few years for it to happen. The closest flash that I have was a week until it came true.

      It started when I was in primary school. Primary 4 to be precise. Then again, I’m usually the youngest in the class.

      I was about 10 years old that it started, and now, I have learnt to accept it.

      I suggest for you to not focus on your negative emotions, but on your good ones.

      When you’re angry, try a few breathing exercises and think about the good times in your life to help the negative emotions recede.

      It may be hard and take some time, but that’s what’s I do.

      Or you can also focus on your own God (I’m a freethinker) and pray to him, seek his enlightenment and advice.

  3. I tried doing pineal awakening vocals. Nothing really happened. But one day I looked up at the sky and it was now eternally beautiful like I never seen it so beautiful before and it’s been like that ever since. I started sensing people more and their real emotions easier. My dreams become even more intense as in so-called different worlds.

    But that’s about it. I don’t see random extra 4th dimensional things besides the swirly energy thing which I’m not too sure if it’s even energy.

    Can you tell me if my experience is connected with opening the third eye or it’s something else?

    1. Hi T,

      Your third eye is opened but to a certain extent. It’s not fully opened yet. A sign of that is your growing sensitivity. Your experience spunds like one of those rare ocassions when our vibrations are quite high and our bond with the spiritual world is stronger than usual.

      Enjoy your experience.



    2. Wow, I see that swirly thing too!

      To me it looks like a million little dust particles swirling around me. Sometimes it’s fast, sometimes it’s slow and I can change its direction.

      I used to think it was maybe a protection bubble of some sort because a lot of times when I should have been harmed in car accidents and other events and I always end up miracly safe without any injuries.

      But I have been trying to educate my self lately on the chakras due to wanting to open my third eye. So maybe the swirly thing is my energy? I don’t know but I am looking to find my purpose and my higher self.

      1. Oh wow! I have been seeing the “dust particles” ever since I was a little girl! Being able to change the speed, direction and color of them. So cool hearing of someone else seeing them.

  4. One of my close friends says that he got his third eye opened.. And what happens recently freaks us all out because whenever he curses someone or spills word in anger it happens the very next day.. Is it because of his third eye? If yes upto what extent will his third eye affect people and how can we pacify him? Please help me.. I literally need help..

    1. Hello Divit,

      I’m very sorry to hear for your friend’s negative experience.

      What way did your friend use to open his third eye? Apparently, there are some negative energies in him that cause this. One should eliminate the negative emotions and be fully conscious when commits to something like this so he can be aware of his powers.

      I assume he might have used visualization to open it. So, please tell him to visualize again how his third eye closes as vividly as possible.

      I will soon write a post on how to close your third eye. Tune up.



  5. I did not have a good experience opening my third eye. The method i used to open my third eye was meditation. My experience was so frightening that I was afraid to open my eyes. If what Georgi is saying is true about the entities we are seeing, being different aspects of myself, then I need to make some changes. I have been searching the internet high and low to find someone with a similar story but haven’t found anything yet. What did I do? Maybe I did something wrong, because every story that I see on the internet is saying that they have seen weird twisting tunnels, or something very happy. Nobody (at least from what i have seen) is saying that they encountered anything dark or truly frightening.

    1. Hello J,

      Sorry to hear for that.

      You’ve got learned the hard way.

      Opening your third eye is a topic which deserves to be studied carefully before opting in and experimenting. Yes, there are cool benefits it gives you once you open it but it can get you into trouble if you’re not ready for it. Find what are your unconscious wounds and heal them. Grow awareness in the present moment and only do it when you feel ready.



    2. The first thing that you experience is the fear associated with some guilt that is recent or deep down inside that comes on the surface to be set free or eliminated….

    3. Don’t be afraid. One simple thing you can do immediately is ask for God’s help from your heart. He is always listening. “GOD” can be anyone, he can be Jesus, Allah, Krishna, Jehovah, the Super Consciousness, the Universe whatever you are comfortable with. You can also call upon your guardian angel at any time they are bound to help. That is their duty. And always remember this nothing can destroy you. You are the eternal being. When confronted by something from the dark side just fill yourself with the love of God. Where there is light darkness can’t exist. Having said this please read books by more experienced teachers. You are sure to soar. marilynnhughes@outofbodytravel.org – you can also contact Marilyn she will help you if needed. Hope this helps ☺

    4. Maybe no one is talking about it because they’re scared or brainwashed into forgetting :/ are crazy people really crazy? Or just have there third eye opened and no one understands what they’re seeing?

      1. I think it truly depends on the person. Some people are seen as crazy because others don’t understand their experience or what they are trying to convey, however others on the opposite side might be a little crazy truly. I wouldn’t like to think Hannibal Lecter or Ted Bundy had their third eye open.

    5. I am very very sorry you had to experience this but as the author was explaining if you open your third eye without having a proper understanding of what you are getting yourself into, it can lead to some very serious and as you explained rather frightening negative experiences. Just be careful, do your research and go into this process with the right intentions. You know what I mean.

      1. I opened my third eye without improving my mental and physical state and now things are not good but I know God is there and he is protecting me and healing me and showing me the right path.

    6. J.

      I have read about others like yourself who had negative experience opening their 3rd eye. I don’t claim to be an expert, but your intentions and vibration have a powerful effect on what you experience.

      If you’re fearful, or you are at a low frequency, what you experience opening the 3rd eye can be terrifying. Maybe you weren’t ready to make that leap. Is recommend focusing on raising your frequency and possibly sitting with someone who can guide you.

