3 Subtle Energy Healing Modalities That Are Missing in Your Daily Life

There are many energy healing modalities from throughout the world shown to relieve stress, anxiety, depression and a host of other ailments. From Electromagnetic Therapy, Acupuncture and Qigong to Shiatsu, Pranic Healing and Reflexology to mention only a few.

However, there are a few common healing practices used for far more than only healing – Tai Chi, Yoga and Reiki.

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The Art of Tai Chi.

Done by almost anyone, no matter age, strength or physical ability is Tai Chi.

The good thing about Tai Chi is there is a tonne of science showing its positive effects on mental, emotional and physical health. Tai Chi healing benefits are well-knwon.

Originally formed as a Chinese martial art, Tai Chi is more than that. One thing the practices of Tai Chi, Yoga, and Reiki all have in common is that they strive to awaken and activate the life-force energy of the practitioner.

In their advanced form, these arts help prepare one to unravel the sleeping serpent power, known as the Kundalini, of the practitioner. Personal growth and spiritual development are means of this energy.

Kundalini energy has been used for thousands of years in healing practices. It’s an energy that can be used for both creative and destructive means, as you may expect with a martial art.

Today Tai Chi is most often used as a way of maintaining physical fitness, as a form of moving meditation and a means of self-healing.

There is a growing body of scientific research showing that practicing Tai Chi comes with many psychological benefits. Those benefits include reduced stress and anxiety, improved symptoms of Parkinson Disease, Fibromyalgia, cancer and heart problems. (1)

Energy Healing Modalities: The Art of Yoga.

Another widely available art form you’ve likely heard of, and maybe even tried yourself is Yoga.

However, did you know there are many different types of Yoga?

In the Western world most popular is Hatha Yoga. Hatha Yoga uses physical exercises and postures with the aim of mastering the body and mind.

The practice of Hatha Yoga helps the practitioner to withdraw their mind and attention from external objects and take their awareness inwards using postures and meditation.

However, this is only one branch of Yoga that, for the serious spiritual adventurer, should be used in conjunction with other forms of Yoga Meditation and Yoga energy channeling.

One of the most potent forms of Meditation Yoga, practiced by a relatively small number of monks is Tummo Yoga.

Tummo Yoga activates the potent Kundalini energy that rests dormant at the base of everybody’s spine. It uses that energy to help purify the body and mind and expand Awareness.

Tummo Yoga utilizes a mixture of meditation and advanced energy channelling techniques to completely open the practitioner’s chakras. It opens and the energy pathways that flow around and through the human body.

In this way, Chandali Yoga not only helps the practitioner heal on a mental, emotional and physical level but helps empower the creative potential of the thoughts and intentions of the practitioner.

If spiritual progression is your main aim and your goal is to develop your understanding of your Self, nature and your place and purpose in this life, Tummo Yoga is the practice that will get you there in the quickest time possible.

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The Art of Reiki.

Learning what Reiki is, what its primary function is and how to use it is as easy as 1-2-3 and learning this energy healing art form can result in profound improvements to your mental, emotional and physical health.

There’s already a large body of science and research into the effectiveness of Reiki that shows it can help relieve stress (2), anxiety (3) and depression (4). Reiki relieves the condition of cancer patients (5) and those suffering from HIV.

So Reiki is already a well-established means of self-healing on a mental, emotional and physical level.

That, of course, is only the very beginning of what’s possible with Reiki. There’s more, a lot more.

The Nature of Reiki.

Reiki is one of those energy healing modalities that has deep roots. It’s thousands of years old and is very similar to the advanced practice of Tummo Yoga.

In the last few decades, Reiki has spread throughout the world in an unstoppable wave and can now even be found in hospitals and doctor’s clinics throughout the globe.

What many people are not aware of however is that the primary purpose of Reiki is not really for healing.

Its primary purpose is of a spiritual nature. The true goal of Reiki is to help the practitioner expand their awareness into a higher state of Consciousness. With this expansion of Consciousness comes a heightened state of knowledge, wisdom, and realization of what our True-Self really is, the true nature of reality and our ultimate purpose for existing within It.

Sure, it’s a big pill to swallow and it’s not something anyone can prove to you to be true. You can only prove it to yourself by expanding your own awareness. Just as you cannot prove to anyone other than yourself that you are self-aware, no one can prove to you what can only be realized by your Self.

To summarize, the purpose of Reiki is not for healing, but instead to reach the goal of Self-Realization. That is the true gift Reiki offers to all serious practitioners, spiritualists, and self-explorers. It offers you the Truth!

We Live in a World of Energy.

Science has already well established that we exist within an increasingly expanding sea of energy.

The same sub-atomic particles energy which create many diverse forms of matter by vibrating at different frequences make the entire Universe.

Stars and planets are the same as you. The only difference is one of vibration.

The same electromagnetically charged particles create everything in your environment. And if there’s one thing you probably already know about magnetically charged things it’s their attractable nature.

You, your body, your mind, your thoughts, and intentions also create an electromagnetic charge. And by controlling and directing that charge you can quite literally magnetically attract whatever you desire into your life.

When you come to realize that everything is magnetically charged, including the people, events and all happenings and surroundings in your life you come to a profound realization.

The realization that it is the electromagnetic charge of your own physical self and being that is attracting the people, events, and situations you have come to know and love as your life.

When you come to learn how to control the expression and frequency of your own energy you will have learned how to control and direct not only your Self but your surrounding environment and everything within it.
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Do You Really Need Reiki, Tummo Yoga or Tai Chi in Your Life?

All those energy healing modalities may not be everyone’s idea of a good time. But there are many levels available to suit everyone’s taste and purpose.

If your only interest is finding emotional balance, practices such as Tai Chi and Reiki are for you.

Whenever you want to release the unwanted baggage from the past, Tai Chi and Reiki will do that for you. If you’re open to positive change in terms of self-development, these practices offer you just that too.

Enjoying the peace of mind is something you can do if you’re not quitre ready for the profound spiritual Truths that come with advancing with Tummo Yoga.

There is Always Hope!

When we look at the world today we can see that we are all living in harsh times.

War, drought, and famine continue to rage and plague our beautiful planet.

Many people struggle from day to day not really knowing where they are or where they’re heading to. In a world of suffering and fear, the guiding light of Reiki offers one precious thing.


The last thing we humans lose before we stop trying is always hope.

The answers to life are out there. They are already available to you. You only need to plant the seed and grow into your life as something joyful and beautiful.

Reiki and Chandali Yoga are two of those seeds. You’re here to discover what to do with them. Summarized as one word, you call-to-action is to Awaken!

By Yogi Ricky Mathieson.

Ricky Mathieson is a Yogi, Kundalini Yoga Master, Reiki Master, Spiritual Teacher & Guide and a published author living in Scotland.

He is the founder of The Self Help Healing Institute for Self-Awareness and devotes his time to improving the awareness and spiritual development of his students and followers and is a life coach available to those in need of direction in life.

Ricky traces his roots to a deep spiritual ancestry which includes many past generations of gifted healers, psychics and energy workers. His daughter, aged 11, is already a healer and Reiki Master that continues the tradition.


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