      1. I opened my third eye by mistake, my home was filled with entities after. I think something is attached to me, and I don’t know what to do. I have floaters in my eyes and I see flashes of light daily from the moment I wake up. Any advice on what can be happening to me?

    7. Dude let me tell you that opening your third eye connects you to the world of unseen which you have said religious people won’t attempt that. Actually, opening your third eye with a meditation is very dangerous but only if you contain fear in yourself. The entities one can see can be devils and jinns. But you shouldn’t be afraid of them. Just protect your aura and feel grounded and they won’t be able to harm you.

      1. This response is for Alexi. Alexi – the floaters in your eyes may be a symptom of astigmatism. Flashes of light are a common manifestation of something called a visual migraine. They’re brought on by stress.

    8. I’m curious as to what you saw because I may have had a similar experience when I was young, but I wasn’t trying to open anything spiritual and I feel as though I would’ve died if I hadn’t been pulled out of it by something else. I’ve read that we as children are more ‘awake’ in the spiritual sense so I assume that’s why it happened unintentionally. I recently became very interested in finding my true spiritual side and that’s what brought me to this site.

    9. I activated my third eye 8 months ago. It’s a gift from God our Lord and Savior. When I opened it I didn’t know what was happening to me. I was in another world with the same people I’ve known all my life. I believe it’s the same way all the prophets like Abraham, Moses, Noah, Jesus, and the apostles of Jesus connected with The Father in heaven. The holy spirt. Anyways I had trouble sleeping because every time I closed my eyes I saw a pair of eyes looking right at me. Sometimes even many. I saw shadows or vapors in my room even outside when it got dark. I was too frightened. Faces appeared on my walls, windows, even trees and clouds. I thought i was crazy! Schizophrenia. I would run home on a cloudy day because it literally looks as if the clouds will pick you up.

      They would be scary like dragons or sometimes just human faces. But honestly once you know the truth there’s no going back. Don’t be afraid, if your being frightened then you possibly aren’t doing what God wants you to do or change in your life.

      We all have angels fighting by our sides. Demons will only appear if you sin or even think about sinning.

      But there’s no going back once you open it, doesn’t mean It’s a bad thing. Just means you have an advantage over all. Seeing the true reality that the world doesn’t want us to know about. If we did we wouldn’t be slaves to the world and there lies telling us there’s no God only science. That’s nonsense because we all just came in contact with God so find out what his task is in YOUR LIFE and fulfill it to the best of your knowledge. Remember that God is always watching (not literally), only because he loves you.

      We have a loving, forgiving, understanding, merciful, awesome God. So have fun and welcome to the awakening brother.

    10. Hi! I can try to answer your question based on my own expirience. When you open your third eye (so you let your higher self lead you), you must know that facing all your inner “stuff” will become more and more difficult. You will dig deeper into yourself, which means you may expirience a lot of weird, unknown, sometimes unpleasant, or maybe very scary things. Visualisations, emotions and so on. Long story short, you experience what you carry deep in yourself.

      What is truly important is to *STAY GROUNDED*. Seriously. In the East they say that opening third eye before opening all lower chakras can lead to some inconveniences. I realised it’s essential to first embrace your existence (and body), and not to skip directly to opening your third eye. You don’t want to rush this.

      My problem (and I believe the problem for many others coming from the West) is that my childhood was absence. So I had this specific problem with escaping reality and when I chose to crack open my pineal gland, it lead me to some states like some kind of schizophrenia (which, btw, is connected to lucid dreaming).

      So, my words of advice are to not be afraid of yourself, stay grounded, TRUST in yourself and your journey, because this is all in yourself. Be careful to not start escaping in any kind of state. Know that YOU are the wizard, you have the power to handle all those tools (like dreams, mind, etc) and you can use them by your will.

      Sorry for all possible grammar mistakes.

    11. J, my third eye was opened due to extensive research and knowledge I acquired through my religious beliefs. If you’re saying that you are seeing dark shadow like figures that watch you ..you are not alone. These are not part of our personalities. I know exactly what they are they evil and feed off of fear. Pray, command them to leave in the name of Jesus and they will disappear. That isn’t to say that others won’t come but with help and research you will learn how to fight them off.

      1. Hi Donna,

        I too experienced something weird.

        I smoked marijuana and instantly went into another realm. When you smoke weed people are normally saying weird stuff. This stuff is just a cover up for what they are really saying. Now the people that were around me were saying, she knows, you didn’t do enough. Try to keep her engaged. They were literally trying to entice me. Now fast forward to today I am aware of these demons trying to keep me enslaved of partying, drinking and smoking.

        You just have to resist them with prayer.

    12. Before you open your 3rd eye, work on staying grounded and develop your lower chakras, especially the root chakra.

      Remember we are living in a physical world, apart from the spiritual, so stay connected to Mother Earth while you reach for Heaven. The third eye and its forseeing energies can sometimes rob you of the present moment and having a grip with reality.

      Stay grounded my friends, I’m still working on it!

    13. What did you experience? After third eye meditation I started being harmed by what I thought was demons in sexual ways. I’ve never experienced something so frightening. These things spoke to me and threatened me. I don’t know what they are but they haunt me now. I battle them every day. I believe the only way to heat them is to cleanse my soul and continue down the path of enlightenment but I don’t know. I’d be very curious to hear your story if you’re willing.

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